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In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

Non-fiction novel is a story about real people and real events, set forth using the dramatic techniques inherent in the book. The founder of this genre is considered the American writer Truman Capote, who in 1965 wrote the first report in the form of the novel In Cold Blood. The author defined his work as […]

The Conflict between Behaviourism and Rationalism in Linguistics

Introduction Linguistics and other scholars regard language as a distinct phenomenon in the society. Language contains collective implications that enhance the worth of the collaboration between individuals. It encompasses a social philosophy that is identical among individuals in the society. In language, collective ‘hums’ and meanings are accustomed to precise collective emotions and thoughts. As […]

Qatar Airways Ltd. Plans to Invest in California’s Byogy Renewables Inc.

Introduction Stringent competition in numerous industries forces most organizations to create new business plans in order to enhance their competitiveness. This helps them to stay afloat in the market while attaining considerable market presence. Evidently, this is an important phenomenon as shown by the Qatar Airways Ltd.’s intent to invest in Byogy Renewables Inc. The […]

Value and need as organizing factors in perception

Throughout the entire history of contemporary psychology, perception has not been given a fair definition. This has persisted until today. Throughout this period, it has always been assumed that the perceiver is a passive recording device. Moreover, the perceiver has an extremely complicated design. Such type of vitro psychology has been deficient for failing to […]

TRIP Policies and Regulations

The development of businesses and corporations worldwide has created a market that is property and rights oriented. There is a lot of scheming and fraud that governments and private companies have to develop protection for, in a form of copyrights and patents. Not only are there ownership rights for products and physical property but also, […]

Effects of the Indigenous Movements to the Politics of Modern Latin America

Introduction The twentieth and the twenty-first centuries have been characterized by the emergence of indigenous movements in Latin America. Analysts and scholars have been engaging in thorough research to establish the real identity of these groups due to their demands. These groups refuse to be included in the existing political and economic discourses, something that […]

Leadership Philosophy and Profile

Introduction There are several theories on leadership that seek to determine how leaders behave, and why they behave in such a manner. The situational theory of leadership and the Leader-Member Exchange theory of leadership are among the two main leadership philosophies that explain the situation in detail. While situational theory of leadership explains how managers […]

Green Energy Brand Strategy

Literature review The global move towards changing the global automotive industry through the incorporation of the Electric Vehicles (EVs) has forced China to embrace new ways of advancing its automotive technology (Neve 2014). China is seeing the chance of developing the electric vehicles as a technological advancement that will place the nation on the global […]

The US Mexico Border Problem

Introduction Koslowski (2009) observed that one unresolved question among the scholars of international relations revolves around the increase in cross-border migration and the resultant impacts on national and international security. The threat of migration and human mobility has become real and is closely linked to the broadening issue of cross-national security across the globe. The […]

Tesco Company

Introduction Tesco PLC (or “Tesco”) is an international retailer. Based in the United Kingdom, where it is the leader in the grocery retailing, the company is considered to be world’s third largest retailer in terms of gross sales. The company was originally a UK-focused retailer that specialised n food and drink but eventually it has […]

Competitors of MLL Hotels Group

Introduction The MLL hotels are located in many parts of the world. Mallorca is one of the popular destinations of many travelers, and the MLL hotel chain has several hotels on the island. There are 2-, 3- and 4-star hotels (Welcome to MLL hotels in Majorca, 2015). It is possible to implement a SWOT analysis […]

The meta-analyses of volunteer tutoring programmes

Introduction The falling standards of education in American public schools have increased demands for accountability and performances in schools. Consequently, school administrators evaluate ways of improving academic performances, such as tutoring programmes. There are a number of tutoring programmes like peer, volunteer, one-on-one and cross-age tutoring. There have been growing evidences with regard to volunteer […]

States regulatory response to the current financial crisis

Introduction The current economic crisis, commonly referred to as the Global Financial Crisis, continues to affect billions of people in the world. With various leaders engaging all their efforts to salvage the situation, it is doubtless that the crisis has significantly impacted the world economy negatively. It has arguably been considered by analysts as the […]

Theoretical Analysis: Two-level Game within the United States and the European Union Relations

The conception of two-level relations was developed by Robert Putnam. This political model includes the international conflicts resolution between liberal democracies and, obviously, is still useful in understanding the European Union’s relations with the United States. The historic relations of the Unites States and the European Union are based on the common idea of the […]

Article Overview: “Viewing and avoidance of Al Jazeera 24 hour satellite television channel” by Jamal, A., & Melkot, S. R.

Abstract This paper provides a brief overview of the article on Viewing and avoidance of Al –Jazeera 24 hour satellite television channel. It goes further to discuss the article in relation to the theory of uses and gratification. The article relates with the article in that the article illustrates the different ways in which Al-Jazeera […]

Leadership: Alan Keith

Abstract Exemplary leadership in organizations is an important ingredient if success is to be realized. In this regard, it is crucial to note that different leadership styles influence the manner in which organizations are run on a daily basis. In other words, success level of any organisation or company is gauged by the leadership structure […]

Tempered Radicals

The concept “tempered radicals” as discussed in the article entitled Radical Change; the Quiet Way has been used to denote change agents or corporate professionals who work toward achieving effective changes in organizations (Meyerson 2001, p. 92). Such change agents often take radical measures that are risky. From a careful review of literature, one can […]

Solar Energy Business

The scope of issues that modern day businesses deal with stretch further than purely the exchange of goods and services. Tecck Industries recognizes that operating in today’s business climate requires a wider understanding of societal issues way beyond the basics of prudent business management. There are values and ethical considerations to make. There are also […]

Role of Women Until 1500

Women have in the present day been accredited with playing a pivotal role in the building of our nation. This task did not begin in the recent years but can trace its beginning as far back as the advent of time where the traditional role of women was mainly to serve their male counterparts. Prior […]