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Abu Dhabi Judicial Department’s Responsibilities Report

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Updated: Sep 26th, 2020


An organization chosen for my internship is Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD), financial section. For this reason, the most important information about it should be provided to consider the crucial peculiarities of the departments functioning that might impact the final outcomes of the internship. Thus, Abu Dhabi Judicial Department is the significant organization that has already passed through restructuring. In the year 2006, the law #26 issued by H.H Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan the president of the UAE outlined the main points that should be given attention and altered to improve the overall efficiency of the department. At the moment, it is one of the most important and powerful authorities in the UAE which affects the functioning of numerous organizations and performs a wide array of tasks.

ADJD establishes the environment and handles transactions that are needed to guarantee the rise of well-being and which are extremely important for every citizen. For this reason, its power could hardly be doubted, and its efficient functioning should be taken as the key for the further countrys rise. The President of the UAE, H.H Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan also recognizes the importance of the given organization and tends to introduce specific regulations and procedures needed to ensure citizens of the UAE that their rights are protected and taken into account when creating a certain set of regulations or measures. Moreover, the President also tries to preserve equality in relations between people living in the UAE and provide them with security guarantees. Another aim of the Presidents control is the provision of support to the socio-economic development of the country and its further rise. However, the President is not the only authority who monitors ADJD as the prince of Abu Dhabi HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan also devotes his attention to this very department. Thus, it is also obvious that the department includes numerous qualified specialists who are expected to align its efficient functioning, observe the rule of law, and protect national interests.

The department is also responsible for the implementation of innovations to go along with technological advances and face the majority of the modern challenges. The usage of technologies contributes to the improved efficiency, increased performance, staff development, better communication between various departments, better final results, etc. The main objective of the given department is to introduce monitoring, protect citizens rights and create the basis of for Abu Dhabis rapid rise. ADJDs structure is simple though efficient. It consists of three subdivisions which are Judicial Council, responsible for the selection of judges, promotions, and numerous other concerns related to judiciary and Public Prosecution; Department Administration headed by the Department Undersecretary and responsible for administrative services; and Public Prosecution headed by the Attorney General which works with technical and administrative functions needed to guarantee public prosecution. The departments vision could be formulated as an attempt to create “an efficient and independent judicial system based on excellence that provides world class judicial services”, and their mission is to “safeguard the rule of law by ensuring justice, freedom and peace in society.” Additionally, the ADJDs website provides the list of following objectives:

  • Fair and accomplished judicial system that provides effective and innovative judicial services.
  • Public trust and confidence.
  • Highly qualified workforce and motivating work environment.
  • Transparency and accountability

The website also provides a scheme of an organizational structure of the department:

A scheme of an organizational structure of the department
Fig.1: A scheme of an organizational structure of the department

Department Information

I had my internship in the finance department. It is considered a support and back office department. Its main mission is the provision of credible, new, timely, and complete information to any other department that also belongs to this very organization. Thus, the technological advancement of the majority of processes within ADJD is one of the most important goals of the given department. However, it is not the only important task. The finance department also tries to increase automation of the majority of processes to attain significant improvement of the overall efficiency and save time and costs. I should also say that the quality of reports, teamwork, employee development, integrity, ethical standards, and leadership are the main aspects that are cultivated in the given department. Moreover, its focus on commitment to support other spheres should also be taken as a great strength of this very finance department.

Therefore, there are numerous attempts to consider ethical standards and employee development to support their personal and professional rise. These actions result in the increased attractiveness of the workplace. However, there are also several weaknesses that were noted when working there. The fact is that the process of the communication from top to bottom lacks efficiency as there is no unified approach that might guarantee improved understanding between all employees. For instance, the head of a certain division will jump from one level to another not reporting to the head assistant tough going directly to an employee. Additionally, the low efficiency of some business processes is another significant weakness of this very department. Sometimes they are outdated and should be revised to attain better results. That is why I recommend that extra training should be introduced to all workers in order to improve their basic communication skills. These very courses will contribute to the significant improvement of their competence, knowledge, and other crucial aspects. Finally, business process should also be reconsidered to attain final positive results.

