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Abdulrahman Almuaibid Group’s Mission and Services Essay (Article)

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Updated: Apr 1st, 2021

Construction concept


Abdulrahman Al-Muaibid Group (AMG) vision is to be a leading firm in both construction and engineering services in the industry. The main aim is to be the industry’s leading player in the Middle East market. AMG aims at providing its Saudi Arabian clients with special services using extensive skills.


The company’s main mission is to provide construction services and solutions to domestic clients with the necessary skills. Another mission is to invest in impeccable skills required in budgeting, installation of building components, and pertinent construction services. AMG’s mission is to develop a competent team of experts through effective human resource management strategies. This will be made possible by using a team of personnel with impeccable expertise and qualifications in all levels of operations, such as supervision, procurement, and human resource management. The vision to retain business in the current market will be realized through business partnerships.

AMG aims to achieve its goals using the most advanced skills and technical expertise in the construction industry. AMG uses previous projects as the standard of an ideal construction company in a domestic market.


The company’s main construction services revolve around electric, repairs, and mechanical services. Other pertinent services linked to the company’s construction concept include conducting repairs in both commercial and residential buildings. Another service provided by AMG is consultation service to clients on matters regarding building designs, building materials, and engineering requirements. Additional services include budgeting services for clients who want their construction approved for implementation. AMG hires a team of experts in various constructional aspects such as engineering and electrical maintenance. The company oversees the development of projects contracted.

Technology concept


The vision of the technology concept is to provide AMG clients with technology-oriented products. The company aims to use the technology concept to be a leading firm in the provision of technological services and products to its clients. Another vision is to ensure that the technology concept supports the company’s policy on customer service. AMG’s vision is to use technologically-advanced techniques in delivering customer needs.


AMG aims at importing and exporting electric equipment to its Saudi Arabian target markets. The mission of the technology concept is to ensure that AMG clients are satisfied with the company’s customer service. There is a need to ensure that customers enjoy products and services that provide flexibility and services. It is of importance that electrical products and other equipment improve operations and efficiency.


Services offered through the technology concept include printing and decorating business logos for clients. Printing advertisements for corporations is an AMG core business activity. Another service is developing and completing projects on behalf of clients. This is competently done by a team of professional staff members. A team of financial experts advises clients on budgets required to undertake technology-based projects.

The technology division is mandated to provide consultation services on technology management to clients who require an experienced and professional technology-savvy human resource. There is a team of electricians and engineers who provide installation services and does repairs to electrical and factory equipment. Other services offered to factories include furnishing, repairs, installing machinery, and implementing technology projects.

Real estate concept


The real-estate concept vision is to provide ideal investment opportunities to its clients. There is a vision to provide clients with real estate solutions that are innovative and offers customer satisfaction. The company also envisions managing properties and other related real-estate issues on behalf of its clients. Another major vision is to be the leading brokerage firm for its clients in marketing real-estate properties.


The main mission is to satisfy customers’ needs by being a leading broker in real-estate matters involving land and rent. AMG seeks to be a solution to real-estate sellers, buyers, and, finally, the property owners. The main goals are to be realized through the observance of ethics and values in the real-estate business. There is a business mission to ensure that its real-estate services are of impeccable high quality. These will be achieved using differentiation strategies to be a market leader in the real-estate industry.

The real-estate concept major services include marketing and property management. Other services include building apartments through sub-contracting and house construction. In addition, the business contracts other subsidiary companies to build houses for its clients. There is a need to provide engineering services required in constructing buildings. Moreover, the business repairs buildings for its clients as well as recruiting the workforce needed in construction. The business links buyers, property owners, and sellers by doing real-estate brokerage. Another vision is to sell properties to real-estate buyers.

Other important services provided by the company are renting buildings, apartments, and commercial estates on behalf of property owners. Finally, AMG acts as a consultancy firm in the real-estate business. The consultancy services are provided to anyone interested in real-estate.

The chairman speech

Abdulrahman Al-Muaibid Group (AMG) is a company that is dedicated to the satisfaction of clients in the Saudi Arabian market. The business has taken strides to ensure progress in the country’s economy. AMG’s previous and current trends showcase the power of innovation and creativity in market-driven societies. AMG has become one of the industrial leaders in construction and engineering businesses.

Another important element that the business aims to continue with success includes providing clients with satisfaction in designing concepts and real-estate concepts. Today, clients can testify to the company’s competency in providing excellent personnel services, professionalism, and expertise in various disciplines. This shows that AMG always has and will engage professionals in engineering, maintenance, project management, and human resource in improving the quality of products and services provided by the company.

AMG believes in cooperating with business partners and clients as a matter of good business practices. This co-operation is also extended to esteemed suppliers and competitors in offering various services. In this way, the business has enshrined the value of credibility as a core fundamental principle. In order to remain competitive, AMG envisions changing with times while understanding the customers’ needs. Restructuring the business has remained a competitive strategy when handling business projects in Saudi Arabian projects. This strategy has been used in handling commercial projects, especially in the housing business. On the same note, AMG is dedicated to ensuring that the housing needs of the Saudi market will be met as time progresses.

On behalf of the company, we wish to notify the clients that AMG is still devoted to developing the country’s economy. In this respect, the business will collaborate with major economic partners like the government, suppliers, competitors, customers, and business partners in achieving this goal. Finally, AMG will continue to provide products and services of high-quality services to its Saudi Arabian clients.

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