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Chronic Disease That Affects Minority Populations Research Paper

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Obesity is one of America’s biggest problems. People in America of the most prominent problems that young and adults, men or women face. In the nutritionist’s point of view, obesity having 20% more of the should be and/or ideal body weight. So, why is obesity considered as a major problem of the Americans? The response can be explained better by the statistics related to obesity.

In America alone, obesity is already considered an epidemic as it has affected, and continuously affecting millions of its populace. The recent statistics reveal that (Middleton, 2006):

  • 58 Million Americans are overweight, 40 Million are considered obese and 3 Million are considered morbidly obese
  • Eight of every 10 Americans are found to be overweight

More so, other studies disclosed that at the start of the millennium (from 2000 to 2001) the rate of obesity has started to gradually increase. In fact, it started from 19.8% and moved higher to 20.9% of the population of American adults. Same studies also prove that among the American adult population, 34% of the people that fall under the ages 20-74 are overweight and 27% are considered obese (CDC, 2002).

Because of this data, there is really a string need for the American people – males or females, young and adults – to be informed of the importance of proper diet and exercise so that the increasing rate of obesity will be gradually stopped. This is also the very reason why students, teachers and everybody should all be interested in knowing how to maintain healthy lifestyle not only for their own benefits but also for the chance of sharing the knowledge to other people.

Obesity and the Emerging Problem

Problems on degenerative diseases has long been affecting the entire US and this is entirely connected with the obesity problems. The table below presents the magnitude of the problem of degenerative diseases in the United States as of 1980 (and this is based on the statistics of 1980 alone, how much more if today’s data will be looked upon?

Hypertension 160/95 or above 22,000,000
Hypertension 140/95 to 160/95 40,000,000
Cardiovascular Diseases Causes 54% of deaths
Heart attacks every year 1,250,000
New Diabetics every year 500,000
Surgery for Gallstones every year 500,000
Cancer Deaths every year 462,000
Rheumatoid Arthritis 2,000,000
Osteoporosis 20,000,000
New Cases with Strokes every year 450,000
Major Degenerative Arthritis (over age 50) 250,000

(Crane, 2002).

There are several factors that contributed to these problems. These are: poor diet and nutrition; sedentary lifestyle; chronic stress; destructive habits; environmental pollution; internal pollution; and genetic expression. The first two reasons have been proven to be the highest factor affecting degenerative health.

With regards to poor diet and nutrition, government and university studies revealed that at least 95% of all Americans have at least one nutrient deficiency in their diet. Most US citizen are dependent on the convenience of gust getting and eating manufactured foods. It should be noted that such manufactured foods do not support good health (2004)..

They do not eat nearly enough vegetables and fruits, and consume an extremely high amount of fat, animal products, and refined carbohydrates such as flour and sugar. These dietary habits cause the body to become both depleted of essential nutrients for proper function, and overloaded with unwanted toxic substances…” (2004).

Meanwhile, talking about lifestyle, the fact that human body is meant to be active most of the time still pushes through. But, statistics show that the average American watches about 6 hours of television per day, has a sedentary job, and does not find time to exercise on a regular basis. The entire nation is more overweight than at any time in its history. Even children are becoming increasingly obese and out of shape. Physical movement and exercise are necessary for the lymphatic system to operate. Cells live in a “sea” of lymph, a clear-to-white fluid through which nutrients are delivered to the cells and into which cells dump their metabolic waste. One of the functions of the lymphatic system is to be the body’s “sewer system”, drawing toxins from the cells and dumping them into the blood. The heart powers the blood system. Body movement powers the lymphatic system. Therefore, metabolic waste products cannot be completely cleared unless you are physically active. A second important reason for exercise is perspiration. The skin is a major outlet for waste products; when you perspire, you are disposing of waste products through the skin. A third benefit of an active lifestyle is to retain muscle mass. Muscle cells are where fat is burned. T he more muscle cells a person has and the stronger he/she is, the more fat he/she burns.


With all facts and figures presented, it can be realized that in order to somewhat prevent more the entire America from burden of obesity thus preventing the American people from the problems brought about by degenerative diseases, it is the people’s responsibility to be conscious enough with the kinds of food to take and the kind of life style to participate with.

Among the most common diseases on today’s time, issues on heart failure surely concern everybody. This is because it is believed that this disease is closely interconnected with other health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, etc. And with this, it is then strongly suggested to understand the importance of maintaining good and proper diet coupled with a healthy lifestyle. That is what all American people, especially the young ones, must do in order to keep themselves away from various degenerative illnesses. And this is also what should be shared with other people, including friends and companions, in the hope that that they too shall pass this along so as to somehow help other people too.

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