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Bahraini Women in the Corporate Ladder Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Jan 19th, 2021

Why do Bahraini women still experience downward gravitation in the corporate ladder? (Pillai, Prasad and Thomas, 2011)

Women in Bahrain develop a downward gravitational in the corporate ladder simply because there are barriers to their progression in careers. There are intrinsic and extrinsic factors that contribute to these barriers. Employees have control to intrinsic factors, but they cannot control extrinsic factors. The practices and policies of the companies are a major barrier to the careers of women. There is need for equal employment opportunities and most companies are discriminative and they employ men. The women face challenges in education and their skills are highly scrutinized before they are promoted to higher responsibilities.

Why is the share of Bahraini women in top decision-making bodies remains low? (Holst and Kirsch, 2015)

The number of women in decision-making bodies remains low in Bahrain because the positions demand high skills and experience and considering there are barriers to education for women, and men are mostly selected to the positions. Furthermore, it becomes complicated for the women to balance their work life and family life. They have lots of roles to play at home and thus the time necessary for them to attain the required education becomes limited. There are employment opportunities for women are less and thus there are issues of gender discrimination when selecting those to feel those positions. The views of women are viewed to be of less importance and thus this is why they have few roles to play in decision-making.

Does the strategy and policy of organizations prevent the progression of Bahraini women?

Strategies and policies in the organizations prevent the progression of Bahrain women since there are reduced employment opportunities for people from across all genders. There are glass ceiling practices whereby the skills and expertise of women are doubted. Organizations should institute policies that can address equal employment opportunities to ensure that even women have an equal opportunity to showcase their skills.

Does the organizational culture prevent the progression of Bahraini women?

Organizational culture entails the way an organization plans its operations. Organizational culture somehow affects the progress of women in Bahrain as most in the management levels are men. Organizational culture addresses the values and beliefs of employees in an organization. In Bahrain, there is a belief that it is difficult for the women to handle work and at the same time take good care of their families. This is the reason there are barriers to their education. The values of women are not equally addressed to those of men.

Do the social culture factors affect the progression of Bahraini women to top leadership?

Social culture factors define how the society perceives the behaviors, thoughts and feelings of those living in the society. In Bahrain, women are perceived to be weak to take high positions in the organization. This is just a perception since women have the same capability like men. There is need for the society to support women for them to progress in their careers since there are barriers to their education, experience and skills.

In your point of view, what do Bahraini Women lack in their personalities to get to top leadership?

According to my views, women in Bahrain have the ability to work in the top leadership but they need to increase their determination and prove this to those who doubt their capability. Women should fight for equal employment opportunities as well as eliminate barriers to education. The women given opportunities in top leadership should work hard to prove the ability of women. They should demonstrate their ability to handle challenges at work as well as deal with family issues. Women have the skills and if they are determined to showcase their skills, then they can get their way to top leadership.

In your point of view, what do Bahraini Women need from the organization in order to be in top management?

The Bahrain women need trust from the organizations they work for to progress to top leadership. If only the organizations trusted the ability of women, they would have offered them equal employment opportunities as men and surely women would strive to make achievements. The women need support from the organizations for them to gain confidence that they have the ability to progress in their careers. If one company selects women into top leadership and they perform, others will follow suit and women will get chances to showcase their skills.

What are the factors that will contribute to improving the circumstance of Bahraini Women in the financial and banking sector?

The circumstances of Bahrain Women in the financial and banking sector can be improved if they get equal employment opportunities in the organizations as this would guarantee them top leadership positions. The women also need to acquire specialized training and education to attain career progression. Furthermore, women should take risks and invest in business. In this way, they will improve their financial status and they will prove the point that they should not be underrated.

From your respected strategic point of view, what is the international practice in the application of the principle of equal opportunities and the integration of women’s needs in the financial and banking sector and how you can benefit from them locally? And do your institution’s strategies ensure equal opportunity practices in their rules and procedures?

The international practice in the employment of equal employment opportunities is still not valid. Women in top leadership in the organizations do not get the necessary support when they make decisions on behalf of others. There need to respect the decisions they make when they are in top management and desist from doubting their capabilities and decisions for change. Though the international practice addresses equal opportunities, the women are victimized and many of them give up since they do not have the strength to fight on. The institution’s strategies facilitate equal opportunities to employment though these strategies are not fully followed. It is important to ensure that we follow strategies to ensure women get equal opportunities and they are lifted to top positions.

What are the criteria and mechanisms of employment and recruitment that your financial / banking institution use? Is it part of your overall strategy?

The financial and banking sector guarantees equal employment opportunities for all to ensure women and men have equal chances to employment and recruitment. This is a good strategy since both genders get the chance to prove their capabilities. This is part of my overall strategy considering that women have acquired more advanced education and training to facilitate good performance.

Could quotas ensure better female representation at board level? (Fuller, 2014)

Quotas do not fully ensure that women are represented in board levels though in some countries quotas are working effectively. Considering that women have roles to play at work and home, some are unable to balance the two. Women have to be given the opportunity to practice their roles and this can be by allowing them to work on part time basis. The women should be allowed to the company boards even when they are taking care of their children. Though they might not have enough concentration to play their roles, when given the time, they can cope with the challenges.

In your opinion, what are the factors that may be possible to improve the position of Bahraini women in the financial and banking sector?

Women in Bahrain have a role to play to ensure they improve their position in the financial and banking sector. It is important for them to engage in business ventures. Though business has its risks, it is important to try and take risks. Furthermore, it is also important to offer support to the women by appreciating their efforts. We need to trust their abilities and assist them in attaining their dreams and career progression.

More women in higher positions can lead to more return for the institutions, contribute more to higher economic growth and can deliver strong institutional and financial performance. How can you justify that?

Women have the will to better the society we live in and having them in high position can help better the economy. Women are known to be understanding and can contribute immensely to the economy through their efforts. They have proper planning mechanisms and they are known to be more effective and patient in their roles. This is the reason women should be given equal opportunities to the top leadership because of their effectiveness. Barriers to education and skills should be eradicated.

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