The Gym

Introduction The success of any gym depends on the number of members visiting it; the more members a gym has, the more revenue it is likely to generate. This, in return, is determined by how easily people can locate and access the gym. In fact, most people search for gyms which are conveniently located to […]

Corporate Finance

To choose the right project the CEO should consider using the investment appraisal methods that allows the management team of the firm to evaluate a project based on the possible opportunity costs, returns, risks and payback period so as to determine the most suitable from a list of several such projects (Hacura, Hacura and Kocot, […]

The Effectiveness of Public Relations and Relationship Marketing to the Successful Promotion of an International Event

Establishing effective relationships with customers has become the norm and one of the major challenges for both marketing executives as well as public relations officials. As explained by Pecky (1999) the purpose of establishing good relations with the public is primarily for building strong brand image for the company. Most importantly, public relations is effectively […]

Plastic Types

A plastic material is among the extensive collection of artificial or semi-synthetic organic materials that are used in the production of industrial products. Plastic materials are characteristically polymers with high molecular mass. In addition, they may contain additional substances that help them to improve their performance and/or cut down the cost of production. The most […]

The selection process of candidate

Introduction It has also been an opportunity for me to learn various issues surrounding the selection exercise. The selection process involves such issues as job application, short listings and interviews in order to settle down on the right candidate. There are various factors that are considered before settling down on the right candidate as we […]

The 1988 Education Act

After the end of the confessional teachings and indoctrinations period, the 1988 Act era was noted for adopting phenomenology as the period’s watchword. Policy recommendations prior to the enactment of the Act, were further reviewed as increased debate ensued touching on the role of religious education. According to Coleman (1992), a series of problems were […]