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Alexia Harrell studied at Northeastern University, USA, with average GPA 3.51 out of 4.0.

Racism and Sexism Ethical Problem

Racism and sexism can exist without people actually expressing particular personal behaviors that would depict them as racist or sexist persons. An important point brought out by this declaration is that people can propagate discrimination along with the race or sex perspectives without harboring intentions for discrimination or dislike for the race or sex that […]

Peer Assessment and Productivity of Low Achieving Students

Introduction Addressing the reading issues that low ability students face during a reading class is an essential step towards increasing the academic potential of the students in question. The class selected for the intervention, included a group of thirteen seventh-grade low-ability students. It should be noted that the class consisted of twenty people. Among the […]

Walmart in Africa

Walmart’s Growth and International Experience Globalization has become an important strategy for firms to expand their operations. Normally, businesses go global to either escape from threats in their domicile locations or to take advantage of opportunities in the global markets. Walmart is one company that internationalized its operations due to threats in the local market […]

An Investigation of Green Roofs to Mitigate Air Pollution with Special Reference to Tehran, Iran

Abstract Many inquiries done into the use of green roofs as pollution control technologies have shown significant relationship between green roofs and pollution control. This inquiry focuses on the use of green roofs to mitigate air pollution when retrofitted to conventional roofs on any building in many parts of the world today. The paper draws […]

“Procter & Gamble: Always Russia” Article

Introduction Founded in 1837 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Procter & Gamble is undeniably one of the global leading consumer products companies, having an estimated 300 brands and doing business in over 140 countries worldwide going by figures released in 1997 (Arnold 4). This paper attempts to analyze P&G’s operations in Russia in regards to the sale, […]

Pricing Strategies of Zara

Introduction Zara is an apparel chain store that operates globally with a majority of its stores situated in Spain. The chain store has been on the front line in the fast fashion industry setting the pace for its major competitors such as Topshop, Benetton and Mango. With its more than 19,000 designs per year and […]

The Incident Command System: High-Reliability Organizing Tasks

The ICS or incident command system must have the following main aspects: unity of command, common terminology, management by objectives, modular organization span of control. Before anything else is done in a natural disaster rescue operation, the ICS or incident command system requires that there should be a unity of command, where each participating unit, […]

A Nurse-Led Email Reminder Program

The responsibilities of the registered nurses include a wide variety of activities among which there are the performance of physical exams, the management of health histories, the administration of medications, the collaboration with other medical professionals, the interactions with the patients concerning their knowledge of their diseases and conditions (American Nurse Association, n. d.). When […]

Getting Involved: Why people take part in social movements

People who are interested in politics can engage in movements as sympathizers, elders, and contributors. There are several reasons why people take part in social movements. For instance, some people advocate for women’s rights and the guidelines protecting consumers as well as environment, urge for the termination of lynching, demand for the right of union’s […]

Daguerreotype and Cyanotype

Statement of purpose The history of photography cannot be complete without the analysis of the efforts of Daguerre and Herschel, the men behind the processes that revolutionized photography in the mid 19th century. These processes are daguerreotype and cyanotype. This paper on photography will focus on the Daguerreotype and Cyanotype process in terms of the […]

MGM Resorts International Company

Background of the Company The MGM Resorts International Company is among the most respected in the world and has significant holdings in gaming, hospitality and entertainment (MGM International Resorts par. 1). The organization owns 17 properties which are located in Nevada, New Jersey, Michigan and Mississippi. It also has 50% investment in four other ventures […]

The Weeders By Breton And Women Picking Olives By Van Gogh

The two paintings under consideration, Van Gogh’s Women Picking Olives, and Breton’s The Weeders, have much in common, despite choosing dramatically different techniques, reflecting a change of approach, but achieving equally lovingly appreciative results. These works, roughly 20 years apart in time of creation, are similar in that they portray women engaged in agricultural labor, […]

Financial Analysis of a new Indoor Theme Park Project

Executive Summary Project Management is an activity that needs careful planning and execution as a precursor of meeting set out goals. This essay looks into a project whereby a theme park is being developed under the supervision of a project manager. The project has experienced some problems is now behind schedule since the project is […]

History of Empires in Past and Modern World

Introduction All through history, there have always been reports of the growth and development of empires. The Egyptian, Roman and Greek empires are but some of the greatest empires during medieval times (Haspeslagh, 2010). During the 16th and 17th century, the Spanish empire was one of the strongest empires in the world. Later on, during […]

Human Growth Discussions

Attachment and Culture Socio-cultural factors have a strong influence on attachment at various stages. One of the socio-cultural beliefs among many people around the world is that a fatherly figure is a sign of security (Dasgupta and Hauspie 45). This creates a unique bond between a father and other members of his family. The secure […]

Marketing Strategy for Al Deyafa

Introduction Al Deyafa is an innovative service that will link the mysterious world of Arabic culture and travelers from all over the world. The venture involves the provision of such services as cultural tours across major sites of the United Arab Emirates, Ramsa courses, the arrangement of traditional meals in local households. It will also […]

Leadership in Higher Education

Organizational culture is the criterion through which particular managers of an organization normally dispense their authority. It entails how a leader in an organization influences the subordinate staff in executing his/her duties. The organizational criterion adopted by a leader also influences other leaders in the organization. Leaders in an organization rely on each other for […]

Foreign Retailers Eye India

Why is the Indian retail industry so inviting? The growth of the retail industry in India is growing very fast. As a matter of fact, India witnessed a tremendous growth in terms of the retail industry between 2004 and 2007 (Balyan, Shah & Shah, 2008). Besides the aforementioned remarkable growth in the retail sector in […]

The Goal of the Firm

Profit-making organizations have to attain various objectives, but their most important goal is to maximize the wealth of their owners or shareholders. This paper will explain how one can measure the achievement of this goal and the major decision variables that financial managers should take into account. Furthermore, it is necessary to determine if this […]

Information communication in supply chain management

Introduction It has long been argued by scholars and business administrators that effective communication is indispensible for proper functioning of supply chain. At this point, there are numerous cases which show how information technology such as Internet can benefit suppliers, manufactures, distributors and customers. This report is aimed at discussing the best practices which are […]

The Impact of Macroeconomic Variables

Introduction Macroeconomics is a branch of economics that looks at how the economy of a country performs (Gwartney 3). According to McEachern (187), it considers factors such as inflations, unemployment and employment issues, a country’s trade with others and to a further extend the success and failures of a government’s economic policies. All these and […]

PEST analysis on Italian restaurants in London

Businesses are affected by internal and external factors; to attain competitive in contemporary business era, business leaders need to manage their internal and external environments effectively. An understanding of prevailing business environment is crucial to make responsive business strategies that effectively address challenges facing an organization (Fred, 2008). This paper undertakes a PEST analysis on […]

Basic Human Rights Violation

Introduction In almost all constitutions of the different countries in the world, there is always a chapter that provides for human rights. Human rights are the benefits that every human being should enjoy as he or she continues to live on earth. However, there are other countries and governments that have continued to violate the […]