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Turkey: Synthesis between Islam and Secularism

Turkey was founded as a secular state with clear national values. The country has enjoyed a clear distinction between state and religion for several decades. This has in effect promoted a national value of exclusion of religion from all parts of public life. Initial constitutional reviews eliminated Islam as a national religion. Reform processes later […]

Uncertainty reduction theory

Introduction Uncertainty reduction theory is based on the tradition that strangers need to minimize the level of doubt in their early relations. The theory is based on the concept that people find it difficult to communicate due to uncertainty of the other person’s reaction. However, this insecurity can be reduced through interpersonal communication where relations […]

The Contribution of Corporate Social Responsibility

Introduction Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a crucial component of modern business practices in many business firms. The definition that is used to describe CSR has been an issue of contention between different scholars. This has been largely influenced by the manner in which the concept is applied by various organisations in different industry […]

Patterns and Trends and Theoretical Frameworks in Education

Introduction Recent research in education and learning process introduces a number of challenges and constraints that both teachers and students encounter. In particular, numerous studies are dedicated to exploring the traditional frameworks that contribute to teacher training and learning enhancement. More importantly, these research studies also highlight the main pitfalls of traditional curriculum and instruction. […]

Applications of TQM in McDonald Restaurants

Total Quality Management is a strategy that is employed by firms to improve quality and performance, aiming at satisfying or exceeding the clients’ expectations. Such expectations are possible when all quality related functions are integrated in the entire firm. Total Quality Management is the management of inventiveness and procedures that endeavor at production of high […]

Genrays Human Resource Information System

Purpose The major purpose of implementing this human resource information system in the Gen Rays Company will be to improve the overall operations of the human resource department. Other purposes for introducing it will be: To increase the accuracy of data as well as information relating to the company work force This system will ensure […]

Behaviour and Management in Topaz hotel

Abstract Topaz Hotel located on the island of Malta is a gorgeous 4-star hotel rightfully positioned at the Northern side of the Island. Topaz Hotel boasts of a 406-room capacity, 1100 beds, and 8 lifts among others. Actions like designing, new product upgrading, modifications to the production progression, advertising, logistics, wrapping, pricing, and delivery are […]

Telecom New Zealand

Executive Summary The main purpose of this report is to analyze Telecom New Zealand (TNZ), which is the second largest telecommunications service provider in New Zealand and one of the major players in Australian market. However, this company has incorporated under the Companies Act 1993 to offer diversified product range in local market, and it […]

Taoism and the Tao

Taoism is an ancient philosophy which describes Chinese relation to the universe, to people, to nature and to the whole life in general. Those who understand the main idea of Taoism can easily consider the place of objectivity and subjectivity within the philosophy. According to the main principles of Taoism, Tao is central notion for […]

The Appeal of Enterprise Resource Planning

Executive Summary This paper presents a comparative case study of two companies that had adopted an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Companies were evaluated based on their ERP integration process. Both companies had to overcome integration issues of three kinds: those linked to the design of the enterprise resource package, those linked to the integration […]

The Nature of Organizational Learning in the Indian Firms

Abstract The main focus of this study is to examine organizational learning and knowledge among Indian companies. The study also pays special attention on the influence of the local culture, customs, traditions and business practices on the organizational learning and knowledge among Indian firms. The study relied mainly on the secondary data and personal experience […]

How Computer Based Training Can Help Teachers Learn New Teaching and Training Methods

Introduction The introduction of technology in various aspects of the day to day activities in administration, government, business, and education, among other fields has brought about both new opportunities and challenges in the twenty first century. The incorporation of technology in the academic setting has rattled the conventional teaching and learning paradigms. This use of […]

Exploring the Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Abstract This research paper establishes that the problem of substance abuse in the female sex is increasing in most parts of the world. The trend is worrying. Some of the policy changes discussed include the use of specialized care providers, provision of care in the society, and the establishment of more women-specific rehabilitation centers. Issues […]

American Public opinion about foreign countries

Introduction Public opinion plays a big role in every society, especially on issues concerning governance. This assertion is true in democratic governance where core values revolve around the freedom of choice and expression. Public opinion can be defined as an aggregate of opinions from numerous individuals on specific issues based on their attitudes and beliefs. […]

An Evaluation of Learning Experience

Introduction The course provides the learner with the skill of identifying and analyzing major trends and developments in international security. By the end of the course, the student is expected to have familiarized himself or herself with the EU policies, laws, and plans, particularly those that affect people, governments, and companies. Through the international skills […]

