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The Shinto Religion in the Ancient Japan

Introduction The religious doctrine of the traditional Japanese people is an interesting concept in the Asian studies. Although still unrecognized among the modern religions, the conventional Japanese people had an indigenous faith known as the Shinto religion. The Shinto religion had its sacred gods known as the Kami (Ono 35). Despite being an ancient religion […]

A Separate Peace by John Knowles

Introduction Despite covering the period of World War II, the novel A Separate Peace, the author of which is John Knowles, does not narrate about military campaigns and battles. Instead, it seems to draw a parallel between an external war and an internal struggle within an individual. This essay will give a summary of the […]

Critical Thinking

Introduction Critical thinking develops the writer’s reflection techniques. Critical thinking is a skill we build towards perfection. The assessment of an original idea or theory is called critical thinking. Similarly, the idea cannot be paraphrased and it must be backed by evidence and research. The most significant element of critical thinking involves evaluating, interpreting, analyzing, […]

Idaho Wildfires: Health and Economic Challenges

Wildfires are a common phenomenon in various parts of the world, especially during summers and dry seasons. In most American states, especially in the north, wildfires cause massive loss of vegetation and lives. In particular, the states of Idaho, Montana and others in the region are adversely affected whenever the phenomenon occurs. However, the current […]

Women, Religion, and Feminism

Introduction Religion is a powerful tool whose practices, beliefs, and traditions influence the way in which people live and relate with each other. Part of the reason why religion enjoys greater influence and power than any other practice worldwide derives from such integral components as the rituals, values and beliefs, sacred texts and scriptures, symbols, […]

Strategy of Activision Blizzard Inc

Introduction Activision Blizzard Inc which was previously known as Activision Inc is based in California, USA, and mainly engages in provision of entertainment software and peripheral products to its customers across the globe. The company provides a wide range of video games which include PC based games, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii among others. […]

Nature of Bullying

Introduction Over the recent times, cases of bullying have reportedly increased across the world. In my hometown, Orlando, Florida, the situation is not different. An escalated number of kids have been able to come out reporting variant cases of bullying in school and home as well. It is therefore vital that such cases of bullying […]

Policy Analysis: Homelessness

Problem Identification The term refers to a state of affairs whereby some members of society do not have places they can call home. Such individuals survive through assistance from government and well-wishers. Homelessness is associated with so many societal evils, which calls for immediate solution. The public, as well as government, is endangered with the […]

Vale in the Brazilian Government

Analysis of the Non-Market Environment Political forces The leadership of the Brazilian government under President Luiz Inacio da Silva adopted an explicit policy that intervened on the strategic operations of business enterprises in the country. The government was putting immense pressure on Vale to increase its investments within the home country. The political leadership was […]

The Common Theories of Leadership

Abstract Leadership is a crucial position that calls for attention not only of the leader but also of those whom he or she leads. Leadership determines the destiny of any country, organisation, or even self. Many studies have been conducted in an attempt to find out the best strategies that can be put in place […]

High Level Autistic Disorder

Introduction High-level autistic disorder is an acute developmental disability that starts at birth or within a child’s early years of being. It is also known as Autism. It is the consequence of a neurological disorder that alters the functioning of the brain. This causes impediments or difficulties in many distinct skills from childhood to adulthood. […]

Controlling the Offsite Storage

Introduction A large firm with many divisions and operating in different locations was focused on adding controls and reducing the risks associated with the offsite storage of the company’s records. Statement of the Problem The firm lacked the effective business intelligence solution to control the offsite storage of the company’s records, and it had no […]

Compulsive Buying Behavior as a Lifestyle

Introduction On April 1900, Paris held a world trade fair, which brought together people from different consumer markets to celebrate past technological achievements and gain an insight into potential futuristic developments. The trade fair portrayed the potential of the then and future civilizations to deploy technology, creativity, and innovation to create more consumables to better […]

Customer Oriented Marketing Strategy

Introduction Traditionally, the marketing of products and services has always occurred either through a face-to-face conversation, magazines, billboards, television, or even through a simple phone call. Yet, due to advances in technology where the scale and scope of the retail industry have come to encompass a global market place, the traditional processes by which marketing […]

Webb-Johnson Article

The study identified positive behaviour and measures of combating emotional behaviour in African-American Students. The study assessed the activities of African-American students, mechanisms of learning, and the propensity to acquire knowledge (Johnson, 2002). The benefits of the study should be integrated in learning institutions to inform teachers on skills of African-American students. To gain knowledge […]

