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Consumerism in the Emirati Society Essay

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Updated: Mar 17th, 2020

What Is Consumerism?

Building an advanced community on a desert-like landscape, the Emirati society has utilized its oil resources to transform its traditional image, which is characterized by not only innovativeness but also a glamorous society. The definition of the term “consumerism” is aligned with the protection of consumer rights.

Consumerism in this context, is defined as the economic and social arrangement that is grounded on an orderly conception nurturing of the need to buy products in big amounts.

In other words, it is the aspiration of an individual or a society to own more than they need. Being a state of mind, consumerism compels an individual to escalate their demands. Because of consumerism, the desires that are unimportant are converted to primary wants. As a result, luxuries are converted into needs.

Causes of Consumerism in the Emirati Society

Like in any other society, in the Emirati one, shelter, security, and sustenance are not only essential but also culturally defined. For this reason, the question of mere survival is not important, because anybody, who merely survives cannot go beyond the acquisition of the attributes of survival. Only the individuals, who cross the mere survival level, are considered to belong to the cultural context of the 3s, a symbol for shelter, security and sustenance.

As a result of this process, mere survival is substituted by decent survival. In the Emirati society, decent survival is attributed to a specific social class. Individuals in this class are defined in terms of their livelihoods. In order to understand the relevance of this definition, one has to belong to a specific class.

It is mainly because of the rise in classes that the purchase of greater amounts of goods has become possible in the Emirati society. Such features as the generous economies, globalization and technological progress have played a major role in the advancement of these groups.

The evolution of the Emirati society in general and its specific classes in particular has resulted to “the-more-you-get-the-more-you-need” trend leading to an emergence of such societies as the Emirati society that is run by its markets. In the UAE, consumerism is characterized by prolonged products and services purchasing habit without any regard for the product’s origin and the individuals’ needs.

Consequences of Consumerism

Consumerism in the Emirati society has impacted students’ ability to pursue education negatively. It has been argued that consumerism is attributed to the isolation and despair, as well as to the unattainable prospect of what products can be delivered to the consumers.

Physicians in Emirati also argue that exhaustion, diseases, and stress are connected to the excessive duty that is driven by the aspiration to consume in an exaggerated manner. There are three main consequences that are closely linked to consumerism. One of them is that individuals tend to abuse other people’s fundamental needs. The devaluation of resources is another consequence of consumerism.

Lastly, since in the specified environment, an individual well tends to consume more, the resulting waste seems to be causing considerable concern. Waste products that come from excessive consumption have resulted in environmental risks, hence, causing environmental degradation and major health issues.


Today, everyone needs living a comfortable life. However, in attaining this comfortable life, people have forgotten that their desire for wellbeing has resulted in the scarcity of resources. One of the major consequences of consumerism is that it has resulted in an abuse of material, therefore, triggering the exhaustion of natural resources.

When the sources used to derive the energy and materials for the delivery of consumable goods and services are exhausted, the resulting negative environmental impact and the economic downfall will pose a major threat to the existence of the humankind. To make things worse, consumerism leads to a sharp increase in costs and prices; therefore, triggering poverty in certain social strata.

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