Gone with the Wind (1939) and Dr. Zhivago (2002)

Introduction Conventionally, movies underscore common issues that touch on the society and thus they share common themes because they present issues that affect people in society. For instance, romance movies integrate several other themes into the romantic scenes, which allow them to focus on other pertinent societal issues such as wealth, violence, and politics among […]

The Concept of Race

Nowadays, it became a commonplace practice among many social scientists to refer to the concept of race, as an essentially social construct. That is, they believe it came into being on the account of representatives of European elites striving to retain their social dominance in the Europe. As Arnesen noted, “One common denominator of most […]

Significance of the veil in Islam

Introduction Wearing of the veil among Muslims has remained a debatable and controversial issue for decades, across the world. Different people have taken varying positions in explaining the origin and significance of the veil, which is a key symbol of identity among Muslim women. This is the case, with some of the people under this […]

The Effects of Slavery on the American Society

During the lead up of the American Civil War, national ideological focus changed to what is known as the slavery debate. This shift was particularly important for a nation that prides itself on the principles of liberty and freedom. This debate over whether the ethical issue concerned with slavery exploitation was protected under the Constitution […]

Analysis of dance

Dance is a form of art that is represented in form of performance in which a person moves rhythmically to some musical tone in order to communicate some latent meaning to the audience.[1] It is a way of exploring the world, understanding its ideas and emotions that are elicited by unique body movement patterns. It […]