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the brainchild of which is currently the world’s leading online retail sales platform which sells millions of items to consumers all across America, Europe and several parts of Asia (Amazon adds supercomputing service to its cloud 2011, p. 8). AWS was conceived as a means of providing services to […]

Insomniac Games Inc.: Development of Leadership Strategy

The change management and the effective leadership strategies play crucial roles in the positive financial outcomes. First of all, the management needs to develop the skills of timely recognition of the factors provoking the change and adoption of the regulating policies that are aimed at the practice of a novel business strategy that is necessary […]

Bharti Airtel Limited

Introduction Expansion into the foreign markets is one of the most significant features of every multinational organization. Expansion into foreign markets can be viewed as one of the most aggressive means of widening target markets of a given multinational organization. This paper will examine the foreign operations of Bharti Airtel Limited and how it can […]

Success Factors of Implementing E-Services Project

E-Service Projects According to the Hill (2006) there are many challenges that come from the implementation and administration of e-based projects. These constraints resemble the challenges that are faced in implementing information technology projects in the world. Many organizations are finding it very hard to manage information technology projects. The management of information technology based […]

Levy Tariffs On Imports In USA

The government has various ways of collecting its revenue, domestically; it is collected through government bonds, treasury bills and levied taxes. The government through its revenue collection agency levies taxes and duties on various services and commodities sold. This is either through income taxes where workers both in the government and established private companies and […]

Concept and Problem of Cyber Domain in US

Admittedly, the development of technology resulted in the beginning of Information Era. People have developed a brand new space – cyber domain. Cyberspace suggests numerous opportunities, but it also contains many threats. One of the major concerns related to cyberspace is national and personal security. First, it is important to define the term “cyberspace”. According […]

Operations Management Analysis in Pizza Hut

Introduction Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of YUM brand and forms the largest restaurant chain in the world in terms of sales revenue and assets (Pizza Hut, n.d, p.1). The brand differentiates from its competitors through three major areas namely performance, quality and as the best place of employment. The restaurant operation is the face […]

Why No Apple in Europe?

This article written by Riva Froymovich has been chosen because it highlights some of the barriers faced by European start-up companies. The author accurately describes the problems which many entrepreneurs encounter and indicates at some solutions to these problems. The issues discussed by the journalist are still relevant to many companies. This article can be […]

Management-Case Study

Executive Summary Almost every year, it seems, some major corporation is enveloped in an ethics scandal that generates a new tremor of public distrust. As a consequence of these endless scandals, the ethics phenomenon has become a buzz word in boardrooms and so is global outsourcing and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Global outsourcing has seen […]

Global Water Issues

Abstract There is a global water crisis due to global warming, pollution, and overpopulation. The has resulted in shortage of potable water for human consumption. More than 2 billion people in the world do not have access to fresh water. Global warming speeds up melting of polar ice and glaciers. On the other hand, overpopulation […]

Performance appraisal in the strategic plan

The current institutions environment is largely dependent on intellectual capital for its performance and therefore human resource has become a valuable asset since it determines an institution’s success or failure. Institutions need to concentrate on managing their human resource for easier operation and one of the methods to achieve this is through performance appraisal “. […]

The Church & Dwight Co

To reiterate on the above, it is worth noting that the Church & Dwight Co. Inc is an organization that was established in 1846 by Dr Austin and John Dwight. This company is worth $2.6 billion and deals with bicarbonate, household, and personal care products. Notably, the company’s headquarter is situated in Princeton, New Jersey. […]

Grand Canyon Geology

This is a great feature in the world. It is in the list of the most scenery worldwide. The formation of the Grand Canyon “ Grand Canyon formation occurred an exceedingly long time ago. However, no one is pretty sure of how its formation took place. Nevertheless, geologists come up with some guesses about this. […]

Effects of Industrialized Agriculture

Introduction Agricultural practices have passed though many stages of development. It has evolved from primitive practices such as hunting and gathering to industrial farming, mechanization of agriculture and food manufacturing. In addition, this is what formed a base for the industrialized agriculture creating an agro-commodity production system. Industrialized agriculture is a kind of modern farming […]

Concept and Impact of the Hegemony

Introduction The major objective of this study is to explore the concept of hegemony by demonstrating some examples that can enable the reader to fully conceptualize the term. In addition, the study will also examine the effects associated with transnational corporations either positive or negatives. Finally the study will embark on discussion of the function […]

Police Professionalism

Introduction Professionalism is the aim, conduct or qualities that characterize a vocation that requires advanced training in some liberal art or science. It is characterized by service to others, assessment of the client’s needs, practice as well as ethical conduct. Many confuse the term especially when it comes to law enforcement with a soft image, […]