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Congressman Parker Griffith: A Person to Trust Essay (Critical Writing)

Parker Griffith is a 67-year-old American politician, who raised from a radiation oncologist to one of the most famous Republican members of the United States House of Representatives. He is a retried physician, a small business owner, and an ordinary person, who wants to achieve success and recognition by means of good and thoughtful actions.

Since 2009, he stands for Alabama’s 5th congressional district that involves such counties like Jackson, Madison, Morgan, Limestone, Lawrence, Lauderdale, and Colbert (Feldman, 71). The point is that he was chosen as the district’s representative from the Democratic Party; but on December 22, 2009, Parker Griffith announced that he switched parties because of considerable disagreements with Blue Dog Coalition.

There is a great variety of issues, Parker Griffith stands for and tries to improve. The ideas of small business, questions of immigration, health care problems, and education challenges become the main points of Parker Griffith’s work. He admits that our current educational system requires considerable and fast actions in order to take the leading positions on a global scale.

“I believe the best way to ensure our children are prepared for school and ready to learn is to expand our early childhood education programs to include pre-kindergarten classes” (Griffith, Education). Parker Griffith also supports the ideas to legalize immigration because illegal legislation leads to affecting our health care system, decreasing local economies, and hurting the communities we live in. In general, Griffith’s political positions are regarded as conservative ones.

He cannot support same-sex marriages, and this very issue may antagonize certain groups of people and attract the attention of people with the same preferences. It is not easy to be right in all questions and please all citizens. Parker Griffith is one of those congressmen, who comprehend this truth and tries to weight as many pros and cons of this life as possible to achieve the best results of his campaigns and create a prosperous and successful state.

Sometimes, it is very hard to trust one person and believe that all his/her words are true. In case with Parker Griffith, people may start doubting concerning his unexpected switching of parties and changing own principles. It is useless to spend much time to clear up the reasons of his actions. It is better to concentrate on his actions, his words, and his intentions in order to realize that this is a person, who cares about his native country and about its citizens.

He is not afraid to say that the representatives of the Democratic Party start taking the steps that negatively influence the development of the country. Bills and policies offered by this organization are not good enough to be an integral part of the north Alabama current life. His personal experience and belonging to different spheres of life make him closer to his people and their problems, demands, and wishes.

When a person starts its political career, he/she tries to take into consideration the ideas and needs of people. However, with time, all his/her promises are forgotten. Parker Griffith does not like to give empty promises. He prefers to plan not much but use all the efforts to achieve success and help people. Before a person gives his/her own vote, it is necessary to consider this information about Parker Griffith and makes the right decision.

It is necessary to admit that Parker Griffith is a retired oncologist; this is why all his attempts to improve the health care system have considerable grounds and reasons. This person is really close to the problems and challenges the health care system faces. He as no one else knows what should be done and how it should be done.

He calls Congress for actions to improve the system because the life of American people depends considerably on the correctness of their decisions. Being a member of the Democratic Party and a professional oncologist, Griffith opposes Obama’s health care reforms arguing that “it costs too much, imposes a new tax and fines businesses that don’t provide insurance to employees.” (Soraghan and Gleeson, The Hill).

Of course, a reform may help to improve this life, save the lives of many people, provide poor people with one more chance to get proper treatment. People may be impressed by such ideas and phrases and be eager to support everything to get some benefits. However, there are also people, who realize that it is impossible to change one sphere of life considerably and not to affect the development of other spheres.

Parker Griffith is also known as a small business owner, and his positions in small business allow him to evaluate the situation and clear up the needs of other small business owners (Griffith, Small Business). Taking into account current state of affairs and people’s intentions to improve the health care system, Parker Griffith proclaims that this bill will create more negative outcomes for both patients and doctors. What people know today is not enough to make decisions and improve future.

In spite of the fact that he left Democrats, who did not support the same reform, he continues to develop his opposing ideas from the Republican point of view and proving that this Obama’s reform will be nothing but one more threat for nation. He understands that many people cannot support his position. However, it is always easy to support the President and find people of the same position.

His opposition to Obama’s bill is one more proof that his intentions are pure nationalistic; he cares about our future. Parker Griffith will never betray his people just in order to earn more or get more benefits. If it helps, he opposes the President but proves that even such people are able to make mistakes and that citizens’ wellbeing is more crucial nowadays.

Parker Griffith even switched a party because he could not accept his collaborators’ wrong intentions. He proclaimed that “our nation is at a crossroads and I can no longer align myself with a party that continues to pursue legislation that is bad for our country, hurts our economy, and drives us further and further into debt” (Pergram, FoxNews.com).

His actions before Christmas made many Democrats take the opposing side and do everything possible to mislead all voters, who wanted to accept Parker Griffith. The representatives of the Democratic Party pointed out that he cannot be a real Democrat if he is not able to accept the reality and sacrifice something to achieve more.

If we talk about the endorsements of this congressman, we should first admit the fact that he is still a representative of the Fifth congressional district of Alabama. It means that many people trust him, accept his ideas, and support.

Trust of other people, who know this person and benefit from his actions, should become the evidence number one to pay more attention to his activities and plans. Those people, who want to achieve prosperity and success in their lives, have to be more attentive with their votes and pick out a person, who will take care about them, a person, like Parker Griffith.

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