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Archer Wiley studied at the University of Connecticut, USA, with average GPA 3.47 out of 4.0.

Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

The novel Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes is devoted to serious social and ethical topics – disabled people and the ethics of medical experiments. The author presents the story of a mentally disabled man who wants to become similar to others and agrees to undergo an innovative procedure. He obtains superior intellect but does […]

Natureview Farm: Problem Case

Introduction Natureview is facing a rather daunting challenge ever since its inception in 1989. The farm’s attempt to maintain its profitability saw the hiring of Jim Wagner as chief financial officer whose central role was to formulate and implement strategies that would ensure continued growth in profits. It is in this regard that Wagner’s recommendation […]

Economical Globalization in the United States

Introduction Globalization is the process of enabling financial and investment markets to operate internationally. This is as a result of deregulation and improved communication. On the other hand, economic globalization refers to the interdependence of national economies across the world through a rapid increase in cross-border movements of goods, services, technology and capital (Held and […]

Racism: Impact on Minorities in American Society

The election of President Barrack Obama was an indication that the US had finally come of age in as far as eradication of racism is concerned. However, critics argue that Americans were simply against the bullying of Iraq in a war that the previous president, George Bush, alleged was necessary to facilitate the destruction of […]

Secure Software Project Management

Abstract Secure software project management comprises the steps that should be taken by software producers in their quest to provide good software to the market. Software production is a very challenging bit in information technology due to the nature of computer software that can be produced to do different functions. The need to come up […]

Critically assess the extent to which HPWP relies on the intensification of work

Introduction The high performance work practices abbreviated as HPWP denotes an all-purpose managerial representation encompassing several aspects. However, the description of High Performance Work Practices meadow proves to engage some involvedness. HPWP has conquered the modernization of human resource management. In fact, studies conducted in the past fifteen years relating to the nature of high […]

Marketing via the Mass Media

Marketers are faced with ethical challenges when advertising their products via mass media; the most challenge is to come up with adverts that do not divide the community in social classes or in lines of economic welfare; one burning question in the profession is whether it’s ethical for marketers to use the mass media to […]

Eco-Tourism and Eco-Cities

The earth is evolving at a remarkable rate. It is also changing rapidly. To many, evolution refers to better species and strength. However, change also refers to negative things. The major cause of change and evolution is human interaction. The rising population of mankind has also led to physical changes, like the building of cities […]

Thomas Nashe’s View on Shakespearian Language

Introduction The incredible works of Shakespeare and Thomas Nashe are among the most valued literature pieces in the American literature. Using various forms of Shakespearian literary techniques, Thomas Nashe wrote an interesting literature. However, knowledge about the literature concepts of Nashe is still negligible amongst most of the readers. Two of the literary pieces of […]

Occupational Injuries in the Construction Industry

Although occupational injuries and fatalities are common in the construction industry, a number of factors mediate their occurrence. Richardson, Loomis, Bena, and Bailer (2004) assert that empirical evidence continues to support the notion that division of labor across the United States remains grounded on ethnicity and race, as minority groups experience discrimination (Richardson et al.,2004). […]

Issues that Entrepreneurs Face in Raising Finance

Introduction Entrepreneurs are key innovators in creative destruction in the entire world. Even though they play essential roles in growing the economy, the process of acquiring sufficient access to capital to start and grow businesses remains their biggest challenge (Legge & Hindle 2004). In the U.K., for instance, the ability of small and medium-sized enterprises […]

Nothing Gold Can Stay vs. Because I could not stop for Death

Robert Frost’s poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” and Emily Dickinson’s poem “Because I could not stop for Death,” abound in symbolism that depicts temporality of life. The time bound existence of all things is expressed through metaphoric symbolism in both the poems. Dickinson presents this idea of temporality by personifying Death as a guard of […]

Harley-Davidson Company

SWOT analysis Strengths The Company has had a strong dedicated and innovative management for a larger part of its operation years. Harley, Davidson and the Arthur brothers saw it through the first years of inception. The group of company executives under the leadership of Vaughn Beals petitioned for the increase in import tariffs and came […]

MGM Resorts International

MGM Resorts International is widely reputed as one of the leading hospitality companies in the world. The company owns and operates a number of significant holdings in hospitality, gaming and entertainment. MGM Resorts International is also the proud owner and operator of 15 distinguished properties that are located in Mississippi, Michigan and Nevada. The company […]

Competency Development Plan

The professional field means a career that accommodates changes in the employment. The improvement of skills helps create foundation for success. People have goals as well as skills that differ in relation to the skills acquired through education. In addition, there are skills that help achieve the set objectives and do not depend on the […]

ABC Company project proposal

ABC Business practices and Technology According to the analysis of the technology used by the host business, ABC Company, the results have shown that the business information systems need reengineering to keep pace with its developments. Today, information security has remained the core focus for most if not all companies. The company deals with financial […]

Alliance between Swatch and Mercedes Benz

Introduction Today, all forms of businesses are extensively globalized, operate in increasingly competitive markets, are driven by the internet, and are conscious of speed. The new business world has created complicated challenges for managers (Wintzer 2007, p.2). These challenges are accompanied by claims of top management misconducts, ethical mistakes, and exorbitant executive compensations (Atomic Dog […]

Politicization of Criminal Justice & its Influence on Penal Policy: A Critical Discussion

Drawing on theories of moral panic and punitiveness, and relying on relevant contemporary examples, this paper purposes to critically discuss how politicization of criminal justice influences penal policy. Perhaps the best theoretical approach that could best expound on politicization of criminal justice, a process through which the political class snatch the opportunities to make use […]

Issues on Healthcare Policy in US

Introduction Issues on health care policy have soured in the recent past. This is mainly because citizens are dissatisfied with the kind of health care benefits provided. The United States ranks first in health care budget. However, this does not count on service delivery. Moreover, it is estimated that about 20% of Americans lacks health […]

Why We Are Responsible For Being Born

In our societies, persons identify themselves with individual and group identities. Every person is considered to be related to a certain race, religion, and other social aspects of life (Appiah, 2005). Identity refers to the unique characteristics that an individual or a group possesses. The characteristics of a certain group influence whether an individual will […]

Native people and Native-European Colonialism: 1880-1920

The era between 1880 and 1920 described the era when the European settlers realized about the extensive civilization in North America. There were thirteen colonies, which include Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and many others. The Britain ruled their empire and the American colonies under mercantilism economic theory. The process of enforcing this system resulted to the […]

Effect of Education on Personal Income

Introduction Total personal incomes continue to vary in United States workforce. The professional and business world leads in the incomes category (Morrison, unpaged). The professional world includes bankers, engineers, and other technocrats who have gone to school and have attained a degree or two in order to earn such high incomes. On the other hand, […]

Key Global Warming Issues

Introduction The subject of the truth behind global warming remains controversial. While opponents of the subject have declared it a myth that has no scientific basis, proponents of it have given their stand based on facts that global warming is indeed a scientific fact that needs to be addressed to people. As the paper reveals, […]

Environment & Species in International Relations

Ever since late sixties, the issues related to the preservation of natural environment started to play an increasingly prominent role within the framework of international relations. In its turn, this eventually led to the signing of Kyoto Protocol in 1997, the provisions of which assign country-signatories with the specified annual quotas for the emission of […]

Alvin Ailey – an Activist and American Choreographer

Alvin Ailey was an activist and American choreographer who established Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in 1958 in New York City. He was born in 1931 in Roger Texas and died on 1st December, 1989 with HIV/Aids. Ailey popularized modern dance and is credited for revolutionizing African-American membership in dance concerts in 20th century. Ailey’s stunning […]