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Bush Plan on Immigrants Essay

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Updated: Nov 29th, 2021

The issue of immigrants has been a thorny issue for as long as our country has been in existence. While our country has welcomed foreigners mainly from Europe and other regions, it may need to develop a framework that will absorb foreigners in the modern world without jeopardizing its sovereignty and economy. President Bush suggested a plan geared toward solving the immigrant issue permanently. This program was designed to allow foreign workers to work legally in the United States under work visas that could be renewed. According to a study carried out by an MPI research assistant named Julia Gelatt, the annual immigration level stands at about 1.8 million people on average. (Julia)If this trend is not addressed in the right manner, it will cause a crisis shortly. Since the Bush temporary worker program is geared toward solving the immigrant problem once for all, all like-minded Americans should support it.

While some of us may look at the negative side for immigrants, there are still some positive sides. According to research carried out by the Fiscal Policy Institute, immigrants contribute about 20 percent to our economy which is proportional to their population. (Graglia) Looking closely at our economy, it requires many employees that the local job market cannot provide. Many Americans are not even willing to do most of the jobs that foreign workers are ready to take. Moreover, these foreign workers do not demand the high salaries that local people will ask for. To ensure that our goods remain competitive in the global market, we may need to absorb foreign workers that will provide an affordable resource to our industries. This will check the current trend where a good number of our companies are collapsing or relocating to China where production costs are much lower than here. (Graglia)

Since the program seeks to vet all aliens entering our country, it will be bound to increase the security in our country considerably. According to the program, all foreigners entering our country will have to be registered at the point of entry. This will ensure that the government knows who is entering and on what business. By noting when visitors enter and when they leave, there will be no place for terrorists to hide and this will, in turn, increase our security considerably. (Graglia)On top of increasing the security of our beloved country, we will have made an important milestone that other nations will have to pick up. Our country has always been considered to be a pacesetter to the rest of the world. By adopting the Bush worker program, we will be setting an example for the rest of the world. If this program is successful and other nations adopt it, we will have solved one of the long-standing problems of our time unemployment. (Julia)

We also need to face the facts as a country. We can either pretend that millions of immigrants are not crossing our borders or take measures to ensure that this is done legally. Most of them are sincere people who are looking for opportunities in our accommodating environment. We should prove to them that America is a country that believes in people. Instead of criticizing the program, we should be thinking about how it will bring smiles to people’s faces. (Graglia)The program is also commendable in that it has put up measures to encourage foreign workers to return to their homeland after completing their contracts. These include tax measures that would give them an attractive package and retirement benefits in their homeland. Those who wish to settle in the U.S will have to undergo a difficult process that will check their suitability among other things. (Julia)

A time has come when we need to deal with the issue of immigration once and for all. It is obvious that no matter what measures we take, workers will always cross our borders. As a country, we should now be looking for ways to ensure that these foreigners do not tamper with our security. By giving these foreigners a chance to work in America, we will be giving our economy a big boost. This makes the Bush program a viable one that should be supported by all.

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