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Automotive Sales Company and Hotel Collaboration Proposal

Automotive Sales Company is going to cooperate with a new luxury Hotel, providing no less than five different car brands. In this situation, work teams need to get ready for a change and tight cooperation. In order to develop a positive culture within them and ensure that the cases of misunderstanding are minimalized, it is vital for the personnel to be aware of their duties and responsibilities:

  • General manager is to monitor the whole situation in the organization, focusing on daily operations and doing his/her best to ensure that they facilitate the growth of the business (Reh, 2017). Moreover, this professional is to work with other employees and coordinate performance goals set by the leaders. He/she supports the development of tactical programs and ensures delivery and quality of products and services. In addition to that, much attention is paid to reporting of results and strategic planning.
  • Sales manager should focus on planning and budgeting. He/she is to ensure that the sales targets are met, developing strategies and techniques needed for it. The professional should map potential clients and deal with band promotion. Motivating team members, he/she should deliver desired results. In addition to that, he/she is to focus on relationships with clients, improving them constantly.
  • Finance manager is to work with financial information, predicting future trends (Bragg, 2017). In particular, he/she is responsible for its collection, interpretation, and reviewing. This professional should provide advice on how the current condition in the company can be improved and prepare financial reports. He/she should manage a budget, ensuring that the change will not have any critical influence on the organization.
  • Automotive engineer is to deal with automotive design. He/she should develop specifications and calibrate vehicle systems. In addition to that, the professional need to set estimated costs for design alteration or modification. He/she should deal with automotive testing and manage engineering documentation.
  • Workshop manager is to ensure that all team members receive required information about work surroundings and peculiarities. He/she deals with the analysis of current procedures and outlines a range of desired changes. This professional monitors workflow and provides required advice. In addition to that, he/she focuses on relationships with clients.
  • After sales manager is to make everything possible to enhance sales in the future and ensure that customers are satisfied with the obtained services and products. He/she is to establish contact with clients and resolve any occurred issues. The professional has to deal with promotional and marketing campaigns and develop strategies needed to improve customer satisfaction. Focusing on current sales, he/she is to consider the future of the company.

When implementing change in the organization, it is significant to conduct a gap analysis to identify if it is successful. For this purpose, Automotive Sales Company will focus on both revenue and profit (Kesmetis, 2017). Current monthly and annual sales and profit will be calculated in order to compare it with the changes observed after the cooperation with Hotel. Then, the desired goal will be identified so that the gap can be clearly seen. On the basis of this information, professionals will state what actions are to be undertaken to reach the goal through the provision of luxury cars. For instance, attention can be paid to the selection of car brands.

As the organization is going to provide new services and products, the personnel is to deal with new accountabilities to meet performance plans. It is vital to ensure that all of them have those skills that allow them to follow set KPIs:

  • General manager should communicate the peculiarities of the change to the personnel. He/she is to ensure their understanding of the cooperation with Hotel so that each work team facilitates it. The professional should set goals associated with the project for all teams and monitor their performance. In this way, he/she will be sure that appropriate car brands are selected and offered to the client. His/her performance can be assessed when focusing on personnel performance and satisfaction as well as the accomplishment of the project goals.
  • Sales manager is to develop budgeting for the use of luxury cars. He/she should concentrate on Hotel’s characteristics as the major client of the company and identify the price of provided services as well as its possible alterations. This professional should reach particular sales every month and year; in this way, his/her performance can be assessed.
  • Finance manager should gather information about the current financial situation at the company, consider changes associated with new services and make sure that the desired financial goals are achieved. He/she need to analyze data related to Hotel and selected car brands, ensuring that they will not have an adverse effect on the company. The way the budget is managed should be discussed when assessing his/her performance. Expenses are to be minimalized while revenue should increase.
  • Automotive engineer should select car brands for Hotel and test vehicle systems. He/she needs to consider the possibility of necessity to make modifications as well. Repair and associated costs should be discussed.
  • Workshop manager is to make sure that the personnel perform their duties appropriately and successfully cope with new duties. His/her performance can be discussed when focusing on his/her cooperation with the staff.
  • After sales manager should make sure that Hotel is satisfied with provided services and that Automotive Sales Company manages to benefit from their cooperation. He/she is also to think how these achievements can be improved in the future, providing various plans.

Meeting their KPIs, the members of the staff ensure that they will meet organizational goals and make the change successful for the company. However, they may fail to do it if they lack information about the project. Personal resistance to change or unwillingness to cooperate with the work teams may also cause this problem. It is possible that professionals do not have all required knowledge and skills and additional training is needed. This motivation should also be considered (Marr, 2015). In addition to that, they may fail to understand their roles and duties even though they were discussed by the management. In this situation, attention should be paid to communication policy.

At Automotive Sales Company, communication is the main tool of efficient and effective business management (Morley, n.d.). It provides an opportunity to share information, develop positive environment, create good relationships with colleagues and clients, and resolve occurring problems.

When performance issues are notices, corrective actions should be implemented to make sure that the personnel makes alterations and performs its duties appropriately. This procedure starts with a verbal warning that is used in case of minimal issues. Disciplinary meetings and written warnings are also used (“Disciplinary action company policy,” 2018). They are followed by the reduction of benefits, suspension, and termination.

As a general manager, I will do my best to make sure that Automotive Sales Company cooperates with Hotel successfully. Being a role model, I will encourage work teams to shape positive environment based on mutual cooperation and respect. I will meet all targeted goals, showing the personnel that it is possible to follow the plan. Noticing that the staff has issues, I will develop ways to overcome them, supporting them instead of punishing. Available resources will be allocated so that everyone will have equal access to them.


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