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American Historical Events of the 19th Century Essay

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Updated: Apr 15th, 2021

What is important to understand about the taming of the West?

Taming of the West is important for the American history because it depicts the experiences of the Native Americans, Mexicans, Indians, Spanish, and White settlers. The arrival of the immigrants to the American West faced a wild environment because different ethnicities and races fought constantly for land. The warring groups, which consisted of Native Americans, Mexicans, Indians, Spanish, and White settlers, required territory for settlements and agricultural purposes. As a result, the process of fighting constitutes taming of the West because it eventually led to the coexistence of Native Americans, the White settlers, Indians, Mexicans, and Spanish after a series of comprises and loss of lives.

What is the value of Texas independence to the story of the American Westward movement?

The independence of Texas empowered the American Westward movement there. Due to the massive immigration of Americans to Texas the Mexican government was gradually weakened. By 1836 Texas gained independence and facilitated American Westward movement. When Sam Houston became the president of the Independent Texas, he travelled to the east and recruited many settlers, who invaded the West and thus contributed to the American Westward movement. This is how Americans in Texas assisted westward expansion of the territory of the United States.

Why did we go to war with Mexico in 1846? Who was at fault?

The war between the United States and Mexico emerged in 1846 due to recognition of Texas’ Independence, annexation of Texas to the United States, and offensive behavior of Mexican soldiers. When Texas got its autonomy in 1846 after fighting with Mexico, recognition of this independence by the American government created enmity between the United States and Mexico. Moreover, annexation of Texas to the United States deepened the confrontation and resulted in threats from the side of Mexico directed at the US. Soon after that captain Thornton Affair encouraged Mexican soldiers’ aggression and it led to an attack of the States army. In response the congress declared war on Mexico in 1846. According to these facts, Mexican government and military forces were the ones to provoke and initiate the war.

Discuss the various conflicting images of President Polk

During his reign, President Polk presented conflicting images, which baffled his contemporaries. Although President Polk supported colonization, he threatened Britain regarding the issue of ownership of the Oregon Country. Surprisingly, President Polk changed his course for emancipation of Oregon Country, when they agreed to split Oregon and share ownership with Britain. Furthermore, since the President supported slavery and was a slaveholder, he advocated for the annexation of Texas to the United States. Contrastingly, the President also supported the annexation of Oregon, which, unlike Texas, had no slavery. Thus, President Polk argued that the annexation of Texas and Oregon connected Northern and Southern expansionists.

Discuss the treatment of minorities, immigrants, and the poor in the antebellum republic

In the antebellum republic the minorities, immigrants, and the poor experienced limited rights because the majorities such as the White Americans had significant influence and power and thus they were enjoying making their own rules. The minorities, immigrants, and the poor were treated as slaves and they did not have the forces to change that. The issue of racism divided people into diverse classes, where the dominant classes discriminated the minorities, the poor, and immigrants. Unfortunately, in antebellum republic, inequality was rampant because of racism, discrimination, and marginalization.

Discuss the various trends in the American reform movements in the antebellum period

Abolitionism is an American reform movement, which was aimed at cancellation of slavery during the antebellum period in the United States. Abolitionists like Theodore Weld, Frederick Douglass, and Sojourner Truth advocated for the emancipation of slaves. Temperance movement is a reform stream supported by women, who stated that drinking of alcohol threatens existence of the family unit and contributes to gender violence, child abuse, poor workforce, and workplace accidents. The development of the Female Moral Reform Society aimed at prohibiting prostitution by punishing prostitutes and their clients. Since Debtors’ prisons were common during the antebellum period, prison reform abolished it and improved the conditions of the jails through the development of an effective prison system. The education reform enhanced affordability and accessibility of good quality education for the economic, social, and political development. As a civil service reform, women’s suffrage led to the recognition and acceptance of gender equality in the United States.

How important is “Bleeding” Kansas? Why is it important?

“Bleeding” Kansas is important because it reminds the Americans about the issue of slavery. Geographically, “Bleeding” Kansas was a place where the Southerners and the Northerners interacted as forces that represented opposing views of slavery. Many political confrontations happened in “Bleeding” Kansas because of the issue of slavery and acquisition of land and labor. This is why “Bleeding” Kansas serves for the modern Americans as a reminder of the armed conflict between the North and the South over their contradicting views on the issue of slavery.

How do the various compromises in Congress on land and slavery eventually detract from the ability of Congress to do anything concrete or positive about either subject?

One of the main compromises that Congress made about the issue of slavery is the recognition and acceptance of the existence of slave and free-states in the country. In this case, the Congress was unable to take a position on the issue of the slavery because some states perceived slavery as an illicit practice, while other states viewed it as a legal practice. Moreover, the Congress allowed slave-owners to possess huge plantations, which required slave labor.

Describe the institution of American Slavery and its eventual outcome. Include pertinent information on the technological and biological aspects of farming, plantation systems, and new inventions prior to 1860.

The institution of slavery became very important in the United States in the 18th and the 19th century because slaves provided human labor on the plantations and farms. The existence of slavery boosted the economy of the United States because the plantations produced massive agricultural products, which were exported to Europe and Asia. Supported by to the presence of slaves, extensive farming was a common form of plantation systems. The use of slavery led to the invention of the cotton gin, which reduced the demand for slave labor in cotton plantations. Moreover, intensive farming systems also emerged in the plantations and it also helped stop the need for slave labor.

Describe life on the Midwestern Plains in the mid 19th Century. How hard was it?

The life on the Midwestern plains was very hard in the mid 19th century because people practiced subsistence farming, which was not enough to sustain their lives. The climate of the plains was very harsh and thus did not favor the growth of crops. However, the emergence of industrialization attracted masses of immigrants, who inhabited the plains and transformed them into urban areas, where the industrial revolution flourished.

Describe the Reconstruction of the South. Why would the South be so adverse to it?

The reconstruction of the South failed terribly because the war devastated the economy, which relied on agriculture. Since slave labor was the major source of human labor in plantations, Reconstruction of the South without the slavery was impractical. As a result, the South was adverse to the Reconstruction because of the fear that it would influence the presence of slave labor, and consequently have negative impacts on its economic development.

Compare and contrast the conflicting images of President Jackson

President Jackson’s conflicting images were based on the fact that he advocated for individual liberty, yet he supported the existence of slavery. Through owning the plantations President Jackson owned slaves. Moreover, given that President Jackson supported open democracy, which respects the rights of the people, he displayed contrasting images when he exercised spoils system. President Jackson employed the spoils system in order to reward loyal members of the Democratic Party.

In what ways is the election of Jackson the end of a generation of leadership?

The election of Jackson ended a generation of leadership because previous presidential candidates were nominated by the Congressional Nominating Caucasus, which was an informal process. However, Jackson received his position through presidential system, which was a formal process of electing presidential candidates and presidents. This is how President Jackson passed through a unique process of election and thus transformed a generation of leadership.

Describe life in the Far West, including California and Utah in the mid 19th

Life in California and Utah in the mid 19th century was very hard because people led simple lives, which were dependent on subsistence farming. As a result, poverty, disease, and illiteracy were major issues the dwellers of the Far West experienced. Overall, the living standards of the people then were very poor compared to the present days.

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