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Ayaan Bruce studied at San José State University, USA, with average GPA 3.11 out of 4.0.

The Perspectives of Incarcerated Aboriginal Women in Canada on Personal Development Resources

Introduction In the Canadian population, the composition of the aboriginal people takes 4%. There has been a 90% increase in the incarceration rate of aboriginal offenders with a fast rate within a frame of 10 years. Through the Needs Assessment of Federal Aboriginal Women Offenders – an examination of the program needs of incarcerated Aboriginal […]

Realism and Prudence in Foreign Policy

Realism is an approach to international relations that has developed progressively through the works of numerous political analysts who have based themselves within, and therefore have not exceeded a characteristic but yet assorted approach or conventional evaluation. Realism focuses on global political challenges attributable to individual characteristics and lack of universal watchdog. These two elements […]

Enterprise Resource Planning

Abstract The article revolves around Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and its importance in organizations. Additionally, the article presents the components that make up the ERP system and the methodology that organizations can use to implement it. From the article, change management, process flow, customer mindset, and software are components of ERP that need integration with […]

Observational Systems Discussion

The choice of the method of how different behaviors may be observed and categorized is considered to be one of the most difficult decisions that have to be made by a professional psychologist. Flanagan (2005) admits that such difficulty is caused because get used to think about human behavior as something continuous and seamless instead […]

“Understanding the Great War” by Audoin-Rouzeau and Becker

The authors, Audoin-Rouzeau and Becker present their book “14-18: Understanding the Great War”, in a Franco centric way. The authors not only focus on the battles and encounters but also the human experience and reaction towards war. The experiences match the characteristics of “American strategic culture” that promote peace and moral objectives before engaging in […]

Impact of Internet on Company Operations

Introduction Commercial use of the Internet and the World Wide Web is expanding at an astounding rate (Barnes & Hunt 2012). As we move into the twenty-first century, the number of people using online services continues to grow. The same applies to the number of Web hosts. From a business perspective, nearly 90 per cent […]

Working for the DreamWorks Studio

The company chosen for the analysis, DreamWorks Animation has been considered a cheap Disney knockoff for quite long, yet somehow managed to change its reputation not only among the target audience, but also among its rivals. DreamWorks Animation managed to beat Disney’s long-lasting monopoly for animated movies production, though failing to be the first company […]

The Future of Fiat-Chrysler

Analysis of External Factors Fiat Chrysler automobile company faces a lot of challenges even though most financial analysts believe that the merger was a significant step towards improving the performance of the parties concerned. Sergio Marchionne, the chief executive officer of Fiat, offered an expensive bet to companies that wanted to merge with it (Carney […]

Instagram: purchase intentions in Thailand fashion industry

Overview of Relevant Theories Consumer behavior is a complex field. The complexity arises from the difficulties associated with predicting human behavior. People exposed to the same conditions do not always respond in the same way. This makes the study of consumer behavior important to help determine the potential range of consumer responses that arise from […]

Marketing Management: Rivanna Natural Design Inc.

Introduction Contemporary business practices and organizations are increasingly adopting a new style of conducting business, where focus is being directed on other areas other than profit making (Faisal & Akhtar, 2011, p. 31). The traditional practice for most businesses has been to put full concentration and emphasis on profit as a measure of success. This […]

Chinese Stereotypes Reflected in Movies

Introduction Perceptions of alien cultures are normally formed through a series of impressions from varied sources. Some may be newspaper articles written about people from that land; others may be books on the same while others are television programs or movies about that culture. Every contact that an individual has with any of these avenues […]

The Target Company

Introduction The Target Company has been in operation for over a century. It was incorporated in 1902. The firm focuses on offering customers everyday essential and fashionable consumer products at discounted prices. The Target Company has established 1,805 retail outlets in the United States. Its past success has arisen from its commitment in implementing best […]

Cognitive and Behavioral Theories

Introduction Psychology is the science of the nature the function, and phenomena of behavior and mental experience. (Colman, 1999, p.4).The word is derived from the Greek words “psyche” and “logia” to mean “breath or soul or spirit” and the study of something respectively. Cognitive psychology refers to the branch of psychology that examines internal processes […]

An Introduction to Ethics

Abstract Ethics is a necessity for organizations and human existence, without ethics, organizations or an individual action would be indiscriminate and purposeless. An ethical dilemma encompasses the decision to choose between two or more equitably satisfactory course of action, where one option constraints choosing the other, or obligation to choose amongst equally unacceptable options. Introduction […]

