7 Best Book Selling Services for Students

Have you ever had an issue when you could not find books you needed for a class? Or the new textbooks were as expensive as a Boeing airplane?

Stop wasting your money and your time on finding the right books!

And we’ll tell you how…

We’ve chosen 6 of the best book selling services where you can find cheap college textbooks, new and used books, rare books, and more.

biblio.com website logo


Biblio.com is a famous book retailer. The history of this company began in the 1990s, with the founding of a small bookstore. With the development of technology, the concept of the store has changed. In 2000, the founders launched the biblio.com portal as a price comparison engine for books.

Three years later, the book price comparison engine became the well-known website Biblio.com.

It does not matter whether you are looking for manuscripts or rare books. Whether your budget allows you to buy new books, or you have to buy used.

Or maybe you want to get a book signed by the author?

No matter what, you can find the book at Biblio.com.

Here you can also sell your college books and textbooks that you no longer need.

By the way, the site offers membership in a book club. For only $19.95 per year, you can save 10% on each purchase.

better world books website logo


Another bookseller which we would like to tell you about is BetterWorldBooks.com.

They are a book company that makes the world a better place and is actively engaged in charity. In 2016, the company donated more than 6 million college textbooks for schools in Africa. In total, in various funds just in 2017, Better World Books gave more than 10.5 million dollars.

Thus, by choosing this website for buying books, you not only can get the book you need but also take a direct part in their charity program.

At Better World Books, you can find almost any book, periodical, and textbooks at quite affordable prices.

If you do not know what to give to a friend or relative, then think about buying a gift certificate from $10 to $100.

One aspect of Better World Books that is especially attractive for students is that you can save up to 90% of the cost of a book when buying used textbooks.

Besides, you can always count on standard free shipping around the world.

smashwords website logo


Smashwords is the 15th most popular online bookstore in the world. Here, even the most demanding reader will be able to find literature according to their personal preferences.

At the same time, prices are entirely practical. Thus, there are also free books.

Have we mentioned that the Smashwords.com portal specializes in eBooks?

If you care about protecting the environment, then Smashwords, Inc. is the place where you will not worry about how many trees were cut down and how many natural resources were polluted.

Besides, eBooks do not litter your bedroom or dorm room.

On Smashwords.com, you will find 469,113 books, 74,545 of which are free.

If you always dreamed of publishing your own novel or story, Smashwords is at your service.

Special conditions are available for authors and publishers.

springer website logo


The history of Springer.com begins in the distant past of 1842 with the opening of a small bookshop in Berlin. The Springer’s main specialization is academic, scientific and research literature.

On the site, you will find one of the most robust HSS and STM eBook collections and archives. And also a comprehensive range of hybrid and open access journals.

More than 282,000 print books are available with free shipping around the world. If you prefer eBooks, then you will enjoy instant download and the ability to read on any device: from iPhone to Amazon Kindle.

For regular subscribers, the service offers seasonal discounts up to 50%. Besides, using daily deals, you can save up to 90% on buying eBooks.

For new customers, a $5 off voucher is available.

palgrave website logo


The history of this British publishing house is more than 170 years old. In 1843, the Macmillan brothers opened a store in London and published their first books.

Today, Palgrave MacMillan is one of the leading publishing houses in the world. Annually, their published books win prestigious awards. For example, published in 2015, the book by Immanuel Kant “Critique of Pure Reason” received one of five prizes Academic Books Which Changed the World.

Palgrave specializes in educational and business literature. Free shipping is available for print copies worldwide.

Here you will also find college books, textbooks, and eBooks for any device.

For researchers, it is possible to publish articles and monographs.

ebook website logo


Another popular book retailer. Despite the fact that eBooks.com cannot boast of as rich a history as Palgrave or Springer, the site is very popular among students.

The eBooks club has more than 4 million users from all over the world and even from the International Space Station.

If you are looking for a college book or just want to have fun reading fiction, you will find what you are searching for among their one million book titles.

You can open books on any device using the Ebook Reader app.

Do not forget to buy gift certificates for your relatives. The cost of a certificate varies from $10 to $200.

ecampus website logo


The history of eCampus.com began with the launch of the site on July 2, 1999, and the first sale of used online tutorials.

Today eCampus.com is one of the leading online bookstores. Here you will find new and used college books, electronic textbooks, and study materials. eCampus cooperates with universities, colleges, and schools, being their official store.

In 2012–2013, the web portal was recognized as the “Best Website for Buying College Textbooks.”

Since 2012, the eWards program for eCampus clients has been in operation. You can earn bonus points for buying, renting or selling textbooks. Points can be exchanged for gift cards or used for further purchases.

By the way, free shipping is available for orders over $35.

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