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Organizations Campaigning Against the Use of Animals in Research

Human beings have used animals in scientific research for a long time. Animals are currently being used in clinical studies to find cures for some diseases such as HIV, Alzheimer and Leukemia. Nonetheless, several organizations are now campaigning against the use of animals in scientific research. This paper will present a brief summary of arguments […]

The Success of Organizational Learning

The journal by Helen Shipton called “Towards a typology for organizational learning research,” compares and contrasts approaches to organizational management as there exists a close linkage between individual training and entire workplace training (Shipton, 2006). This paper discuses the main issues and contributions brought about in the article. The article gives reference to scholars who […]

Impact of PPP Projects in Energy and Water Sectors in the MENA Region

Introduction Public-private partnerships have been used by many world economies to bridge the gap in provision of key public infrastructures since they were prominently introduced during the 1990’s economic boom. Available literature suggests that, PPP’s initially received a somehow lukewarm reception in the MENA region mainly due to economic and political constraints but that seems […]

Computer Technology in The Last 100 Years of Human History

The debate about the most significant creation within the last 100 years of human history is not straightforward because different people base their augments on various criteria leading to oppositions about the topic. To address this debate, this analytical essay will try to persuade a mixed audience in terms of gender and age. The audience […]

Life of Abdur Rahman

Introduction: General Overview of Afghanistan in the 19th Century During the Anglo-Afghan wars, Afghanistan experienced the recession of traditional authority and the advent of new models and state regimes in the end of the nineteenth century. The governors of the country found themselves under unusual circumstances when becoming more reliable on the British sway because […]

The Economist

Introduction The Economist is a weekly publication that has been in production since 1843. Though its editors refer to it as a newspaper, it is produced in a magazine format and type of paper. It is based in London and is owned by The Economist Group, which is owned by the Financial Times, a subsidiary […]

Bilingual Education

Language Policy in Australia In Australia, the issues connected with the language policy are discussed both at the federal and state levels. Thus, special language programmes which are worked out in states develop along with the federal Australian Language and Literacy Policy. According to this programme, the most widely spread language in Australia is English, […]

MANET Security Solutions

Abstract The phenomenal growth in mobile computing devices use over the last decade has led to revolutionary changes in the computing world. Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) which are dynamically self-organized temporary networks have emerged as ideal networks for implementation in scenarios where adhoc wireless networks are required without the need for a central administration. […]

Geography of Sexuality

Introduction Geography of sexuality is a very interesting topic yet it only has very little significance. The topic is particularly of great interest to the sexual geographers who try to understand several issues concerning human sexuality, like the sexual desires, relations, sexual institutions as well as the differences. Sexual geographers work under various terrains for […]

Compare and contrast Germon’s account of intersex in ‘dangerous desires: intersex

Introduction Intersex as far as human beings are concerned refers to the agglomeration of various factors and observable features through which one can differentiate a male from a female (Andy & Sally 1997). They are usually assumed to be present at birth of an individual and not necessarily passed on from the parents to the […]

Euro ‘debt’ crisis

Introduction European debt crisis refers to the challenges that Europe is undergoing when paying for the debts built and accumulated over decades of financial instability. Five of the world’s largest economies including Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain in one way or the other have failed to generate a stable economic growth to cater for their […]

How McDonald’s operation and chain management has given the company a competitive sustainable edge

Executive summary It is apparent that Macdonald’s operation and supply chains have enabled the company to gain competitive advantage in the global market. Recent survey reports demonstrated that the company has strived towards developing sustainable and dynamic strategies in order to boost its operation hence remaining top among its competitors in the dynamic business environment. […]

Zara and Uniqlo

Zara and Uniqlo are globally recognised commercial enterprises. Zara is a Spanish owned company that trades in the fashions industry. The company’s products include clothes and shoes. Uniqlo is on the other hand a Japanese company that deals with clothing. The companies are highly rated by ‘Brandz’ and are among top 100 groups globally. This […]

The Tang Dynasty

Introduction For any government or political system to flourish, whether in the lower cadre or higher levels, there must be a strong and established leadership, in place, to offer guidance and direction. The same scenario was exonerated in China. This came after the defeat of the Sui Dynasty, by the Tang Dynasty1. Li Yuan2 established […]

High Tech Burrito Company Analysis

Executive Summary Established in April 2009 by Greg Marples, High tech Burrito has popularly become immense, especially in food technology industry. Its full potential was realised when it shifted its focus from fast food joint to the introduction of customised menus that always brought out ‘healthier, fresher, tastier and better delicacies’. High tech Burrito unique […]

Social Influences in Ancient Literature

Religious, Social and Political Influences Introduction The novels, “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe and “An Unwritten Novel” by Virginia Woolf, and the poems, “Song of Myself” by Walt Whiteman and “Diary of a Madman” by Lu Xun, explore political, social, and metaphysical fiction genre. Drawn from personal experiences, these writings reveal rot of the […]