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Alaya Bruce studied at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA, with average GPA 3.53 out of 4.0.

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

The Glass Menagerie is a beautiful and appealing play written by Tennessee Williams in 1944. The story provides an insight into one unhappy family, in which each member feels lonely and wasted upon. Among the main topics involved are the beauty and its vulnerability, the balance between social obligations and personal freedom, parental authority, memories […]

Globalization and Its Effects on Businesses

Introduction Due to easy availability of substitutes for most commodities and the increasing number of firms, competition has stiffened as firms try to outdo each other. It is, therefore, the aim of each firm to try and enhance its market share as well as increasing the demand for its goods, so as to increase the […]

Usury and Ethics

Historically, usury has been thought of as being unethical. The people who practiced usury were shunned by society as they were seen as greedy. Historical hatred towards usury is also well documented by Shakespeare in his book “The Merchant of Venice” where Shylock, a Jew who practices usury, is loathed by the members of the […]

“Deathtrap” by Ira Levin: What Lurks in the Background

When comedy is mixed with a detective story and the elements of a thriller are added to the recipe, taking the eyes off the highlight of the show and looking closer into the settings is practically impossible. However, it cannot be argued that these settings add considerably to the characters and their development, the storyline […]

Benefits of Employee Motivation

Introduction One may wonder why organizations take their time to come up with employee motivation strategies, but the objective is to retain the employees. Employees are a vital asset of any organization and if they fail to commit themselves to organizational goals, it means that the organization does not offer them some incentives. A study […]

Technology Intervention or Change in the Walt Disney Company

Introduction Literature on organizational change is full of researches demonstrating how technology leads to change within organizations . It can be safely said that when new technology is infused in the organizations, it allows creation of new forms of management within organizations. In this light of research, this paper tries to undertake a case study […]

Modern Problems and Opportunities in our Society

Introduction In modern society, people are facing serious problems that have impacted negatively on their lives. These problems are social, economic or political problems (Davis, 2004). These problems have led to the deteriorating development in many countries of the world. The situation is severe in third world countries. The problems have caused immense suffering to […]

Education Studies: Research Design

Introduction Most people assume that their own views of the world are logically consistent. In this regard, human aspirations create a mutual cooperation between scientific and worldview theories. Towards this, subjectivists’ perspective of the reality focuses on the significance of understanding the process through which people fix their relationship to the world. The research strategies […]

Cultural Linguistic Autobiography

I came from a family that spoke only Spanish and, therefore, Spanish was the only language that I grew up speaking. However, many of my family members can now communicate in a second language. I am Hispanic, and my country of origin is the Dominican Republic. I have had no experience in K-12 schools, in […]

Person-centered Approach vs. Cognitive-Behavioral Approach

Abstract The person-centered and cognitive-behavioral theories are common models in counseling and psychotherapy. The two approaches have different theoretical underpinnings and thus, have distinct uses in therapy. Moreover, a number of factors, such as the client’s age and the setting of the therapy, determine their efficacy and application. However, both theories lead an individual through […]

Professional Development and Teaching

Introduction Professional development is an integral part of teaching and use of technology has been proposed as a plan for overall improvement of performances of students. Use of technology plays a propelling role to make sure that professional development is regarded as an integral element in using technology to better teach and effect learning. All […]

“The Sense of Anti Rationalism” by Carr Karen and Philip Ivanhoe

Anti-rationalism is a principle supported by most people who disagree with the idea of religion. In a nutshell, The Sense of Antirationalsm is an exemplary work of literature that gives the study of comparative religious studies a new approach. This book compares the philosophy of religion with competing traditions to promote the notion of Antirationalsm. […]

The Alibaba Company’s Strategy

Introduction A strategy direction is an overall plan for deploying organizational resources with a view of establishing a favorable business position. It shows a company’s awareness of its competitors. Attracting and retaining customers is the ultimate goal of strategic management in the achievement of economies of scale. A number of factors that include the company’s […]

Asian Philosophy: Concept of Samsara

Introduction Eastern religious philosophy is regarded as the oldest and most advanced in the world. The major philosophies of Buddhism, Confucian and Daoism have influenced the oriental civilization for centuries. This philosophies purport to offer answers to the great questions of life and death. By following them, people can understand life and death better and […]

ACME Mexico ISM Plan

Introduction In the present-day world of informational society, knowledge management seems to have become an integral part of the mechanism of any organization. By analyzing the existing information sources and delivering accurate data on time, a company is able to use the data in question to its advantage and improve its performance impressively. However, information […]

