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Aydin Serrano studied at the University of Connecticut, USA, with average GPA 3.09 out of 4.0.

Enhancing Pronunciation for ELL Students

Conceptual Framework All the things that I do and all the choices that I have made in life have entirely depended on the background and the experiences that I had while growing up. My conceptual framework is, thus, brought into being by the academic experiences I had in Harvard University while undertaking an undergraduate degree […]

A False Memory

Introduction A false memory is a condition of giving twisted and biased information. Although a human memory is a powerful tool, it makes someone at some point to give incorrect information. This is caused by some factors like distracters. A good example that demonstrates a false memory is position of items in a list. People […]

Monstrous and human relationship in “Odyssey”

Introduction The relationship between the monstrous and the human in Odyssey is one which showcases there is a thin line between being human and being monstrous. There are numerous instances where this is evidence such as the scene where Circe turned the men of Odysseus into swine, the strangely human like characteristics of the Cyclops […]

Telstra Company Knowledge Management

Introduction Information is a very important tool in the normal running of organization. Within an organization, there should be a clear management and flow of information between the management and the employees in order to harmonize its operations. Knowledge management has gained a lot of attention from various scholars and managements in the past. It […]

Greening of Hotels. Concept

Introduction Greening is a calculated effort by hoteliers to engage in environmentally friendly and energy saving actions. Going green is a global phenomenon. Many organizations are making sustained efforts towards this. In the hotel industry, stakeholders are engaged in a mental and attitude paradigm shift to engage the goodwill of its customers in helping it […]

“Othello” by Shakespeare

Shakespeare employs the use of irony to convey his message to his audiences. The use of irony creates exciting scenes and makes the audiences identify with the characters. There are several instances of use of irony in the play. Shakespeare uses irony significantly to demonstrates Othello’s prejudice. This is probably the ultimate irony in the […]

Law: Civil Procedure Hypos

Hypo 6.1 Plaintiff Maria filed a suit against Judy under Virginia wrongful death statute. The plaintiff accused the defendant of submitting a statement to a local gang insincerely accusing Maria’s son, Ed, for stealing some of the gang’s property. It was clear that the gang would react by assassinating Ed, and this came to a […]

Formative and Summative Roles

Formative and Summative Techniques to Be Applied In the selection of a viable method for assessment, and the feedback that will be given thereof, the formative and summative roles will apply the increasingly popular computer-based test known as cloud computing. Generally speaking, cloud computing simply refers to a service mostly conducted over the internet with […]

Organisational Obstacles and Challenges

Introduction Many corporations are looking for talented and competent employees who can produce the best results. Such workers should also be ready to learn new skills and concepts in order to make their companies successful. Employers are currently focusing on the best traits and values whenever recruiting new workers. This practice explains why various researchers […]

Quantitative and Qualitative Models

In the context of educational research, both qualitative and quantitative research designs have different, experimental approaches (Smeyers, 2005). A qualitative research model provides for an unrestrictive structure that supports an extensive, exploratory research using philosophical theories (Creswell, 2011). In order to dig out applicable themes and patterns, this report includes a modified model of heuristic […]

Data Consolidation at IBM

Consolidated Data in Core Business Processes- Examples Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management is a concerted effort towards streamlining movement of products and supplies downward and upward in a supply chain. IBM has an Integrated Supply Chain team. An ISC team was formed to oversee matters concerning the supply chain. Their main function is to […]

Proposal for an environmentally friendly (green) consumer product for the Australian market

Introduction In the recent past, environmental issues have attracted a lot of concern at all levels of governance. This is because of the high rate at which the environment is being destroyed. Australia is no exception with most of the population complaining of different types of environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, and water […]

Qualitative Data Analysis Exercise

A mobile phone company employee took part in an interview on October 20, 2008 at Geelong in response to the research project: excessive mobile phone bills, young people and the relevant corporate social responsibility of the telecommunications industry in Australia. The paper analyses qualitatively the information provided by the interviewee. Therefore, based on the analysis, […]

Kenya’s Government, Finance, Manufacturing and Other Aspects

Kenya government The type of government in Kenya is almost similar to other governments around the world. People’s representatives are elected through democratically held elections with governments and various bodies around the world sending observers to ensure transparency. However, citizens are not allowed to vote on issues that relate to policy formulation and changes in […]

Human Resource Management

Introduction Human Resource Management commonly known as HRM entails the use of human beings in a productive manner to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Human resources management could be defined as a field of management that is concerned with planning, organizing and controlling the workforce in an organization. It involves activities such as procuring, […]

Improving Service Quality

Introduction The quality of services that employees offer in a restaurant is as important as the meals served. According to Shaikh and Khan (2011, p. 343), the restaurant industry is continuously evolving and growing more complicated. They argued that a restaurant must include ‘service associated features to satisfy the complementary needs of its customers’ (343). […]

Internal and external environment: Virgin Australia

Introduction In their operation, firms are affected by environmental changes which may either emanate from internal or external sources. Despite the changes, firms’ management teams have an obligation to develop their organizations’ internal strengths and at the same time exploit opportunities available. This purpose of this paper is to evaluate Virgin Australia’s internal and external […]

The Islam’s Six Dimensions

Islam is one of the major religions in the world. It is based on the Quran which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. The Quran defines the relationship between humankind and Allah. The six dimensions of Islam are described below. Experiential: This is the ability of the religion to generate feelings of safety, contentment, fear or […]

Nike Company’s and Lance Armstrong Relationship

Introduction Nike is a cloth and footwear company with products that have gained high recognition for their design and quality. Lance Armstrong is a former seven time champion of the Tour de France cycling championship. Lance Armstrong has been the Nike’s iconic figure for a long time. The long term relationship between Nike and Armstrong […]

Economy of Chile

Chile is a South American country located south of Peru and west of Bolivia and Argentina. The South American country boasts of a fertile arable land (found in the central part of the country) that is suitable for agricultural activities. In fact, this is the main reason why the Spanish colonialists invaded and colonized the […]

Managing Time and Stress

The Conceptual Issue The main problem modern people usually face is managing time and stress. It is obvious that while working and having some specific goals people want to reach better results and to occupy higher positions. All this influence human nerves as in most cases people have to do many things at once. People […]