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Blending Style and Technology Essay


Getting people to wear a technological design is one the greatest hurdles in the design industry. Regardless of how advanced the technology seems to be, many people find it difficult to take that step of adding it into their wardrobe. Customers lack the courage to incorporate technology into the wardrobe. However, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have successfully managed to bridge this gap.

The duo managed to bring on board this technological advancement after teaming up with Intel to create My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA). MICA is arguably one of the most luxurious wearables in the world. This accessory blend technology with elegance by adding accessories that include Snakeskin, 18-karat- gold plating and semiprecious stones. The user has a colorful touch screen that adds the luxurious touch to the entire accessory.

MICA debuted in September 2015 during the OC’s spring production. After the release, the bracelet gained full functionality a while later. One of the aspects that make this bracelet stand out is the fact that it enables the user to connect with others with much ease. For instance, it comes with direct links to Facebook and Gmail notifications. In addition, the users can use it to identify or create their VIP contact list in a much discreet manner. However, Lim notes that the bracelet is not intending to replace the phone technology. Rather, it seeks to enhance communication at a more advanced level.

From early December, the bracelet will be available at New York and L.A outposts. The retailing price will be $495. One can also get the bracelet by selecting some of the Barney locations on these websites, barneys.com and openingceremony.us respectively.

Reflections from the article

In order to advance in the fashion and style industry, it is important to create room for dialogue between the customers and the stakeholders in the industry. The consumers need to have a clear understanding about some of the benefits that come with these technologies. This will bridge the gap between prevailing technological trends and the willing customer.

It is critical to get the right facts before blending style and technology. Right facts enable both the stylists and the manufacturers to respond to questions in the market. The dynamic nature of technology requires players in this industry to put in place measures that will match these changes. Due to this, it is vital to create a platform for generating meaningful views for the purpose of advancement.

It is difficult to venture into this market without forging meaningful partnerships. For instance, My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA) is a product of teamwork. The point to note is that mergers and teamwork are vital for progress and growth.

It is worth to note that any meaningful venture cannot succeed without investing in a clear vision. Successful ventures are keen on prevailing trends within the style industry. It is invaluable to work on the future market trends. One way to achieve success is to create a platform that is consistently working towards developing current trends. MICA is an example of a venture that has come because of vision and innovation. Using advanced technologies, MICA enables the user to get in touch with others around the world without any hassles. The user can communicate with the rest of the world without using the traditional phone. In addition, MICA is a communication accessory that comes with semi precious gemstones. In essence, the trendy wearable is a rare device that blends the technology with style.

Getting the right value is one of the most effective ways of marketing new and technologically advanced products. In essence, value in terms of pricing entails matching technology with the client’s expectations. For instance, MICA comes at an exclusive rate that presents a captivating wireless platform.


Style is one of the most challenging aspects of technology. In order to create an appealing theme and style, it is important to develop partnerships with professional teams. Such partnerships foster creativity and dynamism while dealing with style, as in MICA’s case.

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