Australia—The Best Place to Study Abroad [+Top Australian Universities]

Studying abroad becomes more and more popular among the students around the world each and every year.

And there are plenty of reasons for it.

Opening up more opportunities to get a high-quality education that will help with further development of a successful career isn’t the only benefit of studying abroad. International students also have a chance to discover new cultures, gain new and unique experiences, and make friends with other people.

That’s why today I want to tell you about one of the best places to study abroad—Australia.

First, we’ll talk about why this country is such a good place for international students to go to. Then I’ll share a list of top Australian universities you definitely need to check out when deciding where to study.

So, if you’re ready—let’s start!

Why choose to study in Australia?

Australia currently holds the third place among the most popular places for international students to go to. This fact alone tells quite a lot.

But there’s more.

As of April 2018, there are more than 540,000 international students receiving education in Australia. It’s a 12% increase compared to the number of students in 2017.

Education budget australia of 489 million dollars

The education system of Australia offers 22,000 courses in 1,100 institutions. Australian universities are featured in the top 50 universities in the world in study areas such as engineering and technology, arts and humanities, life sciences, social sciences, physical sciences, clinical, preclinical, and health.

Out of the 100 top universities in the world, eight are in Australia. Apart from that, Australia also has 5 out of the 30 best student cities in the world.

Pros of studying in Australia don’t end with statistical numbers only. There are a lot more other reasons why you should consider going to Australia.

  • Recognition in the world. As it was mentioned earlier, Australian universities make it to the top 50 universities in the world in multiple study areas. Degrees that students get there are recognized all over the world because of the outstanding reputation the Australian education system has. Its high education standards are unquestionable.
  • Affordable costs. Australia has one of the highest living standards in the world. Compared to the United Kingdom and the United States, tuition costs and living expenses are lower in Australia. Apart from that, universities in Australia allow international students to have part-time jobs to cover the expenses. Also, don’t forget about scholarships that can make a life of an international student even easier.
  • Education diversity. Australian universities offer a wide range of degrees and courses that can satisfy almost any student. There’s also a variety in types of schools. Even if it turns out that you’ve made the wrong choice, it’s not a problem to change the institution or a qualification.

Golden coast

  • Appealing lifestyle. Australia gathers people from different cultures. And it’s no wonder, considering that it’s one of the most popular studying destinations. Australian cities have a lot to offer, from beautiful parks to museums and festivals.
  • Environment and landscapes. Apart from lifestyle, Australia also has diverse landscapes. Stunning coastlines, mountains, deserts, rainforests, and modern cities—it’s all there. Add in great weather and climate, and unique wildlife—and you’ve got yourself another reason to go to Australia.

Australian universities

Australia has 43 universities. Two of them are international universities, one private university, and 40 public universities.
Sure thing, I’m not going to be listing all of them. It would take a lot of time to look through the whole list and check out their benefits.

Instead, I’ve picked those that are the most significant in my opinion. Listed universities have quite high rankings, too.
Without further ado, here are the top Australian universities.

1. University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne photo

The University of Melbourne tops the Australian university rankings (32nd place in the world). It was founded back in 1853. It has more than 40,000 students. Over 12,000 of students in the university are international students coming from 130 different countries. The university has more than 280,000 alumni all over the world.

2. Australian National University

Second place among the best Australian universities (48th in the world) goes to Australian National University. It was established in 1946. The initial intention for this institution was to be a postgraduate research university. The university is run by the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics laureate, Brian Schmidt. Overall, the university counts 6 Nobel Prize winners among its alumni and faculty.

3. University of Sydney

University of Sydney photo

This is the oldest university in Australia. It was founded in 1851. It’s ranked at a 61st place among the world’s best universities. With over 51,000 students from 134 countries, the University of Sydney offers close to 280 exchange programs with over 30 countries. Sydney is called one of the best student cities in the country.

4. University of Queensland

The 65th best university in the world, the University of Queensland has more than 50,000 students (over 12,000 international students from 141 countries). It has the largest amount of students registered in PhD cohorts. The number of registered postgraduate students is over 13,500.

5. Monash University

Monash University photo

Another institution that makes it to the list of world’s best universities at 80th place is Monash University. It has a total number of more than 70,000 students. The university has four campuses in Australia and one in Malaysia. Apart from that, it has a graduate school in China, a graduate research school in India, and a research and teaching center in Italy.

Yvonne McQuarrie
Yvonne McQuarrie

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