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Business Conceptualizing: Starlight’s Games on Wheels Essay


Business definition, mission statement, product and services specifications

The name of the proposed business is Starlight’s Games on Wheels. This is a comprehensive business that offers video and computer game services. The business will utilize what used to be mobile homes for its new venture. This is a mobile business which aims to capture different categories of customers. The mobile homes will be converted into well established centers for video and computer gaming. The furnishing of the mobile homes will include the addition of screens and couches where customers can comfortably sit and play games. The comfort of the centers is a critical part of this new business.

Video gaming targets children and youths. These are the target customers for the business. There will be two main categories of gaming that will be offered by the business. These are video and computer games for children and video and computer games for youths. The two categories of services are meant to meet the needs of the two categories customers. Mission statements serve as the epicenter of organizational operation. A mission statement defines a business in terms of what it is and what has to be achieved. It is the leading statement for any organization. All activities of the business are centered around the mission. The mission for the business under study is “Provision of superficial comfort and experience through offering high class facilities in video and computer games”.

Assessment of the company’s vision

According to Eden & Ackermann (2000), a vision statement portrays the business in terms of its long term goals. The vision is a projection of the business in terms of the future by basing on the present. The future of any business is dependent on the goals which are set by the company. More often than not, desirable business goals are derived from the vision that is set by a company. The vision of this business is “Offering ecstatic video games services to customers at their convenience and demand”. The issue of convenience as brought out in the vision statement supports the nature of the operation of the business. The company will provide services on a mobile platform. The company aims to keep creating business opportunities by paying respect to the changing demands. The mobile platform of service offering already denotes the appreciation of the changing needs of service offering.

The company seeks to attain growth by centering on two main areas of competitiveness. One of these areas of competitiveness is the quality and diversity of services that are offered by the business. The second aspect of positioning, which is observed by the company, is customer centered activities. This is pointed out in the vision statement of the company. The company aims to gain more customers and thrive into the market by providing services that are adorable to the customers. The company aims to expand its scope of operation by satisfying the demands of the customers which it will gain in its initial stages of operation.

Guiding principles and values for the organization

The principles of operation are critical for any business. They set the standards that are observed in all functional activities of the business. Principles help in differentiating the acceptable from the unacceptable codes of business. Accepted codes of operation are often in line with the mission and vision of the business. Therefore, business principles are often desired as they help to streamline the operations of a business leading it towards meeting its goals and objectives (Eden & Ackermann, 2000). The company will operate basing on a number of core values and principles. The first core principle of the business is customer customer centric approach. This is a corporate principle that aims to help the business to acquire and manage customers effectively. The second principle, which will be embraced by the company, is discipline.

The company aims to offer services that are desirable by customers in a manner that will be adored by the customers. The issue of ethics is captured in this principle. The other value of the business will entail environmental consciousness. In the course of its operation, the company will initiate and implement programs that are aimed at conserving the environment. This principle was set based on the fact that environmental sustainability is the most debated issue in the global corporate agenda. The company will promote the spirit of positive competition through research and creativity. This forms the other principle among the four core principles that have been laid down by the company.

Vision, mission, values and their contribution to the organization’s strategic direction

The strategic direction of a company is attained through the practices which an organization embraces. The practices or activities of an organization are based on the guiding parameters which include the mission, vision, values and principles (Eden & Ackermann, 2000). Starlight’s Games on Wheels has a strong vision and mission which guides it in setting its goals and objectives. The principles and values of the company are equally strong. Their strength is based on the quality of the mission and vision. The vision of the company does not only denote the direction of the company.

It also denotes the targeted nature of achievements that are desired by the company. These achievements have to be met by the company. The four main principles of the company act as the correcting and molding tools for business. All activities that will be conducted by the company must adhere to the principles. The values act as controls or checkpoints to the operations of the company. With the principles in place, the company remains committed to a desired course also known as strategic direction. The company keeps reviewing its operations and adjusting its objectives so as to benefit from the dynamic market.

Customer management and competitive advantage

Customers are the core pillars of the performance of a business. Without the customers, a business cannot thrive in the market (John, 2003). Starlight’s Games on Wheels addresses the needs of its customer needs in different ways. The company operates based on a customer centered model of business. Therefore, at the heart of the operation of the company lies its customers. The company respects the tastes and preferences of its customers by listening to them and understanding their needs and demands. Through adherence to the needs of its customers, the organization has been able to come up with diverse service categories that fit the diverse categories of customers. This proves to work for the advantage of the company in the sense that it expands its categories of service offering. However, this is equally costly for the company. This happens in cases where the company fails to gain a sustainable number of customers for a given category of business offering. Quality of service is most desired by customers. Therefore, high quality of services is also another tactic that is used in giving the company a competitive advantage.


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