16 Reasons to Study in New Zealand [the Ultimate List]

New Zealand is an amazing and beautiful country with specific wildlife, astonishing landscapes, and unforgettable touristic places. It’s not surprising that everyone wants to visit this continent full of adventures and magic. But when you decide in what country to study, there are a lot of doubts and questions.

In this blog post, you’ll see the top 16 reasons to study in New Zealand so that you can make a decision based on these facts! Of course, every system has its flaws, and people have different experiences when studying abroad, but let’s talk about the benefits which make you think only about positive things!

  1. Top universities

Thinking about studying in New Zealand? Then remember, there are only eight universities you can apply for. You may think it’s unbelievable that a big country can bear with so few numbers of universities, but instead they not only provide their citizens with education but also offer study abroad programs. You can even win a scholarship to minimize the costs and make your experience even more comfortable.

The most appreciable universities are the University of Auckland and the University of Otago, which are ranked 82nd and 151st in the world, according to the QS World University Rankings 2018.

  1. Teaching strategies

The teaching methods in New Zealand may be slightly different from those you’re used to. The classes here are small, and teachers focus on individual needs of every student. Learning is strongly correlated to coaching—you can ask any questions to your professors and get their explanations in a class or tête-à-tête.

The method gives you extraordinary experience and allows to learn faster than usual.

  1. Fascinating landscapes

For everyone who decided to study and settle in New Zealand, a fantastic scenery may become a reason why this was the right step to make!

Among the things you must see in New Zealand are waterfalls and mountains, fjords and beaches, glaciers and hills. On this continent, you can visit beautiful villages and lively big cities, sail the ocean, watch amazing national parks, and even take a photo of a volcano!

Mountains view.

  1. Safety

If you choose a country to live in for several years, it’s important to learn about its crime rates. New Zealand is considered to be a safe country with low crime rates (much lower than those in the USA), so in the majority of cases, all trips to the country end without troubles.

In New Zealand, you also won’t meet any lethal animals as you may in Australia. This is great news for hiking fans.

  1. Environmental sustainability

New Zealand people care about their country and environment. That’s why they’re supporting environment projects whenever they can. Of course, there are specific issues in the country that should be solved, but many international students learn to care about our planet after living in New Zealand.

On social media, you can often meet people who studied in New Zealand and acquired useful environmental habits there.

  1. Student jobs

International students often worry about the possibility to earn money during the process of studying. In New Zealand, students are allowed to work up to twenty hours a week if they have a student visa.

This way, you can both study and save up some money for meetings with friends, tourism, and outdoor activities.

  1. Outdoor adventures

Whether you’re a native, immigrant, or a tourist, outdoor adventures are one of the most significant steps of being in this country.
Here you’ll find dozens of programs to participate in climbing, yachting, hiking, or surfing. There are many national parks, mountain trails, and beaches to take a new challenge.

Surfer on a wave.

  1. People

There are not many reviews on studying in New Zealand without mentioning its wonderful people! Along with education, you’ll get nicest classmates and find lots of friends.

New Zealanders are considered ones of the friendliest in the world, and you’ll get to know them.

  1. Māori culture

The Māori are indigenous people of the continent who have been living there for several centuries. Their culture is truly astonishing and includes unique clothes, art, food, and tattoos you wouldn’t even imagine.

You’ll gain new knowledge and experience when taking a closer look at their history and customs.

  1. Impressive study abroad programs

When you study in New Zealand, you gain the education that is recognized internationally. There are several top institutions with wonderful programs in business, engineering, science, and more.

In the universities, you will be taught by qualified specialists from all around the world.

  1. Quality assurance

New Zealand study abroad programs have another benefit—its quality assurance system. The government cares about its students and the knowledge they get. That’s why there are regular inspections to prove their quality.

  1. Extraordinary wildlife

The island was separated from the other world long ago, the evolution here made its own way strongly different from other continents. That’s why there are many animals and plants you can meet in New Zealand only.

Among those wonderful creatures are the kiwi bird, kea, yellow-eyed penguin, and fantail.

Kea Bird and Mountains in the Background.

  1. Stress-free atmosphere

In comparison to stressful experiences of the highest rank universities, studying in a New Zealand university most probably won’t be as destructive to your mental health as the USA or the UK ones.

It doesn’t mean that you can relax and not put any efforts though—you will become a qualified professional when you graduate.

  1. The Lord of the Rings locations

Every ‘The Lord of the Rings’ fan knows that New Zealand has a lot of magnificent locations from the movies. Visiting the country, you can make up a list of such places to see. They include Mount Victoria, Kaitoke Regional Park, Lake Wakatipu, and, of course, the most popular movie set—wonderful Hobitton.

The Lord of the Rings movie set - Hobbiton.

  1. Career prospects

The quality of the New Zealand education is appreciated worldwide. Such preparations for becoming a specialist in your field give you some powerful advantages.

Usually, employers are informed that New Zealand universities’ graduates are not only well-taught to do their duties but also trained to be creative, hard-working, and flexible. These features make them great potential workers.

  1. Students cities

Wellington and Auckland are cities every New Zealand student should visit at least once. These are popular destinations for tourism and extreme outdoor activities. For example, here you can participate in rafting, zip-lining, jet-boating, canyoning, or surfing. Any person can find the activity to their likeness.

These cities are also your guides into the life, culture, and customs of New Zealand people.

This is the end of our 16 reasons to study in New Zealand list. But there are of course a lot of other benefits for studying abroad in a beautiful country like this. Now you can make a decision based on this mini research of the topic.

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