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Advertising Strategies for Business in Australia and Europe Essay

Active Feet and Market Segmentation

The rapid evolution of the sphere of business and the appearance of new ways to attract customers resulted in an increased level of rivalry we could observe nowadays. Numerous companies that function in the same spheres try to acquire a significant competitive advantage and create the basis for their further evolution. For this reason, we see the reconsideration of approaches used in marketing and strategies that are suggested to organizations.

Furthermore, the increased sophistication of the modern market preconditions the fundamental need for its comprehensive investigation to understand the main forces that impact it at the moment and perform the appropriate actions to increase the level of sales (Moriarty 2014).

Under these conditions, the enhanced understanding of the target market acquires the top priority for companies that introduce original goods or try to expand into a new country. To accomplish this task and collect needed data, segmentation is used as one of the essential approaches. It analyses the target market and suggests specific population groups that should be given high attention and suggested particular goods first of all (Hopkins 2014).

Furthermore, the segmentation includes five broad categories based on consumer characteristics. These are demographics, geography, psychographics, behavior, and benefits (Moriarty 2014). Regarding the given aspects, any market should be segmented to ensure the improved results and companies further rise.

As for the Active Feet and its market promotion in Australia, there are several factors related to the target audience, its peculiarities, and analysis that should be mentioned. First of all, segmenting the Australian market, demographics, and geography approaches becomes significant. Due to its unique geographic location, the state has many magnificent landscapes and places a person could admire. Additionally, the nature and climate of the country are favorable for the active lifestyle and physical exercises. For this reason, the percentage of people going in for sports is exceptionally high in Australia if to compare with other states (About values segments n.d.).

Furthermore, not only young people prefer to do physical exercise or lead a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, there are numerous opportunities for Active Feet to promote its goods. The target audience will be comprised of active people who are engaged in different sports activities or who prefer to remain dynamic. In such a way, considering the Australian market as a homogeneous one and using the marketing segmentation strategy, the company should introduce its footwear to the population group that prefers to do physical exercises (Moriarty 2014).

Additionally, Active Feet should focus its efforts on promoting the increased popularity of the sport across the world and its positive impact on the overall state of individuals health. It will help to impact the companys target audience and make it interested in products suggested by Active Feet.

Altogether, the market segmentation strategy could be considered an efficient approach that should be applied to the Australian market to determine the essential peculiarities of customers, their behaviors, and preferences. It will also contribute to the improved understanding of the existing demand and help Active Feet to promote its goods.

Holiday Magics Advertising Campaign

The modern digitalized society suggests numerous opportunities for companies to promote their products and increase the number of sales by using advertising as the primary tool to attract consumers attention. The fact is that traditionally popular newspapers and magazines nowadays compete with such means of media as the Internet, social networks, TV, etc. For this reason, the approach to advertising alters. The majority of companies prefer to focus on the most innovative and popular approach that could guarantee a stable level of interest towards suggested goods. However, all media have different advantages and disadvantages, and disregarding a particular tool, a company might become isolated. For this reason, the right mix becomes a fundamental element of any advertising campaign.

Regarding the Holiday Magics case, the companys essential peculiarities should be taken into account to ensure that the most appropriate marketing strategy is chosen. First, the company suggests its services to all population groups no matter what their age or social status is. Second, the companys packages are focused on families and their increased satisfaction with the suggested services. Third, the company at the moment uses its website as the only way to advertise its packages and find new customers. Finally, Holiday Magic experiences a decrease in sales. For this reason, the need for a new approach becomes evident.

Considering the suggested terms of the advertising campaign (6 months), there are several steps to increase the companys popularity and its sales. Holiday Magic offers its services to families who look for a particular holiday package. For this reason, newspapers could become an excellent way to increase the companys popularity and attract peoples attention to it. Numerous households buy papers to find information about different events and Holiday Magic could explore this fact (Barry 2016). Reading a newspaper during breakfast, a person will be able to come across the advertisement and remember it. Moreover, newspapers have positive consumer attitudes, especially among people who have their children and who comprise the main target audience for the company (Moriarty 2014).

Second, Holiday Magic should be suggested to use an out-of-home advertising model to attract customers and increase the level of sales. The fact is that a typical working individual spends much more time out of the home as he/she has to earn money to maintain a family (Moriarty 2014). For this reason, going to work or returning home, a person will be able to find information about Holiday Magic and packages suggested to consumers (Traditional family life n.d). Moreover, it could be considered a long-term model as it presupposes the rent of a particular space for advertising for a specified period (Moriarty 2014). It means that a person who passes by can see the same information every day and remember it.

Finally, the company should also devote attention to its website and refresh the current advertising as it is outdated. The Internet remains one of the most influential tools that could be used to promote a specific commodity or service.

Advertising Objectives

Three main advertising objectives could be suggested regarding Carmen. These are:

  1. To attain the recognizable image of a new muesli bar and its association with the company (perception and brand identity);
  2. To reach the improved understanding of the useful character of the original bar and its increased innovativeness (persuasion);
  3. To arouse a desire to buy a new product and consume it (emotion).

These advertising objectives are preconditioned by several factors. First, Carman is a recognizable and famous brand that has a high level of sales. For this reason, new muesli bars should be associated with it to make the target audience buy them (Moriarty 2014). Furthermore, the company emphasizes the natural and useful character of its products. That is why customers should be ensured that the new bar has the same qualities. Finally, consumers should experience only positive emotions when looking at the new bar. For this reason, the new advertising campaign should consider all these elements.

Regarding the Mountain Goat Beer, the need for an advertising campaign to increase the level of sales becomes obvious. First of all, it should appeal to customers loyalty to the brand and its traditions. The increased rivalry in the given market segment preconditions the customer attrition (Felton 2013). In such a way, the first goal for the advertising company is the promotion of the brands image and the focus on its target audience.

Furthermore, the company should cultivate the improved quality of beer because of specific traditions and demonstrate this fact to customers who hesitate when choosing a beer boutique (Visible achievement n.d.). It is the second advertising objective that should be introduced to guarantee the increased number of sales and attract new customers. Finally, exposure and its cultivation is the third crucial goal. People should be informed about Mountain Goat Beer and its products. In such a way, different means of media should be used to promote the company and make people buy beer suggested by it.

For Vinnies, the fundamental advertising objectives could be determined in the following way:

  1. To improve the brand identity for people not to feel ashamed when buying a certain product there;
  2. To increase the level of attention devoted to the brand to guarantee its further rise;
  3. To demonstrate the relevance of suggested products to the target audience.

The choice of these goals results from the companys nature. At the moment, many people feel ashamed to buy things in shops where second-hand products are offered. However, the given practice is prevalent in many European states as people who want to save money use it (Felton 2013). Additionally, there is always an opportunity to find something unique in Vinnies. For this reason, the brand’s identity should be improved to alter peoples attitudes to the company. Furthermore, it is fundamental to ensure people that they do need the suggested products (Felton 2013). For this reason, relevance remains another important goal of the advertising campaign.

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