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Boffy Company Collaborations Types Essay

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The society has developed sophisticated ways of promoting various activities including trade interactions within and outside a country. Competition among business enterprises has forced many firms to think of various ways of structuring their firms in order to stand high chances of competing effectively with other firms. It should be noted that a successful business relies on the strategies set by the directors and managers through the policies and professional codes that ensure work is done correctly (Horan 2007). In addition, the structures of various organizations help management delegate most of their duties to other staff members. This discussion focuses on Boffy Company and how lateral and vertical collaborations have been used within the organization.

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Boffy Company was founded by Daniel Boffy about fifty years ago on the basis of mastering highly ranked technical skills in the aeronautics and automotive sectors among other demanding industrial products. He later sold the firm to a similar company about ten years ago. The management of this firm is headed by a Board of Directors which acts as surveillance unit on the firm’s activities. Most of the firm’s clients are business people and companies (Todeva 2011). The European Community played a major role of extending the firm’s market to Greece, England, Portugal and Norway. The firm has since adopted vertical and lateral structures in order to achieve the goals and targets set. The Chief Executive Officer and the Chair of the Board occupy the top offices in the firm. They supervise all activities of the Board Members including the Managers and Supervisors of various units. In addition, the firm has various units that foresee the effective running of the firm’s processes. Every department has a manager, assistant manager, foreman and workers.

The roles of these units are grouped into operating, control and pre-strategy levels. The Commercial Department deals with all activities that involve marketing of the company’s products (Todeva 2011). They also carry out market surveys and studies aimed at establishing the best strategies for promoting the firm’s products. The Production Department deals with the study of the evolution of various raw materials in order to improve on the quality of the company’s products. Technology issues are handled by the Maintenance and Repair Department while the Data System Department carries out surveys to adopt the most efficient software and hardware to be used in various sectors of the firm (Todeva 2011). The Quality Survey Department conducts frequent studies on the quality of goods supplied and received to and from the company’s clients respectively. The Accounting and Administration sector is answerable to external auditors who visit the firm on regular basis to audit the firm’s accounts. The firm has three units (aerospace, automotive and general industry) whose departments work in coordination with each other to ensure the objectives and targets set by the firm’s management are met. The firm has various processes that ensure all activities are carried out effectively. They include; commercial, new product or service, production, supplies and raw materials, investment and social processes that are connected and rely on each other for effective running of the firm.


The structuring of various departments in an organization aims at increasing efficiency in production and promotion of accountability by every member. Businesses that have many structures find it easy to manage their affairs compared to those with few structures since it is easy to point out and help departments that are weak.


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