African identity Essay

American scholars studying the topic of slavery and in particular African slavery have engaged each other on the issue of African identity. Many of these debates have focused on the ethnological labeling of Africans based on their ethnic identities. One such ethnic grouping that has managed to draw a lot of attention is the Igbo […]

President Obama’s Duties as the American CEO in his Second Term Research Paper

Introduction President Barrack Obama’s swearing in January 2013 marked the beginning of his second and last term as the president of the United States of America. As the president and the chief executive of the United States, President Obama, under the federal constitution, is granted the powers to execute the laws, to appoint key federal […]

Analyses and Model Forms: Computer Sciences Corporation Case Study Report

Executive Summary Liability capping is the major concern to any organization that deals specifically with providing services to people. The staff introducing intangible products could undergo unfair treatment, ambiguity, and conflict situation on the part of the customers whose discontent can lead to a lawsuit. Moreover, it can also threaten the safety and protection of […]

Issues with Carbon Credits in a worldwide economy Research Paper

A carbon credit is a value that has been assigned to reduce carbon emissions, it is an international precaution to control the increase of green houses gases. A carbon credit is equal to one ton of carbon dioxide or any other emitted gas depending on the market rules. Industrial emissions are the major source of […]