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American Government as an Automobile Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Nov 26th, 2021


The concept of this paper is in relating American government to a fine automobile. In case of an automobile, if it runs fine or smoothly, everyone reaches home safely. If it breaks down in the middle, then all will be in trouble. In case of government also, one can relate it to the function of an automobile. If government runs smoothly without having any problem, then everything will be fine, if it is not the case and if the functioning of the government gets stuck in the middle, then it will create problems to all. The aim of the paper is to relate different parts of the automobile to the American government. The paper first explains different parts of the automobile in order to get basic idea regarding the parts and their functions. Then, the paper carries out the explanation of American government and roles of different members present in the American government. Once the familiarization of parts of automobile and American government is over everything is related and explained.

Parts of automobile

Automobile consists of different parts and each part has got different roles. Different parts of automobile are motor, transmitter, starter, brakes, tires, emission system, doors, seats, battery and steering wheel.

Motor is one of the important parts in automobiles. If this is not present, then the use of other parts will be in vain. Transmitter is another important part in automobile. Once the motor enables the function, it is the function of transmitter to join hands with motor and make everything smooth. Next, starter starts up enables the flow of the automobile with the help of tyres present in automobile. Emission system present in the automobile is to give signals to others about what next comes. Doors present in the automobile allow passengers to enter and exit. There are different types of seats, such as, seats for drivers and co-passengers. Battery present in the automobile allows function of everything present in the automobile. If battery is low, then functioning of parts present in automobile will diminish. Last one is steering wheel which is very important in automobile which is used to move in right path.

American government

“The Constitution of the United States establishes three separate branches of government: Legislative, Judicial, and Executive.” (Research Aids & Tools, para.1).

It is on the constitution all other actions rest and it shows the right way to all. Executive branch has got overall power. Everything revolves around this. If there is no function in executive branch, then everything will be in vain. It is the duty of the legislative branch to perform all kinds of transactions in the American government. It gathers all sorts of information and passes it to others. Judicial branch puts full stop to everything if it finds any kind of malpractices. Powers of Supreme Court come under this.


Steering wheel of an automobile is related to constitution as both lead the way to others. A person sitting in the driver seat should know about the way or direction he/she needs to take passengers in order to take everyone to the destination very safely. President is the head of constitution and it is his/her honor to take overall control of the situation. President needs to know the path ahead and needs to go through that path to reach correct destination. If the President is out of control and chooses wrong path, then people behind him will reach somewhere and they will not be happy with the situation. This is just like the driver in an automobile does not know the correct way and puts the passengers in trouble and make them unhappy. Executive branch in a constitution is related to the motor of an automobile. Executive branch consists of President and Vice-President. They are very important for normal functioning of the government just like motor in an automobile. Functioning of the government will stop if there is no President to control. Then, it will be just like an automobile without motor. Everyone knows if motor is not present in an automobile, then no one can ride the automobile. An automobile without motor is useless. Legislative branch is compared to transmitter in automobile. It is the duty of legislative branch to get information from others and pass it to others. They will get information from upper ones and transmit to lower ones. Legislative branch includes senate house. In automobile, transmitters role is similar to this. Judicial branch of American government is related to brakes of automobile. Brakes are used to stop the automobile; similarly role of judicial branch is to put full stop if they find any kind of malpractices or misuses. Judiciary consists of Supreme Court and lower courts. These are directly related to tires and emission systems of automobiles which guarantee smooth flow of the automobile. Everyone knows judiciary is very much important for smooth running of a country. Defense force is very much important to guard the country and this can be related to doors of an automobile. Last but not least, people in a country control everything, they are in charge to choose the government and if they are not actively involved, one cannot form the government. People’s support is very much important. This is just like battery in an automobile. If battery is weak, then normal functioning of automobile cannot be guaranteed.


This paper clearly mentions the relation of American government with automobile. Each part of an automobile is clearly related with American government. The role of each part of an automobile and also the branches of American Government are compared and explained in this paper.

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