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Organizational Effectiveness of Siemens

Multiple Cause Diagram Showing Factors Creating a High Performance Culture The main issues that come out as the central drivers of the high performance culture at Siemens are the setting of team and individual targets, promotion of people excellence, talent management, and performance management. High Performance Culture at Siemens Setting of team and individual targets […]

Finke and Stark’s Vision of ‘Winners’ and ‘Losers’

The history of the American church is closely connected with the history of the country. The first colonialists at the American lands intended to liberate themselves in the religious visions as well as in relation to their political situation and economic state. Thus, the situation changed, and the mainline denominations could not satisfy the people’s […]

A Call to Legalize Abortion

Introduction Unsafe abortion is a worldwide phenomenon that has existed throughout recorded history, but only a few governments have instituted policy frameworks to address this problem which is seen as a significant cause of maternal mortality and morbidity at a global level (Puri et al., 2012). However, despite the sustained absence of abortion in serious […]

Assessing the Challenges in Treating Substance Abuse among members of Hispanic Families

Adequate family functioning and dynamics has a vital role in shaping self-image and identity among the members of the family. However, the actual social functioning depends largely on cultural and ethnic background, family structure, sociological and psychological factors that vary significantly from one community to another (Smith & Stevens, 2013). In this respect, high level […]

Cable TV provider

Introduction Uniqueness of products and services determines to a larger extent its success within the market. Uniqueness in terms of competition makes cable TV providers be more recognized in the market. There is a need for the provider to canvass all other cable TV companies and identify their features, services and other important information required. […]