Learning Objectives

The terms of my internship presupposed that I had many tasks to accomplish and numerous goals to achieve. At the same time, I was sure that it was a unique opportunity that should be used. For this reason, the acquisition of a real life experience could be considered one of the main tasks of my internship. I also learned how to be a full-time employee and how to work under the pressure of great responsibility. I also had to use knowledge obtained during my classes or finance courses in real life conditions. Furthermore, I had a unique opportunity to communicate with colleagues and improve communication and problem-solving skills as there were numerous situations demanding these very competencies. I also was able to analyze the functioning of different subdivisions within the finance department. I worked in public accounting, treasury, payroll, and budgeting subdivisions. It helped me to understand the main mechanisms of these departments functioning and their main duties and obligations.

Higher Level Learning Analysis

The time spent when working in ADJD was very useful and helped me to understand a lot of new terms which are used in the workplace. I also had a unique opportunity to practice the most important business concepts that I got to knew during my academic courses. I should say that the budgeting techniques were one of the most important concepts used during my practice. Creation of a budget is a complex process that demands a large amount of information. For this reason, I communicated with my colleagues to improve skills in this field, determine what kind of information could be needed, and how it should be used. Project management is another business concept that I studied within management courses and which helped me during my internship. This concept is applied when an individual works on a certain project, activity, or another responsible task. There are several aspects like planning, implementation, and evaluation of the most important aspects of a particular project. The fact is that the internship presupposed my personal responsibility for certain activities and projects. For this reason, I had to apply the basic knowledge of project management to do my best. I also had to explore statistics and ratios as I was responsible for the creation of reports and summarizing the most crucial information which contained numbers and percentages. For this reason, I had a chance to master my skills in this filed.

Employment Opportunities

Mr. Khaled Amer, the recruitment manager, is the main person responsible for human resources in the department. For this reason, I had to communicate to him as it is Mr. Khaled Amer who initiates the recruitment procedure. Yet, one of the vacancies in ADJD is a financial analyst of the given department, when one of the basic demands to this specialist is to be the UAE national.

Critical Reflection on the Internship

I am deeply sure that this internship had a great positive impact on my personal and professional development. I was able to perform a real work, accomplish complicated tasks, and communicate with qualified specialists. These activities provided me with the idea of my future professional career as an employee. I am also sure that the given practice contributed to the improved comprehending of my profession, its importance, and the main challenges that I could face when working in real life conditions. I also got to know the main duties and responsibilities peculiar to the specialist like me. I am also grateful to my colleagues within ADJD as they helped me in various ways. They provided me with the need information, helped to communicate with people in the working environment, and demonstrated the unique importance of the teamwork in terms of the modern organization. Due to their efforts, I understood my main duties and obligations and was able to perform them at the high level.

I should say that the ability to meet new people, share information, and communicate was the best thing about this internship. It contributed to the acquisition of new knowledge and helped to do my best when performing numerous important tasks. I am sure that mainly due to these new relations I was able to gain practical experience related to my academic studies. Altogether, this internship was a unique and pleasant experience. However, there were also several challenges like absolutely new lifestyle different from my previous one. Moreover, being an employee means great commitment and hard work every day which was rather difficult for me at the very beginning. Thus, in the course of the internship, I managed to get used to the new environment and enjoy my new duties and tasks. Finally, the internship is a unique opportunity to master skills and obtain real life experience. It is obvious that I work hard during my academic classes and try to do my best to become a good specialist. However, I still lack practical skills which are needed to make me perfect. For this reason, I consider this very internship an excellent way to obtain the precious experience and relate all my skills to the suggested working environment. From the very beginning of the practice, I tried to do my best to attain success as I understood that it is vital for my growth. In this regard, the internship helped me greatly, and I appreciated every moment spent in ADJD. I am sure that I will also try to support my relations with new friends hoping to share the most important information and obtain new competencies.


In conclusion, I would like to repeat that I am more than thankful for this unique opportunity to master my skills and get new friends. I was extremely important and contributed to my personal and professional growth. I feel more confident now as have a certain experience that could be used when facing complicated problems or other challenges that might appear when working. This practice also helped me to create a clear image of how my future career might look and how important professionalism, experience, knowledge, communication, and teamwork are in the real-life environment. I obviously reconsidered my previous approaches to my future and understood the unique necessity of the further self-development and rise. I could say that now I have new goals and realize the complexity of the career in this sphere.

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