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Is There a Particular Attachment Style Linked With Conduct Disordered Children

Introduction Unsecure attachment disorders are complications that affect holistic development of children in various settings. The complications are currently affecting many children including adults due to poor parental care. This is evident since they have been causing severe mood and behavioral problems to various individuals. The problems threaten to jeopardize social and cultural integration among […]

The Ethics of Leadership

Introduction The concept of lies and the truth is a major aspect of ethics and leadership. Ciulla (2003) says that leaders should always be able to distinguish between lies and truth although ethical dilemmas may pose a challenge. The case study illustrates a situation where one person lies to protect the happiness of others. To […]

Efficient Methods for Making Decisions

A decision-making process does not always imply passing through a great number of preliminary stages and steps. The solution may occur spontaneously even when you are not expecting it. However, there are decisions that constitute a serious challenge to solve because they depend on sophisticated circumstances that cannot be noticed at a glance. Therefore, there […]

Smucker’s: Strategic Management

Executive Summary J.M. Smucker (“Smucker’s”) is one of the most respected companies in the United States and the world when it comes to food and consumer products. Based on the annual reports that were made available to the public, the information released on their official website as well as information released by independent researchers who […]

An Analysis of Tarmac Group Limited

Executive summary This paper analyses the human resource department at Tarmac Group Limited. The analysis focuses on Tarmac’s strategic human resource management approach, and notes that the company has lived up to the theoretical conceptualizations of effective SHRM. The paper notes that SHRM includes hiring the right employees, planning, forecasting HR needs, arranging for training […]

Innovative Technologies and Modern Communication

Introduction Innovative technologies have been changing modern world gradually since the day of their emergence. The invention of writing, then typing, telephones and telegraphs, cell phones, computers, the Internet, and we cannot even imagine what can be next, all these means of progress development assist people in communication. Using written letters, telephones, faxes, SMS, and […]

Market Analysis: L’Oreal

Introduction L’Oreal was established in 1909 in the personal care industry in France. The firm’s operations involve the production of diverse cosmetic and beauty products. The firm has managed to penetrate the global beauty and cosmetic market. Currently, L’Oreal ranks as the largest cosmetic organisation in the world. L’Oreal has adopted internationalisation as one its […]

Tiffany and Company

Analysing the Case Strategic problem statement Following Trian Fund Management LP’s announcement of Tiffany’s undervaluation, Tiffany became challenged to re-examine ways of increasing its shareholder value. Tactical problem statement Tiffany has prevented dilution of its brand name by limiting its sales growth, number of stores opened annually and not licensing the brand name to other […]

Cottle-Taylor: Expanding the oral care group in India

From the case presented, it is apparent that there are numerous factors influencing demand for toothbrushes in India. Demand is a function of various factors including social, economic, and environmental factors. Oral hygiene awareness is among the factors influencing the demand for toothbrushes in India. The demand for toothbrushes depends highly on the extent of […]

“The Role of Native Language Phonology in the Production of L2 Contrasts” by Eckman and Iverson

In their article, Eckman and Iverson (2013) present the research conducted to confirm or deny particular hypotheses regarding the acquisition of the contrast between English [s] and [ʃ] among native speaking Koreans and Japanese. The authors provide adequate literature research and explain the background, clearly identify the topic and hypotheses, describe the study itself and […]

Conflict, Decision Making, and Organizational Design

A conflict in any organization occurs when there is an involvement of many parties in duty performance. This happens because the parties concerned have different goals and interests to accomplish. In many organizational structures, different conflicts may arise such as fund allocation, terms of employment, retrenchments and promotions. This mostly occurs when one business is […]

Memos to Focus the Inquiry

Distinguishing Research Purpose and Practical Purpose Every research activity is triggered by the need for some practical solution to a problem that hinders the achievement of a desired goal (Sekaran and Bougie, 2010). Since the practical solution needs to be backed by evidence, research must be conducted at small scale. Upon successful outcomes, the research […]

New Product Development

Challenges experienced by new product managers and how to cope with them Businesses in different economic sectors have over the past few decades experienced an increment in the number of challenges they are facing within the business environment. One of the major challenges relates to increment in the intensity of competition (Lamb, 2012, p.40). To […]

Barrack Obama Genogram

Genogram Report Introduction The above pictorial illustrates the genogram of the Barack Obama family. It clearly depicts three generations from grandparents to off springs. This report gives a detailed account of each of Obama’s relation. Third Generation At the top left of the genogram are President Obama’s maternal grandparents, Stanley Armour Dunham and Madelyn Lee […]

What are the most important challenges that museums are facing today?

It is apparent that museums today are undergoing some radical changes. These changes reflect shifts in the relationships between dominant western cultures and those of indigenous, minority, and marginalized cultures everywhere. Historically, people have perceived museums in their own conservative sense. This has made archivists in museums to respond to the conservative instincts of the […]

Wassily Kandinsky: the abstract expressionist

Introduction Wassily Kandinsky, born in 1866 in Russia was one of the pioneer abstract artists. The first pieces of paintings he created were the Improvisation and compositions in 1910. Many things influenced the working method he used. This influences include; the paintings he saw done by Monet. He got motivation by the opera by Wagner […]

Operational Decision Making

Company Description Rotana Jet Aviation, also known as Rotana Airways, is one of the leading domestic airlines in the United Arab Emirates. This airline company has its main operating base in Al‐Bateen Airport, which is about 10 kilometers from Abu Dhabi City. The company offers travel services to both the domestic and international passengers. The […]

Safety of Birds in Confinement

Introduction Despite the fact that the appearance of natural structures change, reality will always remains (Honour & Fleming, 2005). In order to create pure reality, it is imperative to reduce natural forms to constant elements of form. Birds, when properly taken care of, will seldom be attacked with any disease. A good practice, therefore, is […]

Of Matrilocality and the Role of Women in a Village Election in Northern Thailand

Summary This article reviews Metrilocality societies in Thailand. It explores gender roles as defined by community customs in the region. The article traces the disputes arising before and after an election and highlights the role of women in solving these disputes. It also looks at the varied causes of the dispute. The article examines extended […]

The Negative Effects of the Rapid Increase in Human Population in the World

Introduction The world population has increased to over six billion people in the last century. This rapid increase is attributed to improvements in social and economic development in the last five decades, which led to improved standards of living. However, the rapid increase in human population has had several negative effects on the world’s resources. […]

Management of Employment Relations

Introduction Employment relation refers to the relationship between an employee and an employer, for whom the employee works under stated conditions, in return for remuneration. The term came into place to replace industrial relations. The meaning of the term employment relations needs some clarification for the sake of better understanding. According to statistics in the […]