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Aydin Flores studied at the University of Virginia, USA, with average GPA 3.71 out of 4.0.

The BMW Efficient Dynamics Marketing

The knowledge on the behaviors that consumers portray assists an organization improve their strategies of promotion by understanding the consumer’s psychosomatic individuality. It is necessary for the producer to study individuals and their methods of selection of products, and how these methods of choice eventually influence normal activities in the society (Perner). Clients have preferences […]

It Is High Time to Become Responsible

The modern world is changing rapidly and people have been changing alongside. Mass production and mass consumption have become a talking point and many people associate these concepts with the recent problem of obesity. Thus, lots of people accuse companies of turning them into victims of the advertising campaigns. More so, people sue McDonalds (as […]

Microsoft Share Point

Introduction Microsoft SharePoint has done a lot in improving the efficiency of businesses. Before its introduction into the business industry, business people wasted a lot of resources hiring people to manage their information. Getting these services cost the businesses a lot of money as they needed to hire many people. The reason why the businesses […]

Statistics for the Behavioral & Social Sciences

Parental involvement in their children education Introduction Researchers have carried out various researches regarding parental involvement in education of their children, with many reports implying that increased levels of parental participation in the child’s education can improve the student’s academic achievements. Generally, children are mainly educated by their parents and teachers throughout their lives. Parents […]

Effects of the American Revolution on Society

The American Revolution took place in the eighteenth century. Colonies in North American wanted to gain freedom from the colonial British Empire. The colonies joined hands and a war broke out that eventually led to independence. Not only did the revolution bring about independence, but also other many changes. The changes happened to both men […]

Market segmentation

Market segmentation is the procedure of engaging products, prices, places and promotions. The process involves identifying and targeting different markets as the basis for identifying with particular marketing mixes. Proper market segmentation has to engage people, practices and different corporal substantiations. The procedure for market segmentation involves identifying the potential customers and their needs, possible […]

Comparing female characters

Introduction The novel, “The Great Gatsby” and the play “The Streetcar Named Desire”, contain two tragic female characters, namely Daisy and Stella, both of whom experience considerable levels of abuse and neglect due to their spouses. When examining both women in their respective stories. it can be seen that their lives are a reflection of […]

Feminism and Patriarchy

There are many specific explanations and definitions of terms feminism and patriarchy. First of all, it should be stated that these two notions create an opposition as feminism presupposes the domination of women with the restriction of subordination to men while patriarchy is the male domination over women. However, the explanation to these notions is […]

Whole Food Market Analysis

Introduction Whole Food Market is a company that taps organic foods market in America, Canada and the United Kingdom. Registered in 1980, it has grown into a respectable company in the food sector with a number of diverse outlets ranging from supermarkets to trading stores. Its key drive is availing foodstuffs that do not contain […]

Rationalism as a Branch of Epistemology

Introduction Rationalism is a branch of epistemology which studies people’s opinions applying to reason as a foundation of knowledge and justification. It is the theory in which the principle of truth is not sensory but academic and deductive. There are varying degrees of emphasis on rationalism. This has led to a variety of rationalist perspectives […]

The US Government Division: Legislative, Judicial and Executive Power

Introduction The US Constitution is an integration of initiatives emanating from diverse sources. Thus, it is the synergistic endeavor from indigenous persons, and settlers, who were intolerant towards afflictions, but accommodative towards principles that were mutually binding. The Constitution is a superlative US decree since it offers the basis for administration. It is crucial to […]