The Importance of Organizational Culture

Introduction Organizational culture is an important aspect of achieving organizational success. Every manager should strive to develop an organizational culture that will facilitate easy transformation of the organization through change embracement y employees. However, managers face challenges such as change resistance by employees. Resistance to change is caused by fear of learning new skills, fear […]

The Main Distinctions of Popular Culture and Its Growth

Introduction Such a phenomenon as popular culture is regarded by many scholars as a mass-marketed phenomenon that is essentially a product of capitalist development (Rhodes & Westwood 2008, p. 7). Moreover, this concept often has negative connotations and it is often used as a reference to something rather primitive and populist. This paper will discuss […]

US National Security Policy

Topic What are the challenges USA faces when developing a coherent US National Security Policy inside the four-year presidential cycle and the failing role of ‘think-tanks’ in National Security Policies affect national policy-making? Hypothesis/Thesis The working thesis statement for this research is that, numerous challenges have been witnessed when developing National Security Policies and the […]

A Qualitative Research Survey on Why People Leave Online Studies

Methodology The rationale for this research design is to provide insight into the method used for refining a theoretical explanation that makes the theory more general and applicable across a wide spectrum based on Creswell’s (2002) definition. Creswell’s (2002) multipronged theoretical proposition provides a framework for inquiring into theoretical questions, issues, or problems associated with […]

Why Study Public Administration?

Public administration is an academic discipline that deals with the implementation of public policy by government workers. It also involves management of programs in the public framework. It operates by managing every arm of public service in the central government, states and regional levels. Therefore, it contributes to shaping the future of a state. Kettl […]

Strategic Change Management: KPMG

Executive Summary KPMG is an auditing and advisory firm that has its headquarters in the United States. The firm operates in 152 countries and has over 142,000 employees spread across these countries. Strategic change has been one of the major factors that this firm has had to consider. The market is highly dynamic and firms […]

Chinese History

The period from the Qin dynasty to the end of Qing dynasty is known as imperial china. This period began in 221 B.C. The first empire was the Qin dynasty followed by the Han dynasty. Though Qin dynasty failed after a shorter period, to some extent it contributed to the prosperity of the Han Chinese. […]

Global Economy: Fiscal Policy in Australia

Fiscal Policy Fiscal policy refers to “the government spending policies that influence macroeconomic conditions” (Mankiw, 2002, p. 89). Such polices have a direct impact on tax rates, interest rates as well as government expenditure. The two instruments used in the implementation of fiscal policy include taxation and government expenditure. The use of the two instruments […]

Strategic Management Case Study-CISCO

Introduction CISCO is a multinational company based in the United States of America that majorly specializes in designing and selling electronic commodities, networking devices, voice as well as communication and technology services. CISCO was founded in the year 1984 by Leonard Bosack and Sandra Lerner both computer scientists of Stanford university. At that time, Stanford […]

Management of Hepatitis B virus infection

Introduction Chronic hepatitis B virus infection has been proved a usual source of death link to liver failure, cirrhosis and liver cancer. Internationally, more than 345 million individuals have chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) with more than 619,000 individuals dying each year from hepatitis B virus associated liver illness. Vaccination for HBV is greatly efficient […]

A Miracle as an Extraordinary Happening Occurring in the Physical World

A miracle is an event that violates natural laws and happens in the physical world. A miracle, therefore, is an extraordinary happening occurring in the physical world that surpasses the natural capabilities and powers known to human beings. Therefore, a miracle is an event that surpasses human understanding, lacks empirical evidence on its cause, which […]

Prada Fashion Sense and Christian Dior Fashion Sense

Fashion is a general term that that refers to the style in clothes, shoes, jewelry, and handbags among others. Essentially, fashion is a tool of communication because it tells others about us, and thus we are addressed according to our dressing. Prada and Christian fashion are two distinctive fashion houses. This paper focuses on their […]

Born Red: A Chronicle of the Cultural Revolution

Introduction Born Red: A Chronicle of the Cultural Revolution is a memoir written by Yuan Gao. This memoir captures events which surrounded the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) in China. This revolution has been a subject of many scholarly works especially in the political field. In this memoir, Gao presents the reality of life during […]

Freedom of Speech

Introduction Freedom of speech is the freedom that citizens are constitutionally granted by their country to allow the citizens to speak without limitations or censorship of what they say. This freedom varies from country to country depending on levels of democracy and political situations. Freedom of speech is always advocated for and governments urged to […]