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Immigrant Experience in “Brooklyn” and “Instructions to All Persons” Books

People have differing reasons as to what may make them relocate from one place to another. Majority of the immigrants arrive at decisions to move to foreign lands in search of better opportunities, in terms of education and better employment terms amongst other reasons. During this process of movement, people have the capacity to transfer […]

Promotional Campaign for A&F

Brand positioning Abercrombie and Fitch is an American apparel seller. It was one of the most successful clothing retailers in the country. However, after the 2007 and 2008 global recession, A&F have been recording dwindling profits for four consecutive years (Hoover’s Inc. 2010). A&F believes that discounts cheapen the brand and cause saturation (Rosenbloom 2009). […]

US Leadership in the Asia-Pacific Region

Asian Democracy Democracy refers to the process through which individuals compete for power and various positions in the government at regular intervals. Thus, democracy implies a political system in which leaders are selected through a fair electoral process. Besides, no major interest group should be excluded in a democratic system. However, the meaning of democracy […]

Guided Reading Program

Introduction The purpose of the research paper will be to investigate the different theoretical frameworks and research that exists on guided reading programs and how this new practice of learning is important in early education. The research paper will also focus on the different levels of instruction that were used before guided reading programs were […]

Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Presenting Problems in Psychological Perspectives Psychodynamic Approach People have different personalities, and it is impossible to force them all to behave in similar ways. However, it is important to ensure that their behaviors promote positive personality development and enable them to achieve physical, mental, and emotional health. They may face similar challenges, and even though […]

Mafraq Hospital

Introduction Mafraq hospital was open in 1983 and is located in united Arab. Mafraq hospital provides services like medicine, obstetrics, paediatrics, as well as surgical and critical services. In addition, Mafraq hospital also provides training of physicians and nurses. Mafraq hospital has been awarded for its quality services provided to its customers thus is the […]

The Role of Alexander Hamilton in Federal Governments in the United States of America

What is the most significant part of Hamilton’s argument in Federalist 70? Why does Hamilton argue in favour of a single executive? Are the comparisons Hamilton makes to the Roman warranted? Alexander Hamilton is considered as the founder of principles that govern Federal Governments in the United States of America and thus the true architect […]

Technological Development in the Healthcare Industry

Introduction Technological development is the greatest trigger of the changes that are being witnessed in the healthcare industry today. Advancement in technology has influenced the manufacture, distribution, and even administration of healthcare equipments and medicine. Professional and academic requirements for healthcare practitioners are also dependent on the current technology. The medical world is now full […]

Withstanding the Challenge of Transnational Network in the System of Education

Introduction: Back to Where It All Started In the course of the past few decades, people have been trying to make the distance between states and cultures as less noticeable as possible; an obvious result of globalization, the given phenomenon has also touched upon the specifics of the British education. In the 7th Chapter of […]

Organization as a Learning Organization

Introduction Majority of the organizations have acknowledge the imperative of organizational learning and the concept of a learning organization has been the fundamental orienting summit in this. Researchers have tried to recognize the superlative forms that authentic organizations could try to imitate. This means that learning organization is an ideal, towards which organizations require to […]


Introduction Humour has been defined as a form of assembling behaviour and regularities in a society to make people laugh. Humour has been said to constitute two opposing realities. The social diversity between different people is a key indicator of what to be considered humorous. There many situations which generate humour to different individuals depending […]

Autism in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Educators and other educational staff are facing increasing challenges of planning and employing efficient education programs for all the students including those with mental problems like autism. Recent research has presented excellent materials that have been collected by teachers and other supporters of children with autism, together with their families. Because of the amount […]

Identity and Diaspora

Introduction Identity is marked out by differences in the surrounding or context within which an individual or thing is found. Differences are what make an individual or a group of people identifiable or definable. The identity of a person and what he uses, his culture and language are closely connected. Language and culture act as […]

Redefining Self in Whitman’s Poem “Song of Myself”, Thoreau’s “Walden” and Emerson’s “Nature”

Whitman’s concept of the self as illustrated in the poem Song of Myself is radically different from what Thoreau and Emerson envisioned in their works, Walden and Nature respectively. Whitman advocates for conformity while Thoreau and Emerson subscribe to individualism. For Whitman, the self should be unified with other selves and nature as well, a […]

The Hudson’s Bay Company and the Northwest Fur Trade

Introduction: Hudson’s Bay Company Profile The Hudson’s Bay Company presently operates retail stores throughout Canada and although the company is currently American owned, it takes part in a significant portion of Canadian history and has had a paramount role in the establishment of a European presence in North America. The Hudson’s Bay Company was initially […]

The War of 1812

The War of 1812 was fought between the United States of America and the provinces of the British North America, especially the Upper Canada (Ontario), Lower Canada (Quebec), New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton Island and Bermuda. It took place between 1812 and 1815 and was staged mainly at the Atlantic […]

Modernism – Yeats, Eliot, and Wolf

Introduction Literacy modernism was adopted in the early 20th century when modernist writers adopted a new form of writing. Unlike in the traditional writings where writers could narrate their messages directly to the readers, modernists brought some sense of self-consciousness and imagery in their writings (Lewis The Cambridge 39). In the modernism literacy, readers are […]

Screw Compressor

Screw compressors are some type of gas compressors that use two interlocking screws to capture and compress gas. Screw compressors are of two types, the dry running screw compressor, and the oil-flooded screw compressor. Lubricating oil is used in the oil-flooded compressor to facilitate the screwing process. The oil also provides a hydraulic seal that […]

History of Linux

Abstract Linux is perhaps the most explored operating system in terms of development. After the invention of the first Linux kernel by Linus Torvalds, developers have been modifying this UNIX-based kernel to produce operating systems with more functionalities and stability. One of the main factors that make Linux development interesting is the fact that Linux […]

“Success international”. Writing effective reports: Progress report

Purpose statement Success international has been producing papers they used for documents and distributed in the office, its customers, and its other business partners. Due to the expansion in the company where it increased the number of its employees thereby getting more customers, the company’s demand of paper and other supplies went up increasing the […]

Target Market Analysis for Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism

Introduction The hospitality and tourism industry is a very fragile industry in terms of attracting and retaining its customers. With the rise and advancement of modernization, pleasure markets are expanding significantly, since are frequently moving from one region to another on in their leisure times. By considering the specific needs and requirements of their target […]