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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

An American writer Ray Bradbury is one of the most famous authors of the 20-21 centuries and one of the most ingenious anti-utopians in the world. In his works, the writer often discusses the topic of the human future and the inevitable degradation of people due to the loss of spirituality. Bradbury describes heroes living […]

Change Analysis on Apple Incorporated’s Workplace

Introduction There were some changes in Apple Incorporated workplaces with the aim of improving working conditions for its employees. These changes were implemented to ensure that there was maximum utilization of man power and other equipment towards achievements of organizational goals. Changes in the workplace were triggered by the need for effective workmanship aimed at […]

“Comparing Perceptions of Marketing Communication Channels” Article

The emergence of digital media has diversified opportunities upon which marketers interact with consumers. Each dawning day, consumers are confronted with a barrage of messages either through traditional or digital media. In this new era, individuals are striving to know what is happening beyond their borders through consumption of social media and text messages, reading […]

Reflection Analysis Observations

Introduction Group dynamic is essential in determining its course. Our group was characterized with trust, care, and fairness. In fact, no one cared to note each other’s background. We accepted one another as equals within the group. This was essential in enabling us to achieve group cohesion. Moreover, it aided us in performing group activities […]

Management: Review of the Articles

The relationship between management and employees is one of the issues that are critical for competitive advantage and sustainability of modern companies. This paper is aimed at reviewing two articles that can throw light on such issues as the decision-making in organizations and the retention of employees. In particular, it is necessary to focus on […]

Department of Homeland Security Challenges

Abstract The purpose of this research study is to investigate national intelligence challenges that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will continue to face in the future. A quasi-experimental design methodology will be used. Findings will be based on the analysis of research data. While the department has been lauded for its impressive management of […]

Human Behavior during Evacuations

Introduction Human beings will react differently whenever exposed to various disasters or fire outbreaks. Engineers and firefighters have conducted numerous studies in order to understand the issues associated with human behavior during evacuation. Different evacuation models “are critical because they determine the time take to safeguard the lives of many civilians after a disaster” (Kuligowski, […]

“China in Revolution, 1911-1949”

The movie, China in Revolution, 1911-1949, is one of three films written by Sue Williams and directed by Kathryn Pierce Dietz. This 1989 masterpiece officially describes the economic and political advancements in China. It also highlights the collapse of the preceding emperorship that was rocked by a series of resistance between two opposing political groupings. […]

The impact of the culture on the project management

Introduction Studies on completed projects indicate that most of the projects fail to meet their intentional outlay and duration. The failures of the projects are attributed to the cultural diversity of the organization within which the organization originates. Most of the project managers as well as the management scholars agree that cultural diversity has an […]

Issues at Uber

Executive Summary Undoubtedly, Uber is a game changer in the global taxi industry. However, two major issues emanating from poor governments’ regulations or lack of thereof and hostility from traditional taxi drivers pose serious operational risks to Uber. Nevertheless, Uber will survive and perhaps focus on technologies that are more advanced such as driverless cars […]

The Australian Retail Grocery Market

Introduction The Australian retail grocery market is composed of the most purchased commodities. This is similar to grocery business in other nations around the globe like the United States and United Kingdom. In Australia, the grocery market has a high number of customers who either purchase these products from chain stores or supermarkets. However, the […]

Incorporating Human development theory

Introduction There are numerous inferences that can be drawn from Piaget and Maslow’s ideologies that they formulated, ratified, and presented to explain various aspects of human development and other considerable provisions. Human development is an elaborated process requiring various considerable factors in order to illuminate its diverse aspects. Concurrently, it is crucial to consider such […]

Carbon Taxation in Australia

Introduction Several countries practice robust environmental management strategies. There is an urgent need to observe global environmental sustainability. Several protocols and treaties advocate for environmental conservation. This trend is presently notable within the global context. Generally, a higher level of economic development is vital. This is because it results into the advancement of the human […]

Abortion: To Legalize or Not

Thesis The issue of abortion is controversial in numerous contexts. Even though it receives criticism from various groups, women should be allowed to decide on whether to abort or not. This should be a personal choice. This paper supports the issue of abortion based on research and critical scrutiny of the matter. However, other opposing […]

The use of chemicals should be reduced

The articles in question dwell upon such environmental issues as the use of pesticides and other chemicals, biofuel and the development of biotechnology. Thus, it is noted that now scientists and ecologists are concerned with the use of chemicals which should be reduced. It is pointed out that large companies producing chemicals have always opposed […]

Case Scenario: Interdepartmental Relations

Introduction Literary, every organization has different departments involved in performance of different activities relating to the organization. These departments are mainly involved in the management, marketing of the company’s product, and production, among others. All these departments must collectively work towards helping in improving the income of the company. The organizational culture usually determines how […]

A Perky Way to Productivity

1.One of the key responsibilities of human resource management in any organization is to keep the employees happy and contended. Most employees are never always motivated by the paychecks but rather by the perks awarded alongside the paychecks. Acceptance and appreciation greatly boost the employee morale. This in return leads to reduced turnover rates as […]

The Boeing Company Principles

One of the necessary prerequisite for the successful functioning of any business are control mechanisms. They are created to ensure that the company develops according to a preestablished plan and achieves its goals by directing and managing the work of the company’s employees (Bateman & Snell, 2008). In the modern practice of management, researchers single […]