Role of Central Bank

Different countries operate their own central bank that controls and monitors operations of commercial banks within their economy; central banks are the custodians of commercial bank. Other than being the sole printer of notes and coins currency of a nation, central banks provide their countries’ currencies with price stability by controlling inflation. To control and intervene in an […]

Intellectual Property and Co-operation in the Workplace

An Introduction Today’s expanding business environment has seen many employers rely heavily on consultants, programmers and specific employees who posses highly specialized training and knowledge. This reliance has exposed employers to a vast nature of intangible and valuable intellectual property to tap from. Intellectual property right is a company’s most important and sensitive asset, which […]

The Effectiveness of Sustainable Practices, Plans, Programs and Initiatives Implemented by Australian Zoo

Executive Summary The paper is devoted to the concept of sustainability and its implementation in the tourism industry. Australian zoos are chosen as a focus for discussion. We are going to consider the sustainable initiatives, programs and plans which exist in the industry, whether they are effective and how they function. The recommendations are going […]


Introduction With the advancement in digital technology, various approaches of digital versions in arts have come up. The condition has made different versions of digital art such as online art fairs and Google art among others readily available to art lovers through different art applications such as smart phones. While a few artefact lovers have […]

Consumer Research Methods Assignment

Executive Summary This research report is based on the information gathered from consumers in London High Street stores such as H&M, Primark, Gap, Topshop and Zara. The London retail shops that form part of the report include West End, Kensington High Street, Covent Garden, Knightsbridge, Bromley, Croyron, Lakeside, Brent Cross, King’s Road and Kingston. Most […]

Information systems: safety of wireless networks

Introduction Wireless network is a common trend that business organizations are adopting with the intent of providing multiple access points to their clients and employees. There are a significant number of operational advantages associated with wireless networks such as eliminating the need to deploy cables for client workstation and hence reducing the costs associated with […]