101 Guide on MBA: Qualifications, Types, Reasons, & More

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When it comes to a postgraduate education, a lot of students choose between Ph.D. and MBA degree.

What’s MBA?

This abbreviation stands for Master of Business Administration. So if you plan your future career in business, taking an MBA might be the best option for you.


How to choose your perfect match when there are so many program options and specializations?

The answer is simple: keep reading my guide at IvyPanda blog!

7+ Questions to Ask a College Interviewer [Bachelor’s & Master’s Program]

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You’ve decided to apply to graduate school. I’m not going to tell you whether or not it’s a right decision. As people say, to each their own. The only thing that matters is for your decision to be well thought-through, weighed, and justified.

And don’t ever think that a grad school is something bad. While finishing the high school already opens up a lot of opportunities, a graduate school only increases the number of options you can take in future.