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Optus Company Business Communication Rhetorical Essay

In every organization communication plays a significant role in determining the level of efficiency in organization’s operations. Communication can be viewed as the process in which one person disseminates or receives message from another. Communication plays a significant role in enhancing an organization to meet its goals.

Effective communication facilitates the coordination of various activities in an organization hence promoting the realization of organizational goals. Through communication, it becomes easier for different stakeholders in an organization to exchange ideas.

In any organization, business communication is important in promoting a service, product or even an organization itself. There are several ways through which an organization can use in communication. These include television, internet, publications, and word of mouth or out door. However, these methods differ in terms of efficiency and effectiveness (Varner 2000).

Octopus is one of these organizations where communication has significantly contributed to its success. Octopus is an Australian company which is involved in the provision of various kinds of communication which includes mobile, business network, international telephony, and internet and business network services.

One of the methods which are used in communication at Optus is face to face communication. This method is mostly used in communication among employees in the organization. According to Locker (2000), this method reveals more information compared to other forms of business communication. Through verbal communication, employees can be able to contradict or even support the ideas of their fellow colleagues.

For instance, employees can easily negotiate on the best decisions which are most feasible with the organization through verbal discussions. The company has also used the method of video conferencing in order to overcome geographical barriers (Optus 2008). This method of communication has also enabled different stakeholders involved in the management of the company to collaborate with others without necessarily having to travel. It makes it possible for the stakeholder to communicate face to face.

Another type of communication applied in the organization is telephone. This type of communication has also played a significant role in promoting the efficiency in the organization’s operations. For instance, the company uses telephone in contacting its customers. One advantage of this method of communication is that the feedback is received instantly.

One of the most effective forms of communication in the company is through the internet and teleconferencing (Anonymous 2011). Octopus has used various methods of communication in its effort to meet its goals. One of the main methods applied in the company is the internet. Through the internet, the organization has managed to expand its market since it can reach a greater number of people despite of their location.

This has helped the company to expand its market. It is also cost effective to use internet as a form of communication (Guffey 2004). This method of communication has significantly helped the company in meeting its targets. For instance, the company wanted to expand its consumer base this year (BusinessWire 2011). This target can be realized only through application of effective communication measures.

In the contemporary world, many people can now access internet from any part of the globe. Therefore, it is advisable for Optus to concentrate in promoting the use of internet by its stakeholders. This will help the company to reach a greater number of people efficiently. It will also contribute in reduction of the overall operations costs hence maximizing the company’s profits.

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