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Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Research Paper

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Updated: Jul 30th, 2020

The current project is aimed at the minimization of the adverse outcomes in chronic kidney disease patients. The clinic question is whether the consistent checkups, close monitoring, and nursing interventions improve the outcomes in the CKD patients compared to the patients who are just being evaluated regularly (Jha et al., 2013). The intervention would include high-quality primary care, activity level assessment, heart sounds evaluation, consciousness level monitoring, calm environment, and adequate rest. This will be a descriptive cross-sectional study, and the outcomes will be evaluated simultaneously based on the level of prevalence of chronic kidney disease in the patients.

An independent sample T-test will be used for two groups of patients: the group that is continuously monitored and the other one that merely goes through the regular evaluation. The timeline for this project is 40 days. During this time, the researcher will be able to gain insights into the patients’ progress (if there will be any) and carefully collect the necessary data (Afkarian et al., 2013). The project costs would include administrative costs (such as pharmacy fees), staffing costs (it is imperative to categorize the staff contributing to the study), and, most importantly, patient care costs (this includes the necessary lab tests or procedures that relate to the chronic kidney disease and amenity costs).

National Institute of Nursing Research can be viewed as one of the most credible funding sources for this project. This institution would provide all the necessary resources for the project as its aid is appropriate for any type of investigation. National Institute of Nursing Research is the best option for this project as it offers support and clinical integrity to improve patient care in a short period without requiring numerous expensive and non-recuperating resources.

The interventions would include the observation for emissions from venipuncture spots, hemorrhage, minor injuries, joint distension, or red urine (Etgen, Chonchol, Förstl, & Sander, 2012). Blood loss can arise straightforwardly because of vessel delicateness and transformed thickening functions and may degenerate anemia. Another intervention would comprise the control of fresh blood, packed red blood cells as designated (Jayatilake, Mendis, Maheepala, & Mehta, 2013). It may be needed when patients are characteristic of anemia. The patients from the monitored group would be offered dialysis care which would be utilized to avert hyperkalemia related to stagnant blood.

The outcomes of this study will be evaluated based on the alteration in the patients’ wellbeing of both monitored and control groups. The assessment would take into consideration the initial health conditions and critically estimate the performance of the interventions that were applied (Chandra et al., 2011). The data collection methods would include surveys, interviews, and therapeutic checkups. In its turn, the demographic data would include the age, gender, and race of the patients. It would also be noteworthy to study the patients’ background information and health history to realize the possible complications that would arise in the context of this particular project (Leung, Tonelli, & James, 2012).

The project is expected to uphold cardiac performance within patient’s normal range (which would be demonstrated by blood pressure and heart rate). Another outcome is the peripheral strength of the pulse and an adequate vessel fill-up time. The most important outcome is expected to determine enhancement in laboratory indicators. This project is designed to recognize ways to recompense for mental injury and memory shortages.


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