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Analyzing the Findings of Falcons Analytical Essay

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Updated: Jul 6th, 2019

Findings from the Physical Store Questionnaire Analysis

Falcons can meet the time differences for both the public and the private sectors. However, it is imperative that Falcons should adjust the stores opening time and the closing time. Given that the public will arrive as early as 7.30 a.m., it would be prudent for the company to open at 7 a.m. and consider closing after 6 p.m.

The claim is that the private leaves later at 5 pm and closing at time will cater for the private sector. Besides, this will ensure that the company attends to both sectors. Falcons must endeavor to have a large stock to meet the requirements of the customers. Both sectors’ customers will place large orders given that they buy stock in bulk.

However, Falcons should take note that customers in both sectors will make one visit to the stores in three months. Despite this fact, it does not mean that there will be no customers on a daily basis so long as the customers’ demands are met. Evidently, Falcons must ensure it has sufficient wooden equipment stock to meet the high demand for both sectors.

Although both sectors prefer wooden equipment, a significant percentage requires metallic equipment. The demand for office equipment and stationary is high as both sectors purchase these products in bulk. From the data, it is expected that the private and public sectors would differ in their preference to computers and office supplies. Such differences are often driven by the prices and branding.

The private sector is often brand-sensitive. Nevertheless, since both sectors purchase almost equal amounts of stock, Falcons should ensure that both sector demands are met. Based on the data, it appears that the demand for the preferred services spreads equally across all sectors. In fact, it is inherent for humans to prefer services that suit them best to those disliked.

The findings addressed by this analysis confirm this perspective as both sectors prefer quick shipment, offers, membership cards and online services to cater for their needs. Apparently, both sectors have the same thoughts regarding the services they receive. None of the customers in either sector would like to have slow shipment of their consignment or low quality services given.

The findings are accurate given that both sectors suggest that companies provide customer call-desk services to ensure that complaints are timely addressed. In normal circumstances, it is natural for customers to suggest to the companies that they should be provided with functional customer care call-desk.

These findings are relevant to Falcons in its effort to meet all the requirements of the customers in both the private and public sectors. Further, it is of great essence to note that customers are concerned with services they receive.

Findings from the Online Questionnaire Analysis

Findings from online questionnaires are not always reliable. The assumption is particularly founded on the fact that the questionnaires are distributed randomly and the researcher cannot substantiate the authenticity of the respondent, their actual physical location, and validity of the feedback. Conversely, this further limits the study to only those who have access to the internet.

According to data, this signifies that a significant number of potential customers did not get a chance to respond to the questionnaires. These facts are supported by the findings under this analysis. From the data, it is indicated that only 53 percent of the customers in the public sector have previously used online service while 33 percent have never used the tool.

The discrepancy regarding accessibility of online service is evidenced by the fact that 87 percent of the private sectors have had access to online service more than twice. All the interviewees in the private sector claimed that they have previously used online services. The claim that those in the public sector prefer to purchase goods from physical stores may not be accurate given that discrepancies in accessing the internet may play a significant role.

The fact that those in the public sector feel insecure to purchase goods online is an important aspect that Falcons should consider when entering the Middle East market. The assertion is anchored on the fact that a majority of companies in the region are publicly owned.

Thus, it implies that the company must conduct an empirical study to establish the potential customers to expect in the market so that it can establish an online system for serving all customers. Additionally, Falcons must be ready to meet the demands of the substantial portion of the public sector customers who do not have access or trust the online purchasing systems.

By ensuring that there are physical stores in the target markets, Falcons will also reach the 40 percent of the private sector customers who do not trust the online purchasing systems. The public sector in the target market would also provide the largest customer base if Falcons opened additional stores that are physical.

Based on the data, it is apparent that customers irrespective of their geographical locations have closely related service demands. The potential customers under these online findings would prefer that they should be availed with an online payment service. Additionally, it is important for Falcons to underscore the unanimous consensus amid the public and private sector regarding the demand for delivery services.

From the data, it is imperative to notice the diverse demands of the two sectors. The public sector would prefer low priced commodities as opposed to the high quality commodities. Nevertheless, the private sector embraces the opposite. While considering entering the Middle East market, Falcons should consider availing a wide range of products that will cater for the needs of the two sectors.

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