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Oligopoly Industry Characteristics

Introduction This assignment is a discussion on the topic of marketing. In the discussion, attention is given to the oligopoly industry and its key features. This will be illustrated using the oil industry which comprises firms which do the business of oil and gas. The discussion also looks at the concept of price fixing by […]

Marketing Strategy: Goals and Objectives

Our company seeks to become successful in the ice cream business. The company targets to develop a unique set of goals and objectives that will make it a leading player in the market. The company plans to improve the lifestyles of its targeted consumers through training and awareness. This will encourage the consumers to embrace […]

The Strategic Management of IKAE Furniture Company

Introduction IKEA International is a global corporation that offers home accessories to all global clients. Headquartered in Sweden, IKEA provides quality furnishings in various global markets. IKEA aspires to provide quality products and services to its global clients. To realize this vision, IKEA offers various properly designed and serviceable house-furnishings at very low prices across […]

Zara Company Analysis

Introduction Background Zara is among the leading textile and apparel companies in the world. The company was founded in 1963 by Amancio Ortega Gaona and was later joined by Jose Maria Castellano in 1985. Zara is a force to reckon with in the global textile and apparel market (Thomas, 2006, p. 47). Locally, it is […]

“Limits to Growth: The 30-year Update” by Meadows and Randers

Overshoot The symptoms of the world in overshoot are all over the place, especially following the recent studies by numerous scientists around the globe. According to Meadows, Randers and Meadows (2004, p. 14), the need to develop the economy in various countries has led to the massive exploitation of the natural resources. The main problem […]

Reflection on the Concept of Risk

According to the internationally accepted definition, risk can be described as “the effect of uncertainty on objectives” (Australian Government 2010, p. 1). It is important to examine the peculiarities of this interpretation and its implications for the work of various practitioners. Overall, one can argue that this definition can throw light on various factors that […]

Biography of Harold Cardinal

An outstanding politician, scholar, activist and Cree writer, Harod Cardinal was also recognized as a great contributor to the welfare of the Aboriginal Society in Canada. Born on January 27, 1945 to a family of Frank and Agnes Cardinal, the future social activist was raised in High Prairie, Alberta (Beavon et al., 2005). In 1965, […]

Training Strategies in Teacher Education Programs

Introduction Training teachers, as part of complete instructional delivery, is laden with series of benefits since it makes the education process more inclusive and learner oriented. By training teachers on the rights instruction delivery methodology, it is not only possible to create an inclusive education environment but also to equip the teachers with necessary resources […]

Security on Windows Server 2008

Abstract Organizations heavily rely on networking and communications to meet the challenging requirements necessary to compete in the global market place (Tiensivu, 2008). All members of these organizations need to have constant access to files. This requires the ability to connect to the network wherever they may be and from any device that they have […]

Were the Goals of Hampton/Tuskegee Consistent with the Democratic Ideals of self-Determination and Equality?

Education is an essential part of human life. Considering the problem of education in different parts of America and the history of its development, the education of Afro-Americans in the ex-slaves status can be interesting to dwell upon. It is possible to consider the problem of democratization of the society and an attempt to make […]

Renewable Energy Sources: Existence, Impacts and Trends

Sources of energy have been important since the times of antiquity. Ancient civilizations in western countries were characterized by the industrial revolution. During this period, most energy sources were discovered and used to improve the industrial productivity. Energy sources are classified into two major categories; renewable or non-renewable (Twidell, 2006). Whereas renewable sources cannot be […]

Examining Sandel’s proposal

Introduction The question of the right ways of ensuring that the rules that govern the society accomplish justice is an intriguing one even to the most advanced civilizations all over the globe. Scholars adopt various ways in their interpretation of what constitutes justice. They have also come up with the necessary ingredients that form part […]

Religion Role in the Political Decision Making

Introduction Religion is one of the most fundamentally crucial aspects of humanity which defines people’s morals, believes and culture. In essence, it determines the manner in which people conduct themselves, socialize with their fellow human being, and how they uphold the societal values. Since the church covers such an expansive scope in regard to its […]

Gender Roles: Constructing Gender Identity

In the course of the twentieth century and at the threshold of the twenty-first century, the images and roles of gender have constantly been changing. The concepts of masculinity and femininity have undergone significant shifts due to the media influence and advertising. More importantly, commercials have had a potent impact on constructing gender identity, which […]

Ramadan in Islam religion

Introduction In Islamic religion, a lunar calendar is used instead of a solar calendar. In this calendar, each month starts with the appearance of the new moon (“Celebrating Ramadan”, n.d). Therefore, because of the fact that the lunar calendar is found to be shorter by eleven days as compared to the solar one, the “Islamic […]

Classical Conservatism vs Contemporary Conservatism in US

Introduction Political ideologies in the United States have undergone several changes in the past century. For instance, the country moved from nationalism to liberalism during its economic upsurge. Moreover, there have been notable differences between “classical conservatism” and “contemporary conservatism.” This shows that the country’s ideologies have changed over time. Before the World War II, […]

Djoser and Imhotep Art History

Netjerikhet Djoser, also known as Zoser, was probably the famous King who ruled Egypt in the third Dynasty for 19 years. His name means “the divine body” and he is remembered for commissioning the construction of step pyramid which was architectural work of Imhotep. Historical facts have revealed that the relation between Dsojer and Imhopet was […]

The Case of the Mandate and Medicaid

According to Medicaid provisions, American citizens are required to maintain a minimum insurance coverage. On the other hand, the mandate healthcare policy requires of individuals to purchase insurance covers on their own. The first option seems to have many constitutional challenges. It does not uphold constitutionalism since liberty and democracy are not guaranteed. Therefore, it […]

The Lowell Observatory

Introduction The space contains various wonders objects with significant effects on the study of astronomy. A wide range of research is commonly conducted in space to establish and prove various theories that are aimed at explaining the origin and significance of these heavenly bodies. The space was largely unknown to many in the ancient times. […]

Pablo Picasso: Blue Period

The Blue Period in the oeuvre of Pablo Picasso is defined as his paintings created in years 1901-1904. It is characterized by obvious domination of various forms of blue colors in paintings. Interestingly, at this point of his life he was definitely feeling blue. The preceding year before the beginning of the Blue Period appeared […]

Differences between China and Canada in Business Etiquettes

Introduction China and Canada differ slightly in their business etiquette. To succeed in running a business in the two countries, one needs to have clear understanding of their business etiquettes. Canadians and Chinese diverge slightly with respect to how they conduct themselves during business meetings. Besides, they differ in how to conduct themselves when sharing […]

Neurological Disorder: Effects of Schizophrenia on the Brain and Behavior

Introduction Human beings have been faced with numerous psychological and neurological disorders for as long as they have existed. According to Robins and Regier, a number of these diseases and disorders do alter the normal functioning of the body system particularly the brain (1999). The manifestation of the diseases and disorders are usually through abnormal […]