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Bucket-O-Mud Product: Strategic Marketing Plan Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Dec 29th, 2021


The main aim and objective of BOM marketing is to build robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with clients and customers for a long period. This would not only ensure reasonable revenue streams but also make this product more popularly accepted in all places where this enterprise conducts its marketing operations.

Strategic Marketing Planning

One of the major characteristic features regarding BPM is that it is meant for car owners who own their cars and SUVs. One cannot not imagine a situation wherein mud is thrown on a rented, or leased care to give it a rugged and weathered look, which appeals to many people. One of the major facets of BOM is to induce customers to invest in this product in order to facilitate a rugged look of an attractive, well travelled and weather beaten vehicle.

This is in sharp contrast to what car owners expect their cars to be- clean, glossy, spic and span and shining brightly. But BOM disclaims this theory and has launched a product line which states just the opposite- Cars should look dirty and weather beaten – this would give it a rugged and well worn look which many people adore.

Perhaps some of the major aspects that need to be considered regarding BOM is with respect to the fact that pricing would be a major constraint- how much worth this BOM effect would have and is it worth the price paid. This, apparently, is the question that is at the back of most car owners and BOM makers should be in a position to provide a plausible and rational answer.

Although there are no competitors for BOM at the moment, it is quite possible that, seeing the excellent market response for BOM, many entrepreneurs would like to jump into the BOM band wagon and therefore, they would be strong competition during the times to come.

Facets of Marketing Mix

The critical marketing mix aspects that need to be considered with regard to BOM are as follows:

  1. Marketing Mix-Price: Pricing is an important aspect for consumer oriented goods and BOM is no exception. It is a novel and unique product which does have commercial use in terms of preferences of customers. Initially, it is very much necessary to keep BOM price attractive, in order to capture a slice of the market and establish one’s foothold in the market, thereby attracting large number of customers, young and old. Later on, depending on customer responses, this price could be gradually increase to improve the seller’s bottom lines, but not large enough to make the product unpopular.
  2. Marketing Mix: Channels of distribution- This combined with logistic control are also major drivers of business enterprises, in this modern competitive business fields. Thus, direct to retailer outlets would not only reduce costs but also ensure prompt and quick delivery of products on a regular basis. The time factor in business is also an important factor since customers would like their goods to be readily available in the quantities and prices which they prefer, and on their terms and conditionalities. Therefore, it is important that channels need to be two way and should render continuous service to customers. In the event of any failure to properly deal with customer requests and complaints, it is quite possible that this may have adverse repercussions on business since nobody would be willing to trust inefficient and unskilled service locations. Thus, it is important, especially in the beginning years, for BOM to religiously follow best industry practices, and try to get as much foothold in the market as it possible could, in order to carve their own niche market and customers for the future. The servicing of vehicles, especially owner vehicles and SUV, need to be tapped and exploited so that there is no dearth of business and revenue streams in future.
  3. Marketing Mix- Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – This aspect, by any marketing yardstick, forms the raison d’etre of product selling and servicing business, and BOM is no exception to this rule. Through strong and well networked CRM, it is possible for this business to gain deeper access into various markets and establish themselves firmly on the drivers’ seat. CRM breeds customer loyalty and brand preference, which are very much needed for BOM. Only through CRM would it be possible for BOM to become a household name in the country with a highly unique and specialised business approach and marketing strategies that could create good marketing inroads and facilitate a smooth and long term strategic customer base that could be as endearing as profitable.


Bucket O-Mud is a unique and funfilled experience which could be a long term marketable commodity, even in countries like Australia, West Indies and other important destinations of Europe and Asia-Pacific. Once it has firmly established itself as a marketable product there should be no comebacks and the business needs to promote itself as a major owned car automobile strategy for gaining major acclaims. However, aspects like revenue streams, cost controls and the actual process of BOM needs to be carefully analysed and effective strategies and growth plans implemented over time.

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