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Car Manufacturing Industry: Porsche

Porsche’s strategy and brief financial assessment Car manufacturing industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Besides the large amount of capital investment required, the industry is also characterized by high level of engineering expertise. Therefore, car manufacturing companies have to incorporate lots of technology to compete favorably in the industry. Regulations […]

Education Policy and Crime Reduction: USA/Africa Comparability Study

Abstract Educating prisoners and perpetuating an education policy that reduces unemployment reduces crime in societies. This has been the trend the world over and its application in developing countries is likely to have a major impact. Although different cultures may present different approaches, this paper finds that the core concept is widely applicable. The researcher […]

The Mystery Genre

The mystery fiction attracts many readers because of the plot richness and strong emotions evoked while reading mystery stories. The vividness of a mystery story and the effectiveness of unexpected finales depend on the author’s talent. The prominent masters of the American mystery fiction are Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and Flannery O’Connor. Dashiell Hammett is […]

Business Insourcing

Business Insourcing In the business world, it is critical to make strategic human resource decisions that substitutes outsourcing of labor. Reflectively, in-sourcing is the process of adding or building new units within a business with an intention of importing or using local labor that could have been outsourced. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to explicitly […]

Teaching Course about Excretion in Animals

Introduction Organized teaching strategies are featured by credible learning tools to facilitate effective perception. We can attribute the attainment of knowledge to proper instructional design. One key and fundamental component of these designs involves the establishment of a course outline. Consequently, this project targets on establishing an effective outline to guide the teaching of a […]

Depression and Workplace Violence

Abstract Workplace violence is a growing social problem that has many negative consequences. The workplace can provide an atmosphere of both physical violence and verbal aggression. A perceived violence climate can be reduced if the management exercises control and provides ways to eliminate violence and verbal aggression. This can be done with the institution of […]

Information Technologies Strategy

Introduction The use of information technologies is important for the sustainable work of modern companies that may differ in terms of size, structure, profitability, operations, products, and so forth (Tallon 2007). In turn, it is necessary to explain how various businesses develop IT strategies. Moreover, it is important to discuss the policies adopted by such […]

Daocism Tradition

Daoism takes its origins in China; however, nowadays, this religious and philosophical tradition has several regional peculiarities. In part, this tendency can be explained by cultural, political, and social development of different Asian countries. The readings that will be discussed in this paper illustrate the diversity of this movement and their importance for different cultures. […]

The Constitution of Medina

The central argument in the Medina constitution is the establishment and advancement of pluralism. Against the current Muslim ideologies that discourage pluralism, the Medina constitution is one of the evidences indicating that early Muslims were democratic and embraced pluralism. The pluralistic ideals are spelt out in almost every chapter in the Medina constitution. The constitution […]

The employee turnover and the long-term survival of an organisation

Background to the study In the current global market, organisations are facing numerous challenges emanating from the internal and the external business environments. One of the challenges relates to intense competition (Marimuthu, Arokiasamy & Ismail 2009). Such internal and external pressures can adversely affect the success of an organisation (Deb 2006). Consequently, it is imperative […]

Anaphor agreement effect

Introduction In the article, the author seeks to enhance the understanding of anaphor agreement effect. It seeks to demystify the prevalent knowledge and general understanding among linguists that anaphors are syntactically positioned and that they happen in harmony with their linguistic agreement. Using the premise of argument marking, the author explains that case and agreement […]

Similarities and differences between film and articles

“The pirates of Caribbean: dead man’s chest” is an intriguing film that highlights the theme of supernatural. Directed by Gore Verbinski, the film describes the struggles that people undergo to achieve a personal goal. While Julia Kristeva’s essay, “something to be scared of”, highlights desire as a major anticipation of human beings. Kristeva uses three […]

Advertising Theory and Practise

“…ethics and social responsibility can be seen as the moral obligation of the advertisers not to violate our basic economic assumptions, even when there is no legal obligation” (Arens, Weigold and Arens, 2011, p. 76) There exists a tendency in the contemporary world to blame advertising for many social evils ranging from low public manners […]

Theme of Survival in The Painted Bird, The Death of Dolgushov, and Slumdog Millionaire

According to Hal Lindsey: “Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope”. The reading of Jerzy Kosinski’s novel The Painted Bird (which tells the ‘survivalist’ story, on the part of a Jewish boy, stuck in Eastern Europe during […]

Economy Policy in UK

A policy is best defined as an alternative course of action that is typically followed for its expediency or merits in material nature (MacDonald 680). When circumvented in a political sense, public policy refers to a concept, most often a documented plan in which a government or a political union reaches at choices, action plans, […]

HR Managers’ Effectiveness

Introduction Internationalization and globalization has created challenges for human resource practitioners worldwide. Human resource management is a fundamental concept in management of organizations and businesses. All businesses should have a human capital department if they are to develop. However, due to globalization and internationalization, workers from different cultures meet, and this presents a challenge (Jackson, […]

Management vs. Leadership

Introduction Economists and other successful business people make it clear that the success of any organization or company is totally dependent on its management, as well as the type of leaders and leadership styles that are involved in running day to day activities. It has been revealed that organizations that have principled leaders and effective […]

Effects of the social, economic and technological change on marriage

In the past decades, the marriage institution has transformed due to the social, economic and technological changes that have resulted to major changes; in population of the married people and their ages, the number of children in a family, the number of the unmarried adults, division of responsibility in household especially the role played by […]