Oscar de la Renta

The environment, competitors, and point of-difference The global fashion industry is characterized by intense competition arising from its lucrative nature. More firms are venturing into the industry in an effort to make profit. Additionally, the established firms are increasingly incorporating strategies aimed at enhancing their competitive edge. One of the strategies being considered entails formation […]

Quality management

Introduction Quality management activities in organizations are undertaken to ensure that quality in its products is achieved and maintained within an unacceptable budget1. It is an activity that is closely dependent on the feedback from the organization’s clients, thus the quality management concept involves establishing channels for relaying customer feedback for which it requires that […]

HealthCare Fraud

For many years the United States government has taken keen interest on the welfare of the healthcare consumers, especially in regard to healthcare fraud. Notably there have been numerous fraudulent transactions within the American healthcare system, which have had severe medical and financial implications. Specifically, the United States government has lost billion of dollars due […]

The Position Lacanian Psychoanalytic Theory Allots to the Art Object Regarding Desire in Postmodernities

Lacanian Psychoanalytic Theory and Art Introduction Importance of the issue Appreciating pieces of art is a great pleasure as it gives us time for imagining the personalized meaning of those objects through our own personal mirrors of our egos and minds. Sometimes, we try to find the meaning of what we see or hear with […]

Total Supply Net Work of Coca Cola

Introduction A supply network refers to interrelated business processes whose main aim is successful delivery of products or services of an organization to its end users or consumers. The aim of this task is to identify and describe the total supply net work of the Coca Cola Corporation and to identify factors that have influenced […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Apparel Industry

CSR- History and Introduction Over the years, there has been contention among scholars and industry experts on what exactly CSR means. Unfortunately, the contention and the debate that ensues have not resulted in a standard definition yet. Consequently, different people have different definitions of the term, and some scholars have even accused some researchers of […]

Violent Media Causes Aggression in Children

The invention of televised media and video technology came with a number of challenges, especially because modern societies rely too heavily on the media for entertainment and communication. However, one of the most debated topics in this field is the possible impact of media on children and adolescents. Since 1970s, several empirical studies have suggested […]

Entrepreneurial Process

Introduction The first thing to do before one sets out to start a business is identification of an opportunity. He then strategize on the way forward; the success of the business is dependent on how well he is going to capture customers to buy from him, which on the other side is dependent on the […]

Management Report on E-Commerce Issues.

Executive Summary In Aurgust 2006, 68 million Internet users have mistaken the company’s official website for YouTube, a popular online video site. This has caused severe interruptions in the workings of the company’s official website, causing an eventual shutdown. Adding a new server did not help. The company had to add more capacity. Another side […]

The Connection between the lives and works of Richler, Cohen and Layton

Introduction Mordercai Richler, Irving Layton and Leonard Cohen are Jewish Canadian writers. These three writers have tremendously impacted the Canadian literature and their writings prove that a person’s culture is capable of influencing his/her writing. Some of the most intelligent literary names in Canada are of Jewish faith. It is important to note that while […]

Herman Melville’s “Bartleby the Scrivener”

Herman Melville’s “Bartleby the Scrivener” is a rather untypical sort of stories. Having a generally light-hearted character, the story appears to be extremely educational. It amazes, entertains, and sometimes even terrifies the readers with its main character, Bartleby, and his behavior, which the author often calls “unaccountable” (Melville, 8). Undoubtedly, the man appeals to its […]

Bilingual Language Acquisition

Bilingualism is the ability to speak two different languages fluently. Research has shown that bilingualism is important in the modern world because of globalization, which has led to rapid immigration (Cenoz & Genesee, 2001). In many cases, children learn one language from their parents, and the other language at school. For example, many children learn […]

Impact of HIV/AIDS on Microeconomics

The biggest problem facing developing countries across the globe IS unquestionably, disease. By 2006, there were as many as 40 million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. Interestingly, majority of these infected persons—up to 40 percent of the adult populations—are living in sub-Saharan. Undoubtedly, the disease has become a formidable force and the biggest challenge to […]

Organizational Development

Introduction Organizational development refers to advancement concerning performance and the quality of output. It entails identifying the current and future barriers so that the organization can progress towards achieving its mission. Organizational development requires the efforts of all employees in an organization regardless of their position because lack of participation can be an obstacle. This […]