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Averie W. studied at the University of California, Merced, USA, with average GPA 3.2 out of 4.0.

Sociological Theories and How They Contribute to Our Understanding of Education

Introduction Different scholars look at education functions from different perspectives depending on the theory they deploy in interpretation of their perceived features of education. The theories that tend to explain the sociological functions of education are collectively termed as sociological theories of education. Young posits that sociology of education entails the study of the manner […]

Apple Incorporation

Abstract Apple Inc. sells products in various markets across the world. Through online shops and trade outlets, the corporation vends services and commodities to the global customers. Apple Inc. similarly trades most computer products in the artistic, administration, and venture marketplaces found within its ecological division. The markets are particularly crucial to third party developers […]

Negotiation. Hofstede’s Cultural Model in Negotiations

Introduction Negotiations are important avenues through which different parties can mutually agree to a solution after holding discussions. Negotiations are often held between interested parties with a view of achieving positive results at the end of the process. Culture may affect the level of success of a negotiation, particularly where the parties involved hail from […]

Shakespeare and Honor in his History Plays

Introduction Honor in the era of Shakespeare. Richard III can be considered one of the most popular and exceptional plays written by William Shakespeare. As such, the theme of honor should be explained in the framework of the play Richard III and actions and motivations of its characters with regard to the historic background of […]

Eye-path and Memory-prediction Framework

Introduction Online marketing and advertising actively develop nowadays, and modern advertisers need to focus on the customers’ attitudes and behaviours in the context of the effectiveness of the advertisement’s location on the web page. Thus, it is important to answer the questions on how customers look at advertisements, focus their attention, and how their eye […]

Operations Management in Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Introduction Management is an important part of any organization. All successful organizations employ successful management procedures in all their functions. The application of operations management in the areas of quality control, human resource, and supply chain is an important practice in management. According to Mentzer, the control of quality in an organization is influenced by […]

The Strategic Management of IKEA for Furniture Company in UAE or Gulf Corporate Countries

Executive Summary IKEA aspires to provide quality products and services to its global clients. To realize this vision, IKEA offers various properly designed and serviceable house-furnishings at very low prices in Dubai, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and other global markets. Thus, since its inauguration in the fiscal 1943, IKEA has globalized its operations and […]

Structural violence theory and the role of justice in the reconciliation process

Introduction The past decades have been characterised by numerous cases of civil and international conflicts. Some of the countries that were previously engaged in domestic and international conflicts have made substantial progress as a result of effective conflict resolution. However, incidences of domestic and international conflicts are still evident in the modern society as illustrated […]

General Electric: Strategic management

GE’s framework enables it to be at the forefront of the markets in which it participates because it has a competitive advantage over other companies. This makes the company a step ahead of the others. There has to be an effective strategy combined with sufficient resources to attain this (Porter, 2001). The company should deliver […]

Pollution in Beijing, China

Introduction Dangerously high pollution levels shrouded Beijing in smog for several days in Jan, 2013. Poor visibility and 755 air pollution levels as measured by the US Embassy in Beijing shocked all Chinese residents. Similar data by the American embassy also showed the PM 2.5 had reached an all-time high of 866 microgram per cubic […]

Conflict in The Age of Innocence and Manhattan Transfer

Goldsmith, Arnold. The Contemporary American Urban Novel. Wayne State UP, 1991. Goldsmith examines various American novelists and the way these novelists present the American society. Goldsmith notes that these novelists have presented the conflicts that faced people as they encountered new ways. This book makes the reader understand the concerns that are raised in American […]

United States Marine Corps: Strategic Alignment

Introduction The evaluation of internal factors that may influence enterprise performance and strategic goal accomplishment is one of the possible tasks an internal consultant can get. The essence of this work is to understand the peculiarities of the organizational strategy and identify such internal factors as resources, capabilities, systems, and processes, etc. In this paper, […]

Content Analysis Method

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Content Analysis Content analysis is one of the most applicable methods in social sciences (Berg and Lune, 2011; Weber, 1990). One of the major advantages of this method is that it “operates directly on text or transcripts of human communications” which, in its turn, enables the researcher to better understand […]

Case report – Sara Lee Corporation

Introduction In the world of business nothing limits the quest of stakeholders in venturing into satellite businesses which are either related or not. The extent of diversification is unlimited hence; some businesses are broadly diversified while others are not. The degree of diversification apart, the worthwhile of the venture is what matters. Companies branch out […]

The Evolution of the Car Engine

Evolution of the internal-combustion Engine An engine where processes of burning fuel takes place within an enclosed room, emitting gases that increase due to pressure that in turn supply energy, qualifies to be an internal combustion engine. The history of combustion engines dates back in the year 1680 when Christian Huygens, a Dutch physicist experimented […]

Joint Ventures (JV) in India

Introduction A joint venture (JV) is a business partnership where two or more business partners agree to join together only for a period of time to work on a project. In this kind of venture, the partners agree on the amount of power sharing and divide the expenses and assets amongst the partners in the […]

How will social media change the future of international politics?

