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Axel C. studied at the University at Albany, State University of New York, USA, with average GPA 3.17 out of 4.0.

Rites of Spring by Modris Eksteins

This paper is aimed at discussing the book Rites of Spring by Modris Eksteins. In this work, he explores the underlying causes of World War I, its effects on people’s experiences, and the long-term effects of this political and social catastrophe. This topic has been examined by various historians, but Modris Eksteins takes a slightly […]

Marketing Plan for Prospects Clothing Dealers

Introduction Marketing is a critical component in any company since it is through marketing that the products of a company are popularized to the customers hence creating market for them . However, it is not an activity that is undertaken spontaneously but one that requires prior planning. Unless marketing is planned, no results can be […]

A Critical Discussion of the History & Failure of Japanese War Apologies

To date, the establishment of good relations between Japan and its closest geographical neighbours, including China and the two Koreas, remains a mirage due to deep-seated mistrust stemming from Tokyo’s reluctance to extend official apology to victims of its military atrocities, mass civilian massacres, and abuses against prisoners of war (POWs) during the shadows of […]

Outgoing and Incoming Tour Operators

Two Main Categories of Tour Operators Tour operators are people or companies that offer various travel packages that are used by tourists. Tour operators are very different from tour agents. Tour operators combine everything that the tourist would possibly need into one package. There are two main categories of tour operators in the United Kingdom. […]

Tesla entering South Korea

Introduction Tesla is a California-based electric vehicle manufacturer that began in 2003. The organization’s founders – Marc Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning – wanted to provide a stylish yet effective electric vehicle for the masses. Before their conception, electric vehicles lacked aesthetic appeal as they were too focused on practical aspects. Tesla sources its products from […]

Leaders are Made

Introduction Leadership as a factor of production plays a vital role in management, supervision, co-ordination, and execution of responsibilities within organizations and institution. In the individual perspective, everyone harbors imaginary and dormant leadership skill often relevant in personal decision-making and actions undertaken. However, in a large entity composed of different individuals, it takes gradual development […]

Understanding Developmental Psychology

Introduction With the increasing social, environmental and economic complexity in the world, there is need to understand developmental psychology. This paper recaps the highlights of the proposed research study. By bringing out the application and benefits of psychology, this paper argues that developmental psychology need to be addressed in various developmental programs. It begins by […]

Product Design Concepts – Improving ‘klikyball’

Thesis: Research on how product design concepts can be incorporated in improving ‘klikyball’, which is a stress reduction ball, to assist university students in releasing pressure, hence dealing with stress. Literature Review Introduction Industrial and product design Chitale and Gupta (2009) define industrial design as the process of improving a product’s design, usability, aesthetics, or […]

Three types of organizational members

Multinational corporations can be discussed as enterprises that are rather complex in relation to their structure and organization, and the focus on the diverse human resources is characteristic for these corporations because it is necessary to organize the work of the company’s facilities and subsidiaries in different countries. Thus, the three types of organizational members […]

The Late 19th and Early 20th Century to Build Solidarity

Introduction From medieval times, the conflict between employers and workers has existed in the labor sector. During the 19th and 20th centuries, labor sectors witnessed a number of transformations. Owing to constant poor working conditions, extended working hours, poor remuneration, and exploitation by employers, workers devised strategies of advocating for their grievances (Yellen, 1974). Among […]

The Oxford Health Plans Inc. Company

Executive Summary The decline in profitability of Oxford Health Plans Inc. Company representing a loss of $291.3 million coupled with the plunge in the stock price of its shares of up to 80% drop, necessitated changes to improve the company’s financial status. The events arose because of the company’s weak internal financial systems. The company […]

Primal leadership

Summary of the content The book ‘Primal leadership’ is written to portray how emotional leaders can use their strategies to increase productivity of their employees rather than autocratic and dictatorship leadership. It depicts the manner in which successful leaders respond on emotional grounds to the desires of their employees, while at the same time it […]

Improvements in K-12 and Adult Learning Programs

Education greatly depends on the changes made in social structures, economy and technology. Educational programs are focused on developing skills that enable students to successfully cope with these changes. Consequently, one could not but notice improvements in K-12 and adult learning programs. Learning on the ground of K-12 adult education is based on lifelong learning […]

Leadership and motivation case study

Introduction This analytical paper attempts to explicitly analyze the concept of equity in terms of motivation and features in the management styles of Jonathan and Dan as reflected in the job life of Alex and Stephanie respectively. Equity Theory Equity theory requires an employee to be evaluated through comparison of the ratio of his or […]

Monsanto Evil Company and Media

Introduction Monsanto Corporation is an agricultural firm that dedicates itself to the biotech production of herbicide and GMO (Genetically Modified) products. The company produces readily dilapidated seeds and roundup herbicides with modified heredity. The company aspires to reveal seeds that endure the appliance of herbicides and resist insects by inserting inherited genes in order to […]


Definition FTP or File Transfer protocol refers to rules or protocols that are used to transfer files from one computer to another. The files are transferred from a remote computer to another computer connected to a web server or internet. The transfer of the files happens through the aid of transmission Control Protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP). […]

Women in Islam: Liberation of Women in the Middle East

Introduction Women have never enjoyed their freedoms in society due to barriers put in place by men. Feminist theorists consider ways in which physical differences between men and women are used to show that women should be allocated inferior and degrading activities such as motherhood and secretary. Moreover, women are subjected to stereotypes, which portray […]

Management of Cross-Cultural Diversity in Proxy Restaurant

Introduction Management of cultural diversity is essential for success of corporation in the 21st century. Different cultures possess diverse perspective on essential workplace issues such as teamwork, respect for authority, responsibilities as well as time management. In addition, different cultures may result to conflicting interpretations of ethics, methods of communications as well as reluctance to […]

Latin America Overview

This geographical term refers to the American areas where romantic languages including French, Spanish, and Portuguese are spoken. This section of America took a relatively long time to develop. The people of this region maintain their cultural roots such that they value their cultures a lot, and they always have some ties to their cultural […]

Criminal Law of Battered Woman Syndrome

Introduction Criminal law refers to that branch of law charged with the responsibility of punishing crimes committed against the public where it deals with felonies, misdemeanors and treason. Misdemeanors refer to minor crimes under law while felonies are serious crimes serving harsh mandatory sentences[1]. Treason on the other hand is also a serious form of […]

Leadership & Birection

Introduction Morgan (2006) defines an organization as an institute, group or an association which has a specific purpose and goals. In order for a group to deem itself as an organization, there must be observable elements of cooperation and coordination within the members of the group in accordance to a pre-prescribed format. In an organization, […]

Why I am studying engineering

Engineering is an area of study that has transformed the lives of humans in this world since nearly all things that make life worth living, from leisure activities to medical treatment, require aspects of this field of study. Because it adds value by means of realization of the technological progress, it has a major impact […]