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CEO of Dubai World Trade Centre Essay

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The modern business world is extremely competitive, and this is especially true for the Emirati market, where local businesses and global multinationals operate and often compete with each other. At present, companies strive for recruiting (or training and developing) effective leaders who could encourage employees to work hard and achieve organizational objectives. It has been acknowledged that the issues of power are crucial for the sustainable development of an organization and its proper functioning (Rahim, 2015). There are several major sources or bases of power in an organization. These five types of power are referred to as legitimate, referent, expert, coercive, reward power (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2014). Legitimate power is ensured by the leader’s position within the organization.

For instance, a top manager is seen as an employee who exercises a certain power. Expert power is based on the ability of the leader to reveal and employ his/her knowledge. Thus, the person who is experienced and knowledgeable is trusted, and people often follow such leaders. Referent power is associated with charisma as sometimes employees follow their charismatic colleagues, who are seen as (formal or informal) leaders. This type of power is mainly based on the emotional component. Coercive power is associated with autocratic leadership when the leader forces employees to carry out tasks through threats and sanctions.

Finally, reward power is seen as a very effective type of power as employees are encouraged to work harder when they receive rewards. At the same time, each leader chooses or has an opportunity to use certain types of power. It is possible to state that legitimate and expert power can be seen as the most effective, especially in the setting of an Emirati organization. It is possible to consider the way a leader exercises these types of power to evaluate its benefits.

Expert Power

An individual describes managerial power as the possession of influence and authority over other people. Managerial power is a tool, and the way it is used can result in either negative or positive outcomes in a firm or a company. Managerial power from an organization can be derived from different sources, namely; legitimate, reward, referent, coercive, and expert power. This report paper seeks to relate legitimate power and expert power to the CEO of the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) as a leader. Possession of knowledge is normally considered as power. Expert power is gained from having knowledge or special expertise in a given area (Boundless, 2015).

The CEO of DWTC, Helal Saeed ALmarri has gained experiences before taking the lead of DWTC. According to Arabian business (26 March 2008), Helal Saeed has worked as a strategy consultant in Mckinsey & Company, one of the world’s consulting firms. Moreover, he also worked KPMG in London in assurance and transaction services areas for a period of time. He also got his MBA degree from Business School in London and worked as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. (Arabian Business 26 March 2008)

Gaining experience from several types of jobs or careers has made Helal Saeed, the CEO of DWTC, to be the most appropriate leader in hospitality industry. In addition, working as consultant gave him the ability to consult the employees and managers on how to drive the work towards success and avoid any opportunity that can cause loose. Having expert power is a stepping-stone to the other power sources like legitimate power. An individual with expert power in DWTC can receive promotions to senior management like being the CEO, thus acquiring legitimate power from the organization.

Legitimate Power

Legitimate source of power is also referred to as positional power. This power is derived from a person’s position in the hierarchy of an organization (Boundless, 2015). The Dubai World Trade Centre is a centre with the objective of connecting ideas, people, and products from all over the world through its year- round calendar of prestigious international conferences, blockbuster consumer shows and international trade fairs (Dwtc.com, 2015).Helal Saeed Almarri has the position and the rights to lead his career in his own strategy and techniques to achieve the required goal of DWTC. In this centre, the junior workers are expected to report to their managers and give the CEO the power to delegate duties to the senior workforce. For a person to become a CEO of DWTC and exercise the power effectively, he/ she must be regarded to have acquired it legitimately similarly to Helal Saeed.


In conclusion, it is possible to state that legitimate and expert power can be regarded as the most effective types of power. The legitimate power is exercised in terms of the organisational structure and employees do not question the leadership of the person occupying a certain post. Thus, one of the ways to exercise power is to obtain it in a legitimate way through the hiring process or promotion. Helal Saeed ALmarri is the CEO of the company and employees accept his leadership as he has earned the power in a legitimate way. However, it is also clear that legitimate power cannot be enough for efficient leadership, as leaders have to possess some qualities to justify their position.

Expert power is the necessary element that makes employees motivated and encouraged to work hard. Helal Saeed ALmarri is experienced and knowledgeable. He has helped many employees to solve various issues and make teams work effectively and achieve the goals set. Employees appreciate this support and they respect their leader’s opinion. They are also eager to follow a knowledgeable leader who has the vision and who can develop effective strategic plans and implement them. The present example suggests that the two types of power are the most effective. However, this does not mean that other three types should be neglected. It is clear that other types of power can also be utilised in different settings (or by different leaders). However, it is obvious that the basis of effective leadership is the use of legitimate and expert power.


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