Social media is one of the technological advancements that have made a great contribution to the process of globalization. Social media in this case refers to the likes of Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Badoo and many others, with many more being developed on a daily basis. Through this, people are now able to communicate across continents […]

Morality of Warfare

Introduction It is the expectations of every human being that the world will be a peaceful place where one would be able to live without fear of being attacked by anybody. Many people in the world expect to that they will live with each other as brothers and sisters without hatred and the idea of […]

The Behavioral Aspects of Individuals in the Psychology Field

Introduction Within the world of science, the debate about nurture against nature will always remain as a confrontational subject. Some scientists along with psychologists allege that the behavioral aspects of persons are mainly influenced by the environmental, which comes into their life in the process of growing up. On the other hand, an opposing group […]


Introduction The term “vegetarianism” may be understood differently among different people. However, the vegetarian diet generally does not include the consumption of meat. There exist various types of vegetarian practices; ranging from the most strict to the less strict one. The most restrict group consists of vegans. This group consumes only those foods that come […]

Role of Culture in Change Management

Executive Summary Culture refers to “a people’s way of life”. In the business context, the values and norms of an organization or company form the organization’s culture. Enhanced technology together with the increase in the number of products in the global market has led to a turbulent and dynamic business environment. For companies to remain […]

Academic Achievement and Physical Fitness

Introduction Increased levels of obesity and poor health standards among students across the United States (US) has brought a lot of focus to student health and more so, the effects of bad health on academic performance (Chomitz, 2009, p. 30). However, the debate on the correlation between health and academic performance has long been done […]

Team Building Interventions

There is a widespread impression, evident from popular research and casual empiricism, of the inability of scholars and organisations to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of team building in measuring changes in skills or attitudes. Often what the evaluation tools do is evaluate the team before and after team building event in anticipation of valuable outcomes. […]

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Abstract Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the most economically successful urban areas in the United Arab Emirates. These emirates’ economic and social progress directly depends on the development of the oil industry. In spite of the controversial aspects which are associated with the issues of economic and environmental sustainability, the planning and housing in Abu […]

Bilingualism and the Process of Language Acquisition: Speeding up Cognition and Education Processes

Knowing a foreign language is no longer a privilege in a modern society – it is rather an advantage, a chance to communicate even more efficiently and see things through the eyes of the people of a different nationality. For some, the process of language learning and, therefore, the further knowledge acquisition is extremely hard; […]

Federal Student Aid Agency

FSA is an agency in the US department of education charged with the responsibility of ensuring that grants and loans are availed to students in time. It is one of the largest providers of funs to students in the US at the federal level. Apart from offering loans to students, the agency is also charged […]

Strategic Planning in an Organization

Strategic planning entails laying out the procedures that employees should follow to achieve the goals of an organization. All the departments within an organization are required to apply the stipulated procedures. However, the following are the various factors that affect strategic planning: (1) leadership; (2) organizational culture; (3) size of the organization; (4) expertise of […]

Ways in Which a Society’s Expectations Affects Self and Society’s Perceivedness of a Person

To understand and evaluate a society’s expectations of a person, the need to know what composes or constitutes a society arises. This evokes the question, what is a society? According to Sinclair and Helen, a society is described as consisting of people in a particular country who share a common past, or heritage and culture. […]

Should English be Declared the Official Language of the United States?

Language is considered to be one of the most important elements of national identity (Storey 57). Each nation represents its own official language and demonstrates its unity and power. If one country cannot decide on its own official language, it may cause numerous misunderstandings among other nations and make these nations doubt about this country’s […]

Elements of Negligence and Their Effects

Concepts, Their Definition and Interpretation When dealing with healthcare issues, it is crucial to make sure that every single concept is absolutely clear and understandable; otherwise, a case of misinterpreting a specific concept may entail drastic effects and affect a patient’s health in the most negative way. Thus, definition of several basic healthcare concepts is […]

The Major Strengths of Formulation Styles for the Problem Identification As Presented in Different Companies

Depending on the nature and character of the problem as well as circumstances involved, different decision making models can be implemented. Each of the presented companies makes use of one style to solve problems that dominates over the others, which creates a number of obstacles. Hence, Ericson, AT & T, an Panther Expedite support a […]