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The Role of Line Manager in Enhancing Employees’ Performance in Google

Introduction One of the areas currently being accentuated by organisations’ management is ways through which employees’ performances, engagements and commitments can be enhanced. In fact, most organisations focus on how they can improve their employees’ commitments to jobs and attainment of goals as well as the motivation of workforce to perform beyond expectations (Schuler, 2002). […]

Assessment and Evaluation Using Technology

Assessment and evaluation of the students’ achievements in relation to learning definite materials and developing certain skills are necessary to demonstrate the changes in the students’ progress to influence their academic performance and motivation to achieve the higher results and to provide instructors with the information about the appropriateness and completion of the set goals […]

Ck Fruit Digest Product Lines And Mix

The product lines that the business deals with are fruit and fruit products. The fruits include mangoes, pineapples, papayas, bananas, oranges, water melons and passion fruits. The fruit products include fruit juices of the different fruit flavors and desiccated dried fruits. Product Description The quality of the products is the one that creates its uniqueness […]

Hybrid Education Model

Analysis of the Hybrid Education Model Introduction The rapid advancements in technology have seen it find application in almost every aspect of life. The education sector has not been left behind either in the hype of technology. The internet platform has especially played a big role in changing approaches to education delivery. The internet has […]

The Representation of Masculinity in “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin

The author of this novel, Kate Chopin, was brought up in an intellectual environment and was aware of the marital problems that were experienced during the Victorian period. ‘The Awakening’ is a novel that is written in the Victorian society which is patriarchal. This is a very strict society that has prejudiced conventions that women […]

Organisational Behaviour for ADNOC

Abstract Organisational behaviour is an important notion that has an impact on the manner in which an organisation performs its functions in a particular industry. Every organisation desires to achieve good results from its internal operations. For this objective to be realised, an organisation must put in place effective systems which motivate employees to achieve […]

Criteria Used in Assessing the Relative Success of a Family Business

Introduction Over the last one decade, Family businesses have increasingly attracted substantial public attention leading to comprehensive public discussions and augmented family business studies. For several decades, family businesses have proven imperative in economic growth of numerous nations by contributing to great percentages of economical and societal developments (Kachaner, Stalk, & Bloch 2012). However, according […]

The Extent to Which FDI Inflows have Influenced GDP Growth in China

Abstract This paper examines the relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Gross Domestic Product or economic growth of China. To establish the relationship between the two variables, the paper analysed concluded research works, carefully examined the country’s FDI trends and linked them to the country’s GDP growth over the last 15 years extending from 1990 […]

Critical review of the articles by James Rosenau’s and Amitav Acharya’s

Introduction The issue of governance in the international system is of great concern o many actors since states are mainly concerned with their national interests. Scholars of foreign observe that actors at the global level cooperate mainly because of selfish interests. This implies that states do not combine forces to achieve collective goals as many […]

The LEGO Group: Working with Strategy

Introduction Investors must evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies to ensure they do not waste time and resources on unnecessary expeditions. The need to develop management strategies pushes managers and other senior employees to invest in research and consultations to ensure they have the relevant knowledge about various approaches used to improve performance (David 2012). […]

Asian EFL learners’ perceptions of motivational teaching strategies in the English speaking class

English learning motivation Students’ success in acquiring a foreign language can depend upon various factors, including those of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. The intrinsic motivating factors can be defined as the inner driving forces making students to make efforts in acquiring a foreign language and their understanding of the main reasons for which they need […]

Program outcomes in a non-profit organization serving at risk youth in an urban metropolitan area

Introduction Education is a bridge for linking all opportunities for development. In many of the areas of Washington D.C. a good education is vital. However, a report in 2000 stated that more than half the jobs in the District of Columbia were held by employees with a bachelor’s degree or higher, almost twice the national […]

Significance of Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior has routinely been studied since its discovery in the hawthorn study. Research indicates an inextricable relationship between organizational behavior and a firm’s performance. Understanding organizational behavior enables managers to discover synergies for employee performance. Therefore, the study of organizational development has led to the creation of positive organizational behavior as advanced by positivist […]

Separate Schooling for the Sexes from Kindergarten to University Level in Saudi Arabia

Summary Education is acknowledged to be the foundation of the socio-economic development of a nation. An effective educational system which yields high results is therefore seen as being essential for a nation’s well being. As such, having an effective education system is an objective of all governments. The paper has begins by noting that modern […]

Economy and Environment

Introduction Since the discovery of fossil energy, the world has witnessed great progress. Energy harnessed from fossil fuel has helped man to make great strides in developing the economy but quite unfortunately the environment has been greatly degraded in the process. Various influential persons and scientists have put forth concerted efforts to ensure that environment […]

Biological Surrogacy in the United States

Research Paper Thousands of women in the United States face difficulties with fertility. They suffer from numerous health problems, because infertility always leads to a huge moral pain. Society often views women, who cannot have children, as men-like and incomplete. Even the most expensive reproductive technologies do not help to solve female infertility problems. In […]

A Designer Range

Visuals Source: Source: Source: Background Selfridges is a UK-based department store renowned for it’s superior retail offerings. It is in three key areas within the country; London, Manchester and Birmingham with two stores in Manchester. Customers can find the company’s stores at Oxford Street, Trafford Centre, Exchange Square and Birmingham respectively. Additionally, […]

What is a Language

Neil Smith and Deirdre Wilson of University College in London focused on one of the fundamental ideas of contemporary linguistics concerning language as a rule-governed system. To say that a language is rule-governed is like also saying that it can be described in terms of a grammar. Therefore, the grammar of a language is a […]