Defining Motivation and Employee Satisfaction

The definition of motivation hinges around words like drive, inspiration, and impetus. It is about what makes a person interested in performing a certain task or engaging in a particular activity. Pepitone and Bruce (1998) defined motivation as the reason why individuals participated in certain endeavors. This view of motivation implies that motivation is essentially […]

How to Teach Those Who Are Not Like Us

Abstract Teaching refers to the process of passing knowledge from one individual to another. It is very important for young individuals to be exposed to the right values in society so that they may grow up to become good responsible adults. All members of society have a role to play in ensuring that our future […]

Tony Takitani

Tony Takitani is a film that captures the melancholy of Murakami’s short story of the same name. Tony, the main character, a mechanical illustrator by profession, is a son of two Japanese parents. He grew up alone with a caretaker in his tender age since his mother had died a few days after he was […]

Library Budget Situation

The Situation from an Ethical Perspective The human behaviour is usually guided by ethics. On this ground, ethics are the drivers that are used to determine the action of an individual to either be rights or wrong (Menzel, 2012). However, before and action can be considered to be right or wrong, it is essential to […]

High Tech Market in South Korea

Market segmentation and target marketing has become relevant in the technology market in South Korea. The competition has become so stiff that firms are forced to develop products that meet the demands of consumers in a unique way (Mohr & Slater 2010, p. 87). In order to do this, there is need to understand specific […]

Teaching the Concepts of Multiplication

Introduction Addition refers to a merger or the process of joining two or more things. Alternatively, it can be described as the process of combining parts of a whole. The relationship between multiplication and addition concepts enables students to comprehend the process of multiplication much easily. In this essay, I will explain the relationship between […]

“What’s the Big Idea: Creating and Capitalizing on the Best Management Thinking” by Laurence Prusak and Thomas Davenport

Introduction In an interview conducted by Ubiquity, Laurence Prusak (a researcher, scholar of management and a consultant) provided a few meaningful insights on management generally and specifically on the content of the book he co-authored with Thomas Davenport titled “What’s the Big Idea: Creating and Capitalizing on the Best Management Thinking,” published by the Harvard […]

Push Versus Pull Technology

The internet is a very complex communication platform. The current form of the internet is the product of multiple innovations from various people. The internet still has many technological gaps despite its current complex form. Therefore, the number of business applications as well as the tools and protocols that guide the operations of the internet […]

Geography of Southeast Asia

Map comparisons Chinese immigrants form the largest minority group in the Southeast Asia. Noteworthy, their arrival can be traced back to the eras between Ming and Qing dynasties. Nevertheless, the largest influx falls between the years 1870 and 1940, the last phase of colonial rule, evident by over 20 million immigrants thronging the region. Basically, […]

International trade in Nigeria

Introduction Globalization refers to “the growing interdependence of countries resulting from the increasing integration of trade, finance, people, and ideas in one global marketplace” (Bigman 2002, p. 7). This paper examines the effect of globalization on Nigeria’s participation in international trade. In particular, it will focus on how trade liberalization, protectionism, BWIs, and MNEs have […]

Ethical hacking

Introduction Roughly 80 percent of our community currently relies on intricate computer supported systems. With the growing utilization of computer and rapid increase of the internet has resulted to numerous good things: online trade, e-banking, call centres, e-mail etc. The enhancement of system protection with a view of preventing unethical hacking has become a significant […]

A Marketing Plan for Etihad Airways

Organization’s current situation Etihad Airways History Etihad Airways Company is the UAE’s national airline. This company started its operations in the year 2003 and it was established by a “Royal decree”. The company’s hub is Abu Dhabi which is the capital city of UAE (“Etihad Airways Dubai”, Para 1). This Company is under the governance […]

Cloud nine Pty Ltd

Executive Summary This paper is an audit report of Cloud nine Pty Ltd. The paper shows that the company is faced with three inherent risks touching on the company’s susceptibility to legislative changes, a compromise on managerial integrity, misstatement of stock values and the influence of the company’s operations, arising from its structure of control. […]

Business Environment in Germany

Germany is a country in central Europe with a population of more than 82 million and is considered one of the largest countries of the region. It is a highly developed democratic society with the majority of population practicing Christian religion. It is divided into 16 administrative-territorial regions. The economy is developing rapidly with an […]