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Akron Manufacturing Business Proposal

While some wealthy individuals opt for business travel alternatives, others have gone an extra mile by purchasing their own private jets. Such companies benefit from a wide range of features and services. Purchasing a private jet has many benefits. First of all, there is instantaneous accessibility to greater flight convenience. In fact, traveling with the commercial airlines is usually difficult, time consuming, and totally inconvenient. Flights in private jets are usually regarded as being convenient and practicable. Some of the benefits that can be accrued from purchasing a private jet are confidentiality, and convenience. Owners can depart at their own wish without interruptions by an airline. Privately owned jets can also operate from more airstrips far away from their major industrial points. The jet also has direct accessibility to quicker and short routings. In fact, the possession of a private jet is becoming an essential business expense due to the convenience.

I would recommend the Bombardier Challenger 600 for Akron Manufacturing Company. This jumbo is more like a jet aircraft than a personal plane. The jet is designed with a large cabin space just like the Boeing 737. The plane is calm, comparatively cost-effective, and grips well. The spacious cabin has a dimension of 8.2 feet width by 6.1 feet height. The jet allows a total of nine to twelve passengers. This will comfortably cater for the company executives who make business trips. The seats in these jets are also luxurious. The luxurious seats provide a comfortable environment for all the passengers. The aircraft is also very spacious. This jet has115 cubic ft of luggage space that is obtainable in the interior compartment.

The Bombardier Challenger 600 is powered by two Avco Lycoming ALF502L engines. The two engines seem to have been customized to include super-charger phases to the low pressure compressor. When taking off, the plane can do up to and over 7,500 pounds of thrust. This is due to the alterations. It can also take off at high temperatures reaching 77Β° Fahrenheit as well as altitudes of over 7,000 feet above sea level without any difficulty. The plane can therefore take off in any provided place. The jet flies at 443 ktas as its top cruise speed at an altitude of 39,000 feet. It uses 1,710 pounds of jet fuel every hour during long flights. This is one of the most efficient planes available in terms of fuel consumption. The plane can also cruise at 425 ktas at the altitude of 43,000 for long range trips. At maximum speed, the plane is attested to burn 1,910 pounds-per-hour. Averagely, the plane burns 100 gallons of fuel within one hour of travel.

This airplane was designed with four back-up systems of power. The most crucial system is the 115-VAC 400-Hz electrical system. Unlike most of the other direct current power systems, this system provides an additional supply of power and voltage. Such systems are generally installed in business air planes. The first back-up system in this aircraft is the AC alternator. The plane has additional back up systems such as the ADG (AC generator) and the APU (signal) which are used for accessories such as the landing gear lights. This makes the maintenance costs of this plane to be considerably low. It is also an environmentally friendly jet.

With its seating capacity of nine to twelve people, the purchase of this plane serves as a practicable substitute for regular travels. The aircraft presents realistic features of an office, for instance, printer and fax services, wireless LAN accessibility plus other satellite communications. Additionally, the plane provides a wide range of opportunities that stress its appeal as a business convenience. This plane is considered as the best option for businesspeople. This particular model is among the most frequently purchased ones. The Bombardier Challenger 600 provides the current technology and permits the owners to travel at their own scheduled time, in devoid of travel interruption. This plane can also be used for both professional and leisure activities. The Bombardier Challenger 600 is cost-effective and performs economically.

On demand aviation is usually aimed at provision of safety, protection, and flexibility in scheduled times and destinations. However, an on-demand aviation method, which best suits the condition of Akron manufacturing company is the shifting of considerable numbers of travelers from industrial aviation operations.

The cost of purchasing a second-hand Bombardier Challenger 600 jet is about $1.495 million. This plane is as good as new. This is because its features are still intact. Challenger 600 jets costing such amounts must have been used for only 3,333 hours. The monthly maintenance cost of the jet is about $2,220. The plane also consumes fuel that amounts to $24,000 per month. The total amount of money to be paid to cater for the training costs (flight crew and maintenance technicians) is about $1760 per month. The total monthly cost that will be paid for hangar (office lease expenses) will be about $2916. Additionally, some of the fixed costs, to be sorted will be hull insurance, liability insurance, software programs maintenance and other miscellaneous services. This will total up to about $7400. Other personal expenses include the wages of the captain, the first officer as well as the maintenance technicians. The monthly costs for these three persons will be about $ 7,100 per month.

If an airplane is purchased, then the organizational threat imposed by the absence of the executives within the workplace will be evaded. The seven company executives will have to be transported within the scheduled time without affecting the internal performances of the firm. The additional $15,000 per month will have to be channeled to other relevant sectors within the company. Generally, the high costs of transportation will strategically be evaded. In purchasing an aircraft, the company will have spent $1.45 million. Additionally, the total cost for all the expenses invested on the aircraft in a month will be $45,396. In a year, the total cost for all the expenses invested on Bombardier Challenger 600 will be $544,752. On the other hand, in the current state of Akron Manufacturing Company, $90,000 is usually spent in a month. In one year, the company spends a total of $1.08 million.

In envisioning the state of Akron Manufacturing Company in five years time, the company would have spent a total of $10.8 million. However, with a company owned airplane, the total amount of income that would have been channeled on the plane will be $2,723,760. On inclusion of the cost of the Bombardier Challenger 600 jet during the first month, the amount sums up to $4,218,760. As it can be seen, Akron Manufacturing Company is being subjected to more harm than benefit since, in five years time, the company will lose a total of $6,581,240. Therefore, there is need to save this money, in order to make Akron Manufacturing Company a more productive firm.

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