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History of Deforestation

Introduction Deforestation was largely driven by the need to meet man’s needs. In the beginning, these were subsistence-based and individualistic; therefore, the level of destruction was not as enormous. Ancient populations highly depended on wood for fuel, and needed access to land for agriculture. The rise of industrialisation deflated pressures on forests for fuel, but […]

Different types of drug

When we look at Drugs, the brain and behavior we come to the realization that traditionally, drugs are therapeutic chemicals designed to have maximal benefit with minimal risk of side effects or toxicity. Essentially, psychoactive drugs are those drugs which that change cognition, behavior, and emotions by changing the functioning of the brain. As we […]

Business & Climate Change

Introduction Today’s lean organizations face a dizzying array of issues, from cost control, customers satisfaction, product quality, productivity, stiff competition, change, technology, labour amongst others. These organizations are made of people from diverse professional, academic and cultural background who must work as a team under intense time pressure and with limited resources to deliver the […]

Impact of Scientific Discoveries on the World

William and Colin (2009) define scientific discoveries as the incoming achievements that are majorly grasped through a thorough exploitation and research on nature and the societal needs. Horton and Freire (2006) assert that, for decades, scientific discoveries have formed the backbone for the worldwide technological advancement and revolutions, which have created a turning point to […]