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Academic Skills and Psychological Testing Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Jan 22nd, 2021

Wide Range Achievement Test

Miler’s skills academically were also evaluated through WRAT-4. Generally, it tested on spelling, math computation, and reading ability of Miler. Results obtained from this test have an impact on the vocational settings’ basic skills. Miler scored superior on reading, above average on spelling, and average in math computation. These results indicate that Miler is more adept in reading ability compared to the spelling of the same words, that is, Miler is competent in pronunciation of words compared to the correct spelling of similar words.

Furthermore, Miler has an average ability in the completion of simple math concepts such as subtraction and addition. Miler’s scores reflect that she is scoring above 1st class grade in reading, about 1st grade in computation of math, and slightly above 1st grade in spelling (Richard, 2003). A summary of Miler’s scores is presented in the table below.

Subject Standard Score Percentile Rank Grade Equivalent
READING 127 45th 2.2
SPELLING 119 35th 2.1

Children’s Colors trails test

This test is administered to measure personality and behavior, positive and negative dimensions inclusive. The test provides a psychosocial and psychopathology problems overview that suggests interventions need. Below is the summary of the test carried out (Richard, 2003).

T Scores Percentile
Externalizing Problems 121 100
Internalizing Problems 64 79
Behavioral Symptoms Index 132 69
Adaptive Skills 18 3
Hyperactivity 54 99
Aggression 46 99
Conduct Problems 57 99
Anxiety 43 44
Depression 41 99
Somatization 52 3
Atypicality 56 99
Withdrawal 47 99
Attention Problems 58 99
Adaptability 23 1
Social Skills 27 1
Leadership 18 5
Activities of Daily Living 19 1
Functional Communication 16 1

T Scores Percentile
Emotional Symptoms Index 53 98
Attitude to School 42 31
Attitude to Teachers 57 28
Atypicality 50 42
Social Stress 48 66
Anxiety 54 43
Depression 59 39
Interpersonal Relations 35 6

Results obtained from the analysis show that the client has scored 100 percent, which is average in the first part, and 98 percent in the second part, which is almost average. Results from the test reflect a valid profile of Miler because all the valid scales are within the normal ranges. Miler’s response to adaptive scales also placed her interpersonal relations within a significant clinical functioning (Richard, 2003).

House Tree Person Drawing/ Kinetic Family Drawing

Kinetic Family Drawing and House Tree Person drawing are projective measures used to determine a child’s view on her world, herself among others. The measure was used to determine Miler’s feelings about her personality, interpersonal interactions, and herself. According to drawings by Miler, it is evident that Miler is strong in the ego and is faced with anxiety problems, but is overwhelmed by family life.

Furthermore, Miler is attentive to ideation and fantasy. She is also willing to interact, openly relate with others, and share about the environment ideas. Miler also has a strong need in engaging others and a desire to welcome visitors. Moreover, it is also evident that Miler is aggressive, excessively concerned with reality, and is willing to engage others in her affairs through consultation (Richard, 2003).

Sentence completion

Most sentences by Miler are incomplete because they lack explanations. She only provides statements with no explanations to support her statements. Furthermore, the statements reveal that Miler feels insecure while in public alone and relies on her husband’s companion to gain confidence while in public. She is poor in socializing and blames her parents. She is also not close to her mum and desires to be loved unconditionally.

Miler is scared by her feelings, and she feels that her friends consider her shy. Furthermore, she hates her personality and her greatest wish is to change it in case she has a change opportunity in life. She also lacks good and effective communication skills and interpersonal skills. She is poor in communication, and this has affected her working ability especially communicating with people at work. Miler knows of her weak personality and feels sad while alone, consider her life story boring, and consider work as the most stressful aspect of her life. Despite her weakness, her ultimate dream is to succeed in life (Richard, 2003).

Different measures could be used to evaluate the anxiety of different clients, for instance, the Beck Anxiety Inventory and Social Anxiety Scale among others. However, the application of the Beck Anxiety Inventory is advisable due to several reasons, and or advantages it has over other methods that are used in measuring anxiety levels of clients. Beck Anxiety Inventory is used mostly in teenagers and adults, therefore, since the client, miler is an adult aged 45, and this method is best suited for use.

Beck Anxiety Inventory method is recommended for anxiety diagnosis among teenagers and adults. Moreover, this method is effective in the differentiation between depression and anxiety. Therefore, considering the advantages of the Beck Anxiety Inventory over other anxiety evaluation methods such as the Social Anxiety Scale, it is the most preferred test to be used for the analysis of the anxiety of the client as an adult (Richard, 2003).


Richard, N. (2003). Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Journal of psychology, 10(1), 38-49.

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