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Analysis of an Op-Ed “She’s Not Ready “By Bob Herbert Essay

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Updated: Sep 24th, 2021

The position of the Vice-presidency in the United States is quite different from that in most other countries in that, In the US, the external pressures from institutions, cultures, and social structures will continue to grow. Throughout the American history, vice-presidency has been a position of very low regard in the governance system because of limited powers allocated to the VP; they had a very minimal attention of both the public and administration which only does as best as ensuring that the VP establishes, strengthens and perpetuates their visions.

Based on popular views, Palin is not just the best candidate for the United State’s vice-presidency. I am writing this because her personal profile disqualifies her. Making a history in the United States as one of the vice-presidents that served since she is accused of the abuse of power and her campaign trial has been puckered with intimidation of the democratic policies. At the onset, I agree with Bob Herbert’s facts about Palin. First, it is true that she is a great policy maker; policies made to benefit the civilians. In addition, she is also a very energetic, young and ambitious woman. However, there are some areas in which, as far as vice-presidency is concerned, she fails to score (Op-Ed Columnist).

To start with, Palin has been involved in several scandals all of which only tarnish her admirable political image in the general public. The first query I would ask is; what treasure is she leaving to the civilians to copy from? If the claim that Palin abused power when she was the governor by going against the ethics of the Executive Branch Act is true then this gives me a definite chance of not embracing her a the right candidate.

With her in office, Mohegan was forced to demote Wooten with this statement; “…was a proper and undoubtedly used his power of office…where pressure was used to control the subordinates…’-adapted from the Branch flower report. Moreover, she gave Todd Palin power … to contact subordinate state workers …to get Trooper Wooten fired (America.gov). These claims were later strongly condemned by her (Palin’s) attorney saying the report was misleading and wrong from the law perspective.

The second reason why I am discrediting Palin’s quest for vice-presidency is that she is that though she is very knowledgeable and perfectly competent, her views of most issues are captivating but still that does not make her fit for the VP post. To continue just for a while it is a fact that Palin is not very well versed with modern and the most current matters affecting the life of every life in the US at this critical hour of the US history.

Palin’s young-age in the foreign matter does disqualify her from he VP race not because of any reason but just because she has had too little exposure concerning foreign issues as it wonders how she’d handle the duties from a freshman’s experience. Her foreign policy sides with the preemptive action in the face of an imminent threat, she is also pro the operations of the US military in Pakistan disregarding the kind of suffering they undergo and that they cause to the dwellers of that Asian country.

The other reason why I tend to think that Palin is not just the best to cling onto the post of Vice-president is that she is not ready, that is, she was not prepared for this post. On 29/08/2008 when the republican presidential hopeful John McCain announced having chosen Palin as a running mate, she is reported to have said to a reporter on interview that ‘she is not familiar with the duties attached to that post and neither had she any idea the productivity of this position.’

This point becomes especially significant when we consider a situation in which the constitution demands that the VP succeeds the president incase of inability say incapacitated by illness or even death, how will Palin be able to rule the whole of United States (America.gov). This clearly shows that as much as she is now strongly on the race, it was not out of her own making rather, had to cling to a golden chance that comes once in a lifetime.

Before then, she was an unknown in most parts of the United States if not in just a potion of her Alaskan home; this drew a lot of attention and scrutiny from the media about her personal life, political record and positions. In fact, her selection was grand surprise because most eyes were on the speculation of Tim Pawlenty- the governor of Minnesota State, Mitt Romney- a one time governor to Massachusetts, Senator J. Lieberman from Connecticut and the one time governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Ridge.

To stand on truth side of things (which is quite hurting at times) Sarah Palin may lack the crucial experience and the necessary qualifications like those of the current speaker of the house; Palin would never be confirmed for one of the posts like secretary of state, defense of treasury because her lack of qualifications is widely known as witnessed by some of newspapers from her mother state (Op-Ed Columnist).

To summarize my points I would like to say confidently that in the United States of America, unless we get a hardworking and visionary vice-president, the chances of our progression in matters pertaining to democracy and how the senate is driven will never be realized. In addition, less experienced leaders in the capacity of a vice-president will only result in lack of confidence between the senate and the VP himself and such may have additional impact on service delivery to the civilians.


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