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Alternative Packaging of Wrist Watches Report

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Updated: Feb 9th, 2022


Wristwatches have become significant elements in the modern world. Both wealthy people and ordinary citizens buy these accessories to track time and provide their appearance with a stylish component. When customers choose what wristwatches to have, they draw attention to numerous factors, including price, design, operating principle, and many others. In addition to that, the packaging is another phenomenon that can contribute to the higher popularity of a particular model in the market. The impact of packaging is said to increase when it implies alternative shapes and creative decisions. Thus, the given assignment will consider two alternative options, dodecahedron, and icosahedron, of wristwatch packaging and comment on their peculiarities.

Background of Packaging

To begin with, one should mention that packaging is a useful marketing tool. In addition to the fact that it describes a product and articulates the company’s values, packaging often determines whether customers will buy this product. It is so because people consider packaging an integral element of the product (Chheda, Minocha, and Berger, 2019, p. 16). Consequently, if consumers do not like the way of how a product is presented to them, there is a strong probability that they will not purchase it.

Furthermore, the phenomenon under analysis is not homogenous because it implies a few essential elements. According to Chheda, Minocha, and Berger (2019, p. 16), they include “graphics, color, size, the material of packaging, wrapper design, printed information, and others. The information above denotes that companies and brands should draw significant attention to their packaging to attract more buyers. As for a case with wristwatches, box packaging is traditional, and it does not have a substantial impact on customers. That is why numerous manufacturers want to find alternative variants to surprise and attract people. As has been mentioned, dodecahedron and icosahedron are possible solutions, and further information will explain it.

Possible Alternative Design Ideas

Both dodecahedron and icosahedron are polyhedrons that have 30 edges. These phenomena are suitable for packaging because they are convex figures, and their interior space is ideal for storing some material objects. However, the two shapes under consideration imply essential structural differences. Thus, a dodecahedron is composed of twelve regular pentagonal faces, while an icosahedron implies twenty triangular sides. That is why these shapes offer some peculiarities if they are used for packaging purposes.

Firstly, it is necessary to comment on the aesthetic of the shapes under consideration. When it comes to a dodecahedron, all its angles are the same, which creates the feeling of roundness of the given form. At the same time, an icosahedron implies two acute angles that violate the regularity of the given structure. Various companies can use this difference for marketing purposes to render different messages. For example, icosahedrons can be suitable for aggressive and sport models for men, while regular dodecahedrons are the best variants to market classic wristwatches.

Secondly, it is also reasonable to draw attention to the structural peculiarities of the shapes. The differences above result in the fact that these figures have various packing densities, which influences their packaging opportunities. According to Drab (2013, p. 8), density is approximately 0.90 for the dodecahedra and more than 0.83 for the icosahedra. This information stipulates that the icosahedra should be larger than the dodecahedra to hold objects of the same size.

Thirdly, one should comment on the sizes of such packaging variants in detail. To determine the space that is needed to place wristwatches, it is useful to consider the fact that traditional boxes for these accessories have the dimensions of 4x4x3 inches on average.

It denotes that the volume of 48 cubic inches is sufficient to hold standard wristwatches. The data above on the packing density explains that it is necessary to have a larger volume to allow for placing such objects in the alternative packaging boxes. If a dodecahedron has an edge length of 1.9 inches, its volume will be approximately 52 cubic inches, and the total surface will amount to 74.5 square inches (Lemonis, 2019a, para. 1). At the same time, Lemonis (2019b, para. 1) explains that the volume of 53 cubic inches and the total surface of approximately 73 square inches are present if an icosahedron edge length is 2.9 inches.

Generating Solutions

Since the two shapes are suitable for packaging purposes, it is reasonable to choose a better option. Even though the dodecahedron of the needed size has a larger total surface that implies higher material costs, this effect is mitigated by the fact that this shape has fewer faces. Thus, it is necessary to perform more manipulations to create a ready-to-use icosahedron. That is why the production costs of these packaging variations are almost the same. However, the higher packing density and the necessity to have fewer details are essential benefits of the dodecahedron.

Furthermore, it is reasonable to mention that these alternative packages should be made of unusual materials to emphasize their impact. One should draw attention to the strength, cost and eco-friendliness of these materials. Thus, a compostable, bamboo moulded fibre packaging is said to meet potential requirements. Abdul Khalil et al. (2016, p. 829) stipulate that this completely biodegradable packaging is cheaper than traditional plastic variations, and it is solid enough to ship laptops.

Evaluating Design Solution

I have conducted a small survey among my friends to determine which alternative option is more popular. A more significant part of them has reported that a dodecahedron is better because of a few reasons. Firstly, this shape seems to be creative, but it does not evoke aggressive associations. Secondly, the dodecahedron offers larger faces that imply more design opportunities. Finally, the respondents have noted that packaging should include the bright colours and brand logo to catch the interest of many customers.


Packaging plays an essential role in the modern market because it can influence buyers. In an attempt to attract more customers, many wristwatch producers decide to use alternative kinds of packaging, and the dodecahedron with the icosahedron are among them. These two shapes imply some similarities and differences, but a higher packing density and increased appeal among potential buyers denote that the dodecahedron is a more suitable option.

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